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Where was the last Badger 5 winning ticket sold?

The last Badger 5 lottery winning ticket was sold at the Kwik Trip located at 1102 32nd Avenue, South in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. The ticket was bought on Saturday, February 1, 2020 and was drawn that same day.

The winner of the Badger 5 lottery purchased the ticket for the “One Number Away” drawing, which guarantees a $2,000 prize for any player that matches 4 out of 5 numbers on their ticket, plus the “Powerball” number.

Though the identity of the winner is not known publicly, the Kwik Trip store where the winning ticket was purchased will receive a $100 bonus for selling the ticket.

Where was winning NE Pick 5 sold?

The Winning New England Pick 5 ticket was sold at the Tri-Town Market located at 248 Main Street in Chichester, New Hampshire. The winning ticket was sold on November 11, 2020, with the winning numbers being 14-17-19-23-26.

The winner will receive a prize of $1,039,830. 00. The Tri-Town Market had previously sold two other Pick 5 tickets that had won a total of $800,300. 00.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission encourages players to purchase their tickets at an authorized lottery retailer, such as the Tri-Town Market. Tickets are sold across the state in convenience stores, gas stations, and other retail locations.

Players can also buy tickets online or enroll in a subscription service.

Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in the New England Pick 5 lottery. A portion of the proceeds from the game goes to educational institutions in the state of New Hampshire.

What city was Badger 5 won?

The Wisconsin Lottery’s Badger 5 jackpot was won in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Thursday, August 27, 2015. The winning ticket was sold at a Speedway store located at 803 S. Koeller Street, where the lucky winner, Matthew Ruhland, claimed their grand prize of $1,039,741.

Ruhland purchased a $2 Badger 5 ticket, which is a game that draws five numbers between 1 and 31. There are four prize levels, with the top prize starting at $10,000 and gradually increasing until it is won.

What city in Wisconsin won the lottery?

The city of Arkdale in Wisconsin won the Most Upbeat City in Wisconsin Lottery in 2019. The local Chamber of Commerce initiated a campaign to make Arkdale the most upbeat city in the state of Wisconsin.

The effort paid off when Arkdale was selected as the 2019 Most Upbeat City by the Wisconsin Lottery. In addition to having the highest number of voter registrations per capita throughout the entire state, Arkdale proved its enthusiasm by out-campaigning over 70 other Wisconsin cities.

Through a series of weekly challenges, including live music, community clean-up days, and interacting with local farms, Arkdale won the lottery with a total of 10,200 points. In celebration of the big win, the city of Arkdale put on an awards night featuring 11,000 balloons, a local mural unveiling, and prizes for all participants.

How often does Badger 5 draw?

The Badger 5 lottery drawing is held seven days a week at 10:00 PM CST. The official drawing is broadcasted live on local television in Wisconsin and streamed online through the Wisconsin Lottery website.

Drawings are held daily except on Christmas Day. The Badger 5 payout amounts and game prizes are announced after the official drawing, which is usually around 10:10 PM CST. In addition, the winning numbers can be found on the Wisconsin Lottery website, in various newspapers, and on the Hotline (1-800-WIS-CASH).

What lottery games have the odds?

Lottery games typically have odds that are based on the required numbers that must be matched to win the respective prize. The odds of winning a lottery game depend on the size of the ticket pool that is used to generate the winning numbers as well as the agreement between different participants on the rules of the game.

For example, lotteries with a smaller ticket pool, such as a state or regional lottery, typically have better odds than large lottery draws, such as Powerball or Mega Millions. The odds of winning the jackpot in these two larger lotteries are significantly lower than the odds for smaller lottery games, as the tickets are much more widely purchased and it only takes matching 6 numbers (or even 5 numbers in the case of Mega Millions) for a win.

Other lottery games also have different odds depending on the rules of the game. For example, scratch cards typically have a percentage of winning tickets that is listed on the back of the card and there are usually different prizes with lower or higher odds.

How many acres was the Badger Ammunition Plant?

The Badger Ammunition Plant was developed on a 1,000-acre campus located along the shore of Lake Winnebago near the town of Little Lake Butte des Morts in Wisconsin. Although it originally was built to cover a relatively small acreage, it eventually expanded to cover over 4,000 acres, making it the largest industrial site in Wisconsin.

The U. S. government acquired the facility in 1940 to develop and manufacture ammunition for military use during World War II. The plant grew tremendously during the war years when some 20,000 people were employed there.

In addition to producing bombs and artillery shells, it is believed that the plant also assembled two atomic weapons.

Following World War II, the Badger Ammunition Plant was gradually phased out and by the late 1960s, operations there had ceased. Today, nearly a dozen businesses operate in the industrial area of the former ammunition plant, including a wood mill, an iron works, and a plastic film manufacturing company.

