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Where should a toilet paper holder be mounted?

The ideal location for mounting a toilet paper holder is on the wall directly above the toilet, or on the wall to the right or left of the toilet. This position is the most convenient and allows easy access to the toilet paper rolls.

Some holders may even extend the paper rolls beyond the base of the toilet. Generally, the holder should be mounted at least 19 inches above the floor, as this provides an adequate amount of clearance in front of the toilet, as well as easy access to the rolls.

If mounting a holder to the left or right of the toilet, ensure it is centered about 12 inches away from the set screws for the toilet. Additionally, make sure the holder is mounted into a stud in the wall for better stability.

Finally, using a bathroom cleaner spray, clean the wall before and after installation to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

Where do you put the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, it is important to optimize the available space in order to make the most of the space. The best place to put the toilet paper holder is typically on the wall near the toilet, since this allows for the holder to be within an arm’s reach.

This can either be mounted to the side of the toilet or directly on the wall, depending on the available space in the bathroom. Other options include attaching it to the back of the bathroom door or on the wall close to the sink.

However, it should be installed at a comfortable height so that it can be reached easily when needed. Additionally, any potential wires should be properly secured to ensure the toilet paper holder remains safely in place.

How high to mount a toilet paper holder?

The general rule of thumb is to mount a toilet paper holder around 26 inches off the floor. A good reference point is the height of the toilet tank. Because toilet tanks tend to vary in height, it is important to measure the distance between the floor and the top of the tank to make sure the paper holder is mounted at an appropriate height.

Moreover, if space is tight and the height of the toilet paper holder could interfere with a shower door, towel bar, or other fixture, then the paper holder may need to be mounted lower. If the holder is too low, it could be a tripping hazard, so be sure to mount it to a height that’s comfortable and safe for everyone who will use the bathroom.

Can you put a toilet paper holder on the wall behind a toilet?

Yes, you can put a toilet paper holder on the wall behind a toilet. This is a common way to store toilet paper and is a great way to free up space from the surrounding area. It is usually mounted to a wall near the toilet with screws or adhesive.

It is important to make sure the wall is secure and that the toilet paper holder is firmly attached to the wall to support the weight of the toilet paper rolls. Make sure to follow the product instructions and do a test fit before firmly attaching it to the wall.

It is also important to make sure that the toilet paper holder is installed at a height that is comfortable and convenient for people of all sizes.

What is the correct way to hang your toilet paper?

The correct way to hang toilet paper is to ensure that the paper comes over the top of the roll. This is the most common and accepted way to hang toilet paper in many countries, as it makes it easier to reach and grab a piece of paper if the toilet paper roll is placed above the toilet.

It is important to note that the toilet paper should come over the top and not under the bottom of the roll, as this is incorrect and can be messy. Additionally, the roll should always be placed facing outward so the paper is always accessible.

Where does the toilet roll holder go on the wall?

The toilet roll holder can be hung on the wall in a variety of locations, depending on the design and look you want to achieve. The most common placement is either close to the toilet or next to the sink, in a convenient and accessible location.

You may also want to consider the weight of the items when selecting a location on the wall. Additionally, you should make sure that the area where you plan to install the toilet roll holder is sturdy enough to support it.

You could also hang it at a comfortable height that allows you to reach the toilet paper rolls without straining, bending or stretching. When hanging the holder, make sure to use appropriate fasteners and anchors, such as wall studs, and then secure the holder to the wall studs with screws, or another suitable form of fixings.

Once the holder is securely installed, you can then enjoy the convenience of having easy access to the toilet paper rolls.

How do you arrange toiletries in a toilet?

It is important to keep a toilet tidy, organized, and accessible. When it comes to arranging toiletries in a toilet, there are a few key considerations.

The most important factor is to ensure that items are within easy reach. For example, a toilet roll holder should be positioned at a comfortable height so that users can easily reach it without stretching or having to climb on top of the toilet.

Alternatively, you may choose to install a wall-mounted holder at a convenient height instead. In addition, the toilet brush and any cleaning products should also be nearby.

Organizing the items is also essential. Consider using a basket or a storage container to make sure all toiletries are together and easily accessible. Choose cube-shaped containers or wicker baskets as they make use of the limited space while keeping items within reach.

Finally, consider the overall aesthetic of the toilet space. Positioning the items in an organized manner helps to create a clean and elegant look that enhances the overall atmosphere. If desired, you could use decorative items such as a flower pot or a scented candle to add to the decor.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your toilet is not only organized and accessible, but also aesthetically pleasing.

How do you display toilet paper in a bathroom?

Displaying toilet paper in a bathroom can vary based on its purpose or décor. Generally, a toilet paper holder is the most common way to hold and display toilet paper. This can either be mounted to the wall with screws, or it could be a standing holder that sits on the floor.

Some toilet paper holders come with their own storage shelves or shelves attached to the mount on the wall. If a mounted solution isn’t feasible, a standing toilet paper holder or stand can also be used.

