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Where was Texas Two Step won?

The Texas Two Step lottery was won when the winning numbers for the April 13th, 2019 drawing were 4-19-23-25 and Bonus Ball 2. The drawing was held at the Texas Lottery commission’s studios in Austin, Texas.

Texas Two Step is a draw game which has been offered by the Texas Lottery since November 2003. Players select four numbers out of 35 and a Bonus Ball out of 35 numbers. The jackpot begins at $200,000 and grows until it is won.

Drawings are held Monday and Thursday nights.

What city won the Texas 2 step?

After buying a ticket and matching 4 regular numbers out of a range of 1-35 and the bonus ball number out of a range of 1-4, the jackpot of $200,000 is given to the winner if all 6 numbers are matched correctly.

This game is hosted by the Texas Lottery Commission which offers authorized retailers throughout the state where players can purchase their tickets. It is one of the many games offered by the commission for a chance to win various prizes and/or the jackpot.

Where was the Winning ticket sold for Texas lotto?

The winning ticket for the Texas Lotto was sold at Texas’ Stripes convenience store, located at 1350 North Cage Boulevard in Pharr, Texas. The winning numbers of the June 1 drawing were 04-13-24-30-35-48.

The winner will receive an estimated $33 million cash payout. The business owner, Sandra Vega, will also receive a bonus of $160,000. The person holding the winning ticket is encouraged to sign the back of the ticket, immediately call the Texas Lottery Customer Service Center at 1-800-37-LOTTO (1-800-375-6886), and most importantly, secure the ticket in a safe place.

Does Texas release names of lottery winners?

Yes, the Texas Lottery Commission will release the names of any individuals or entities who win lottery prizes over $599 unless that individual or entity elects to remain anonymous. It is up to the discretion of the winner to decide whether or not they want their name to be released.

Winners of smaller prizes like scratch-off tickets are not required to disclose their identity. It is important to remember that lottery winners must be 18 years or older in order to receive a prize.

The Texas Lottery Commission also requires that the winner provide their Social Security number prior to receiving their prize.

Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Texas?

Yes, it is possible to stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Texas. According to Texas state law, lottery winners may keep their personal information confidential when claiming their prize. In order to do so, winners must provide a trusted third-party entity or individual to act as their legal representative.

This can be an attorney, CPA, or another trusted adviser. The representative will then collect the prize money on behalf of the winner and act as the public face theselected to receive the winnings. This representative must sign an affidavit agreeing to keep the winner’s information confidential, otherwise the representative will be asked to make the winner’s identity known.

Additionally, lottery winners may also choose to create an anonymous trust to collect their winnings, which allows them to remain completely anonymous.

Where in Texas was the winning Powerball ticket sold?

The winning Powerball ticket was sold at a Brookshire’s Grocery store in the city of Pearland, Texas. The draw took place on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. The store is located on 3535 South Main Street nearby the intersection of Cullen and 518.

The happy winner has elected to remain anonymous. However, several Brookshire’s customers have reported that the individual used $20 in cash to purchase the ticket. This winning ticket was the single winner of the $50 million Powerball drawing.

Where was the movie Lottery Ticket shot at?

Lottery Ticket was shot on locations around Georgia and Los Angeles, California. In Georgia, filming took place in Atlanta, Decatur, and nearby towns. The movie was also shot at various landmarks throughout the Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.

Some of the exterior scenes were shot in Hollywood Park, located in Inglewood, California. Lottery Ticket also included an indoor mall scene, which was filmed at the Bobby Brown Shopping Center in Decatur, Georgia.

Where was winning ticket bought Lotto Max?

The winning ticket for the Lotto Max was bought in British Columbia and the exact location of purchase is not known. The lucky winner of the $70 Million jackpot has not come forward yet so the exact details of the ticket purchase remain a mystery.

However, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation does provide some information about the winning ticket. The lottery ticket was sold in Langley, a community in the Metro Vancouver area of British Columbia.

This is the first time that a Maxmillions prize has been won in British Columbia with a single ticket.

The winning numbers for the massive Lotto Max jackpot were 5-10-11-17-27-37-42 and bonus 28. The odds of winning the jackpot were 1 in 33,294,800. This particular draw also had 56 Maxmillion prizes up for grabs, so it was certainly a winning night for many British Columbians.

The winner of the $70 Million Lotto Max prize has 52 weeks to claim their prize and it must be done in person at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s head office in Kamloops.

How does the Texas Two Step lottery work?

The Texas Two Step lottery involves picking four numbers from one set of 1-35 and one bonus number from a separate set of 1-4 for each play. The prize structure for the Texas Two Step consists of four total prizes with the top prize being a fixed payout of $200,000 before taxes.

To win the $200,000 top prize, players must match all four main numbers plus the bonus number chosen at the beginning of the draw. If no ticket in the draw beats those five numbers, then the top prize is rolled over and added to the next draw prize.

