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Where was the first Torchy’s tacos location?

The first location of Torchy’s Tacos was opened in Austin, Texas in 2006 by Michael Rypka. Rypka was previously the executive chef at the lauded Fonda San Miguel restaurant in Austin and he was inspired to start Torchy’s Tacos after creating and serving tacos at music festivals in his hometown.

The original location was on South 1st street and was an instant hit with those who lived and worked in the Austin area. Since then, Torchy’s Tacos has grown to over 50 locations in 6 different states, with plans to expand to even more states in the future.

Where did Torchys originate?

Torchy’s Tacos is a beloved chain of restaurants with locations across the United States. The Austin, Texas-based chain has been serving up its signature tacos, queso, and other Mexican-inspired fare since 2006.

The original Torchy’s was founded by Michael Rypka in Austin, Texas. Rypka was born and raised in Austin and his love of Tex-Mex cuisine inspired him to open the tiny taco trailer that would later become Torchy’s.

The first trailer was located on South 1st Street in Austin, and was currently home to the one of the chain’s busiest stores. Since its opening in 2006, Torchy’s has expanded to over 50 locations across four states and can be found in cities such as Tulsa, OK, Dallas, TX, and Denver, CO.

Torchy’s is known for its “Damn Good tacos” and providing customers with an amazing experience. The chain uses the highest quality ingredients, including sustainably sourced and hormone-free proteins, to create some of the best tacos around.

When was Torchy’s founded?

Torchy’s Tacos was founded in 2006 by Michael Rypka in Austin, Texas. The original trailer that kickstarted the taco enterprise was a mobile trailer parked in south Austin selling tacos made with homemade ingredients.

In the beginning, Torchy’s Tacos only served breakfast tacos but quickly expanded their menu over the years. Today, Torchy’s Tacos features 15 signature tacos, including vegan and vegetarian options, as well as other Tex-Mex favorites like breakfast quesadillas and nachos.

They also offer a wide selection of beer and margaritas, allowing guests to “Taco the Night Away” at their many locations across Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. With their commitment to making tacos from scratch and with the freshest ingredients, Torchy’s Tacos has become a popular favorite in Texas and beyond.

How old is Torchy’s tacos?

Torchy’s Tacos was founded by Mike Rypka in 2006 in Austin, Texas. Rypka drew on his experience creating gourmet tacos from his food trailer in Austin to introduce a creative set of tacos with a bold flavor profile.

With smart branding, viral marketing and a loyal fan-base among Austinites, Rypka’s tacos quickly became a local phenomenon and raised Torchy’s profile to a regional level. The company has since grown to include more than 50 locations across four states.

Torchy’s tacos are now 14 years old, making them the venerable “veterans” of the fast-casual taco market.

Is Torchys a franchise?

No, Torchy’s Tacos is not a franchise. Instead, it is a restaurant chain that was founded in Austin, Texas in 2006. The restaurant features several styles of tacos, salads, queso, and other dishes all inspired by Mexican cuisine.

Their tacos come with a variety of fillings including beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables, and their salsas come in four different flavors. Torchy’s Tacos also features permanent and weekly special items, which often include seasonal ingredients.

Torchy’s currently operates over 80 restaurants in six states in the southern United States.

Is Torchy’s only in Texas?

No, Torchy’s is not only in Texas! The popular Tex-Mex chain originally started in Austin, Texas, in 2006 and has since grown to include over 80 locations in 8 different states. The majority of Torchy’s locations are in Texas, but there are also several in Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, and Arizona.

In addition, Torchy’s has a food truck, catering options, and even operates a taco stand at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

How much did Torchy’s sell for?

In April 2019, Torchy’s Tacos was acquired by Focus Brands, a subsidiary of Roark Capital Group, for an undisclosed amount. However, reports indicate that investor Chris Harrison, who acquired Torchy’s in 2011, sold the popular taco chain for more than $600 million.

Torchy’s was founded in Austin, Texas in 2006 by chef Mike Rypka, who sold it to Harrison five years later. Under Harrison’s ownership, Torchy’s expanded from five locations in Texas to over 60 in nine states.

It is now one of the most popular taco chains in the United States. Roark Capital Group, the parent company for Focus Brands, also owns Cinnabon, Carvel, McAlister’s Deli, and Auntie Anne’s, among other popular chains.

The acquisition of Torchy’s Tacos by Focus Brands helped the company solidify its presence as a leader in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry.

What is the history of Torchy’s tacos?

Torchy’s Tacos is an iconic Austin-based restaurant chain, founded in 2006 by Mike Rypka. It started out as a small food trailer in Austin, Texas, where Rypka developed an eclectic and unconventional menu of taco varieties with inspired fillings and sauces.

His signature tacos featured a variety of meats, like avocado, grilled shrimp, and chuck wagon.

Before opening his own restaurant, Rypka earned a name for himself as a professional chef. In 1981, Rypka opened the first Torchy’s Taco House in Dallas, Texas. The menu featured traditional favorites like fajitas, BBQ plates, and chicken tacos.