This stands up on the bathroom floor and the toilet paper can be placed on it. A basket can also be used to display toilet paper. A basket is easily moveable and can be a nice design accent. It can also be easier to keep toilet paper organized this way.

Some modern bathrooms even feature a wall-mounted toilet paper holder combined with an art display. This is a nice decorative way to display the toilet paper.

Why do people hang toilet paper the wrong way?

In some cases, it may be a simple mistake due to not being familiar with the proper way to hang the toilet paper. Other times, it may be a result of using the wrong type of toilet paper holder. Some holders let you install the toilet paper the wrong way, so if a person is unaware of the proper directional orientation, they may inadvertently hang the toilet paper incorrectly.

In addition to mistakes or incorrect installation, there may be cultural or regional preferences for hanging toilet paper the wrong way. Some cultures traditionally hang the toilet paper so that the paper hangs over the front of the roll, with the loose end against the wall.

This is especially common outside the U. S.

Finally, some people may choose to hang the toilet paper the wrong way simply out of personal preference, as they may find it easier to access the toilet paper this way. For instance, if the toilet paper is hung over the front of the roll, it may be easier to grab than if it is hung over the back.

Should toilet be up against wall?

It depends on the layout of your bathroom, the type and size of toilet you have, and your personal preference. Generally speaking, it is best to have the toilet placed with the tank against the wall or between two walls, so that the water supply and waste line are easy to access.

This will make it simpler to install, maintain, and repair the toilet. If space allows, you may decide to install the toilet at an angle, allowing for more room and better accessibility. However, if you install the toilet at an angle, the bowl may protrude too far into the room, and it may be more difficult to access the water supply and waste line.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to have the toilet up against the wall or at an angle should be based on the layout of your bathroom, the type and size of toilet, and your own preferences.

Why is toilet paper under better?

Toilet paper held under is generally considered to be the best way to ensure that it comes off the roll with ease and without rolling back onto itself. This is because when pulled from the top, the roll could potentially pull against itself and cause a jam or create extra friction on the surface.

With the toilet paper being held under the roll, it doesn’t pull against itself, which reduces the chances of it jamming and makes it easier to use. Additionally, holding toilet paper under the roll can reduce the amount of lint or dust that is created when the paper is removed, since the roll is on its side.

This can also make it easier to clean up any spills or messes that may occur.

What do you do with the space behind the toilet?

The space behind the toilet can be used in a number of ways, depending on your needs. If you are looking for extra storage, consider adding floating shelves or a recessed cabinet. This will help you keep items such as cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials neatly organized.

If you have a large enough space, you may also want to consider adding a storage bench or small storage unit which can double as a seating area when needed.

Alternatively, the space behind the toilet can be used to create a decorative feature. Hanging a framed mirror or wallpaper can instantly brighten up the area, or you could even install artwork such as paintings or prints.

Adding a few houseplants is also a good approach to bringing some life to the area.

Ultimately, you can decide to use the space behind the toilet however you find most convenient. It’s a great way to make the most out of a typically under-utilized area and can really help to bring the bathroom together.

Can you put shelves behind a toilet?

Yes, you can put shelves behind a toilet. When designing your bathroom, it can be helpful to take full advantage of the space available. Utilizing the space behind a toilet for shelving or storage is a great way to maximize the potential of your bathroom and keep it organized.

When installing shelves behind a toilet, it is important to consider how much weight you plan to put on the shelves and account for that when securing the shelves. You should also take into account the height of the toilet and plan for that when choosing the height and width of the shelves.

Finally, make sure there is adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup, and be sure to use non-porous materials such as plastic, metal, or glass to protect them from moisture.

Do you need a stud for a toilet paper holder?

Yes, you will need a stud for a toilet paper holder. It’s important to anchor the toilet paper holder securely to the wall on a stud, rather than just the drywall, in order to ensure it will remain properly secured.

A stud is the vertical support beam inside the wall, usually made of wood. It’s typically strong and solid enough to be able to support the weight of your toilet paper holder. To find a stud in the wall, use a stud finder.

Alternatively, you can tap on the wall while slowly moving along until you hear a solid and different sound, which usually indicates that you have found a stud beneath the surface. If you have difficulty locating a stud, consider using a plastic anchor as long as you secure it equally on both sides of the wall so it can adequately bear the weight of the toilet paper holder.

Should toilet paper be hung over or under?

As with most things in life, the answer to this question is that it depends. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference since there is no real “right” or “wrong” way to hang the toilet paper. In fact, some people think it doesn’t even matter at all.

On one hand, hanging a toilet paper roll so that the paper goes over the top of the roll is a very common way to position it and is perhaps more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, people may find that it is easier to grab the top sheet without having to open a lid or pull the paper off the holder.

On the other hand, some people think the paper should come off the bottom of the roll, allowing them to tear off a single sheet of toilet paper with one hand. This approach could be useful for anyone who needs to use their other hand to continue using the bathroom.

Ultimately, which way you choose to hang your toilet paper is a personal decision, and neither choice is definitively better.


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