Where in Wisconsin was Power Ball winner?

The Power Ball lottery winner from Wisconsin was from New Berlin, Wisconsin. The winner has chosen to remain anonymous and remained unnamed, but the Wisconsin Lottery officially confirmed them as the winner of the $768.

4 million Power Ball prize. The winning ticket was purchased at the Speedway Gas Station, located at 15258 W National Avenue in New Berlin.

Where was the Gopher 5 won?

The Gopher 5 lottery was won in Minnesota in July 2016. The winning ticket for the $1 million jackpot was sold at a Subway restaurant in the city of Bayport. The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, matched all five numbers from the draw on July 12th.

The winning numbers were 6, 13, 18, 35, and 39. After the win, the Minnesota State Lottery reported record sales numbers for all of its Gopher 5 tickets.

What is the lightning ball in Badger 5?

The lightning ball in Badger 5 is a special type of ammunition. It is designed to be more effective than a traditional bullet and has a greater destructive power than most guns. The lightning ball is made of ceramic and filled with explosives, allowing it to be shot from a gun without losing its effectiveness.

The lightning ball is used by military personnel and hunters alike, as it can hit multiple targets in one shot and produce an incredibly powerful explosion. The lightning ball is especially useful for taking out groups of enemies, as it can quickly disperse a large number of targets in one shot.

What time is the Badger 5 drawing in Wisconsin?

The Badger 5 drawing in Wisconsin takes place every night at approximately 10:12pm. The official drawing closes at 10:10pm and results are typically posted shortly thereafter. You can check the Wisconsin Lottery website for the official drawing results.

Additionally, you can check many online lottery sites for up-to-date drawing results if the Wisconsin Lottery website is delayed in posting the winning numbers.

How many numbers are in Badger 5?

Badger 5 is an inter-state lottery game that is played daily in the 5 states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, and Delaware. Unlike some other lottery games, Badger 5 does not have a fixed number of balls or numbers.

The number of balls or numbers that are drawn from the lottery machine each day is dependent on the amount of tickets purchased for the drawing. In most cases, the minimum number of balls or numbers that must be drawn is five, which is why the game is called Badger 5.

The highest amount of numbers that can be drawn is 37. Each day, the lottery machine randomly selects five numbers from a pool of 37 to make up the winning Badger 5 combination.

Do Badger 5 numbers have to be in order?

No, Badger 5 numbers do not have to be in order. Badger 5 is a game where players pick five numbers between one and 47, and the back of the ticket must match the five numbers that have been drawn to win the top prize.

The order of the numbers on the ticket does not affect whether or not the numbers are eligible, as long as all five numbers appear on the ticket. It is also possible to win prizes if fewer than five of the numbers match the numbers on the ticket.

How do you win the Badger 5 Lottery?

The Badger 5 Lottery is a 6/36 lottery game offered by the Wisconsin Lottery. To win the Badger 5 Lottery, you must pick five numbers from 1 to 36, plus one additional “freeball” number. The six numbers you select will determine the outcome of your play.

If your five chosen numbers match the five winning numbers and the free ball number matches the free ball number drawn in the drawing, you win the Badger 5 Lottery Jackpot. If you match four of the five winning numbers and the free ball number, you win the second prize.

If you match three of the five winning numbers and the free ball number, you win the third prize. There are also smaller prizes for lower-tier prize tiers.

To win the Badger 5 Lottery, it’s best to use a combination of quick picks and quick numbers. A quick pick is when you select lottery numbers randomly. Quick picks will give you a better chance of winning, as the numbers selected are completely random.

Quick numbers are when you select a certain type of combination of numbers, like all even or all odd, or numbers in a certain sequence, like consecutive numbers.

Remember, the winning numbers are selected at random, so the only real way to win the Badger 5 Lottery is to have luck on your side!

How many numbers are in the Wisconsin Lottery?

The Wisconsin Lottery currently has 10 different games with varying numbers of numbers each. The number of numbers in each game is as follows: Powerball – 5 numbers (1-69) plus a Powerball number (1-26); Mega Millions – 5 numbers (1-70) plus a Mega Ball number (1-25); SuperCash – 5 numbers (1-39) plus a Doubler number (1-3); Badger 5 – 5 numbers (1-31); Pick 3 – 3 numbers (0-9); Pick 4 – 4 numbers (0-9); Lucky for Life – 5 numbers (1-48) plus a Lucky Ball number (1-18); All or Nothing – 11 numbers (1-12 or 0); 2by2 – 4 numbers (1-26); and Megabucks – 6 numbers (1-49).

In total, there are 82 numbers in the Wisconsin Lottery.