From there, Rypka rapidly expanded with Torchy’s locations in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and even Windsor, Ontario.

The food trailer opened in 2006 and became an immediate hit with locals. Despite its humble beginnings, Torchy’s Tacos was quickly named “Best Taco” by The Austin Chronicle in 2007 and 2008. Over the next decade, Rypka expanded into the area with 7 restaurants within Austin.

In the years that followed, Torchy’s Tacos continued to grow in popularity and expand nationwide. To accommodate the increased demand, a corporate office and manufacturing plant opened in Austin in 2016 to produce the tortillas and salsas used in every Torchy’s taco.

Today, there are more than 50 Torchy’s locations across the United States, including locations in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. With a commitment to fresh ingredients, made-from-scratch recipes, and a passion for the “Dirty’” way of doing things, Torchy’s Tacos continues to satisfy customers with their inspired flavors and creative combinations.

Where does the owner of Torchys live?

The owner of Torchy’s Tacos, Michael Rypka, currently lives in Austin, Texas. Michael opened the first Torchy’s Tacos in 2006 in Austin and it quickly became an Austin favorite, so it was a natural choice for him to stay.

While Michael spends most of his time at the individual Torchy’s around the area, he does take frequent trips down to Mexico for taco inspiration and genuine Mexican cuisine.

How many Torchy’s locations are there?

At the moment, there are 85 Torchy’s locations spread throughout 7 states in the United States. Specifically, these locations can be found in Texas (68 locations), Colorado (11 locations), Oklahoma (3 locations), Arkansas (2 locations), Georgia (1 location), and Missouri (1 location).

Torchy’s recently opened its first Nevada store in May 2020. New locations are continually opening, so it’s possible that this number will continue to increase over time. Furthermore, Torchy’s also offers delivery from locations across the United States.

Who bought Torchys?

Torchy’s Tacos was acquired in October 2018 by National CineMedia, LLC (NCM) for an undisclosed sum. NCM is a movie theater advertising network, that owns the largest digital in-theater network in the United States.

The acquisition will enable NCM to expand its presence in the fast-casual dining segment. Torchy’s operates more than 60 locations across five states, with most of its locations in Texas. It was founded as a single food truck in Austin, Texas, in 2006.

Torchy’s offers a wide variety of tacos, as well as breakfast tacos, signature sauces, sides, salads, quesadillas, nachos, and burritos. The chain also offers brunch items, such as the famous Torchy’s queso.

With its acquisition of Torchy’s, NCM is positioning itself to become a major player in the fast-casual dining segment by offering enhanced benefits, like in-seat food ordering, to customers at its theaters.

What year did Torchy’s tacos start?

Torchy’s Tacos first opened its doors in 2006 in Austin, Texas. The restaurant was founded by Mike Rypka, who was inspired by a street taco he ate in his hometown of San Antonio. With just $6,000, Rypka launched Torchy’s Tacos from a trailer in an Austin-area parking lot.

By 2007, Torchy’s Tacos had made enough of a name for itself to open its first brick-and-mortar location. Most of the eatery’s menu items developed over time, with the help of customer input. Torchy’s Tacos now operates over 50 locations across five states in the United States.

Why did Torchys get rid of the independent?

Torchy’s made the decision to no longer produce the Independent Taco in 2019 due to significant changes in the restaurant industry. Consumers were beginning to seek more health-conscious options, and the Independent Taco, a combination of beef, pork and bacon, simply did not meet the expectations of today’s customer base.

Additionally, the cost to make the Independent Taco, with high-quality ingredients, made it difficult for Torchys to remain profitable. Over the past few years, there has been an increased focus on more plant-based options and with the Impossible Foods trend, Torchys wanted to make sure they had options that could meet the expectations of all diners.

By removing the Independent Taco, they were able to offer a more diverse menu to their customers.

Did Torchy’s tacos get rid of Republicans?

No, Torchy’s tacos did not get rid of Republicans. In fact, the company has never expressed any political stance at all, instead focusing solely on its business operations. The confusion may have come from a 2020 incident in which a Torchy’s employee refused service to a customer wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat — a style commonly associated with the Republican Party — and then subsequently posted about it on social media.

The employee was disciplined for their actions, and the company apologized for the incident and reiterated their commitment to treating all customers with respect.

How much was Taco Cabana sold for?

In August of 2019, the San Antonio-based fast-casual Mexican chain Taco Cabana was sold for a total of $340 million. The chain, which has 165 locations in Texas and Oklahoma, was purchased by Texas Restaurant Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of the Indianapolis-based private equity firm Advent International.

The purchase price included paying off all of Taco Cabana’s approximately $170 million in debt and roughly $170 million in cash. The transaction closed on August 19, 2019.

Prior to this transaction, Taco Cabana had been a public company and traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the stock symbol TCAB. However, according to the chain’s press release announcing the sale, the all-cash offer provided the chain and its shareholders with a “compelling and attractive return on investment.