The second prize is won when players only match the four main numbers. This prize is a fixed amount of $2,000 before taxes.

The third prize is won by players who match three main numbers and the bonus number. The prize for this is $200 before taxes.

The fourth prize of $20 is won when players match two main numbers plus the bonus number. This prize is fixed at $20 before taxes.

Overall, the Texas Two Step lottery prizes range from a fixed amount of $20 up to a top prize of $200,000 before taxes. Players wanting to take part in the Texas Two Step lottery can purchase tickets each Monday and Thursday at approved retailers or online at the Texas Lottery website.

How many numbers do you have to have to win on Texas two step?

In order to win the Texas Two Step lottery, you must correctly choose four numbers from 1 to 35 correctly. The first two numbers, known as the “first two digits”, must be selected from the first set of balls numbered 1 through 35, and the second two numbers, known as the “last two digits”, must be selected from the second set of balls numbered 1 through 35.

If all four numbers are selected correctly, you will win the jackpot prize.

How do you play Texas Lottery two step?

Texas Lottery Two Step is a bi-weekly lottery game that offers big jackpots. The game is played by selecting two sets of three numbers from 0 to 9. Your ticket must contain all six of the numbers, in any order.

If all six numbers match the lottery numbers in any order, you win the jackpot. If only five numbers match, you win $2,500. If four numbers match, you win $100. If three numbers match, you win $20.

The cost of playing Texas Lottery Two Step is $2 per ticket. To play, you must purchase your ticket at an authorized retailer. You can also play online by logging into your account.

To win the jackpot, your first set of numbers must match the first set of numbers drawn (numbers 1-3) and your second set of numbers must match the second set of numbers (numbers 4-6). You can win the top prize regardless of when you purchased your ticket as long as you have selected the right numbers.

The drawing for Texas Lottery Two Step takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 10:12 PM. You can check the winning numbers after the drawing by visiting the Texas Lottery website or the mobile app. Good luck!.

Do you win anything with 2 numbers on Texas Lotto?

Yes, you can win something with two numbers on Texas Lotto. Matching two of the five numbers drawn, called a “Matched Pair”, will award you a free Quick Pick ticket for the next draw. A “Matched Pair” is the lowest winning prize on the Texas Lotto, with higher prizes awarded for matching three, four or all five numbers drawn.

The lowest prize awarded for matching two numbers is around $2, while the highest is a jackpot of millions of dollars. On top of the regular prizes, the Texas Lotto also offers extra chances to win with “Lotto Extra” and “Lotto Plus” – extra draws with guaranteed prizes which can be won with two numbers or more.

What is the easiest Texas Lottery to win?

The easiest Texas Lottery game to win is Texas Pick 3. Texas Pick 3 is a daily draw game where players must pick 3 numbers ranging from 0-9 and match them in exact order to the winning combination drawn.

The chances of winning the game are 1 in 1000 and players can win up to $500 for each $1 play. Compared to other Texas Lottery games, it has the highest overall chances of winning. Plus, there are other wagering options such as front pair, back pair, or any order pick so players have multiple ways of winning.

There’s also the option to play box, where players may win if their numbers match the winning combinations in any order.

What’s the difference between two-step and Texas Two Step?

Two-step and Texas Two Step are both types of dances that originated in the United States. They both involve two steps forward and two steps backward. However, there are some differences between the two dances.

The Two-step is a country-western dance featuring a step-close-step sequence. It is a simple but smooth dance that moves in a counterclockwise circle around the dance floor. The music usually features a two-beat rhythm.

Texas Two-Step is a more complex dance. It is often referred to as a “Dance of Love”, because it incorporates a variety of holds, circles and spins. There are various combinations that the couple can create while they dance.

The music typically has a very strong four-beat rhythm, though it may also have a two-beat pattern.

The Two-step is a more relaxed and graceful dance, while the Texas Two Step is more dynamic and energetic. The movements in the Two-step are focused on creating a smooth circular pattern, while the Texas Two Step is focused on creating a variety of shapes and patterns.

Both dances have their own charm and appeal, so which one is right for you will depend on your individual preference.

What is the count for two-step?

Two-step is a couple’s dance which originated in the United States and is also very popular in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It has simple, yet intricate moves and is accompanied by country and western music.

The dance is described by some as a combination of the polka, waltz and jitterbug.

The two-step count consists of six 8-count steps and is danced for 64 beats of music, beginning on the first beat and completing after 64 beats. Each 8-count step is divided into two 4-count steps. The first 3 beats consist of a small quick step taken by the man, for instance a forward, back, and forward step, followed by a large step taken by the woman.

The fourth beat, which is done in unison, is a simple rocking step.

The steps repeat, with the man leading, creating a “swing” feel to the dance, beginning again on the fifth beat of the music and repeating until the music ends. The two-step count is usually done in a CCW (clockwise) direction, although some competitions may require CW (counterclockwise).