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Which is better Dometic or Thetford?

The answer to which is better, Dometic or Thetford, depends on the specific needs of the individual. Dometic is a well-known, global brand for marine and automotive products, offering a wide range of appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and cooktops.

Their products are suitable for both recreational vehicles and boats, and offer several options for customization and upgradability. Thetford is another well-known brand, and specializes in sanitation and hygiene products for recreational vehicles, such as portable toilets and waste tanks.

Their items are also an excellent choice for marine applications, as they come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any budget. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and needs. Both options offer reliable, high-quality products, yet one may be better suited to an individual depending on the specific uses they have in mind.

Is Thetford and Dometic the same?

No, Thetford and Dometic are not the same. Thetford is an American company that manufactures sanitation, refrigeration, cooking, and air conditioning products for recreational vehicles and boats. They specialize in portable toilets, holding tanks, heating and air conditioning, cooktops, and water systems.

Dometic, on the other hand, is a global provider of leisure products for the travel industry, marine, and vehicle markets. They produce a broad range of products, including mobile living and onboard comfort systems, refrigerators and freezers, cooking appliances, HVAC systems, sanitary systems, power solutions, and awnings.

Although Thetford and Dometic are both leaders in the RV industry manufacturing a variety of products, they are not the same company.

Can I replace a Dometic toilet with a Thetford?

Yes, you can replace a Dometic toilet with a Thetford, as long as it is a compatible replacement. Look to Thetford’s website and make sure the new toilet matches the space and fitment, as well as the electrical connection, before you make any purchases.

Before you get started, you’ll also want to drain your existing unit and remove the holding tank, then disconnect the water line, and unscrew and remove the old toilet. Make sure you keep all necessary hardware during this process, as you may need to use them to install the new toilet.

Once you have the old toilet removed, you can install the new Thetford toilet by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. You may also need to purchase additional hardware and connecting pieces that are specific to the setup in your RV.

While the process may vary slightly, typically you’ll need to reattach the water line, secure the toilet to the floor, and then, if applicable, connect the electrical connection. Finally, you’ll want to repeat the process you used to remove the old toilet and reinstall the holding tank and check for any leaks or issues before starting to use the toilet.

Once you’ve installed the new toilet and made sure it works properly, you can enjoy the convenience and reliability of your new Thetford toilet.

What is the most reliable RV toilet?

The most reliable RV toilet on the market is the Thetford Bravura RV Toilet. This RV toilet is one of the most advanced on the market and is built with many impressive features, including an advanced water-saving flushing mechanism, a deluxe swappable foot pedal that is perfect for shifting from a foot pedal to a hand pump when needed, and a unique anti-clog siphon jet that eliminates user errors that can cause clogs.

The Thetford Bravura RV Toilet is also made from durable materials to provide maximum strength and stability, and its easy installation ensures many years of trouble-free use.

Which Thetford toilet is best?

The best Thetford toilet depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a compact model with a modern aesthetic, the Thetford Curve RV Toilet with Water Saver is an excellent choice. It has a sleek and low-profile design and is equipped with a water saver option to reduce water consumption.

It also comes with a powerful macerator pump that allows for easy and efficient flushing.

If you need something larger that is specifically designed for RVs, the Thetford Aqua-Magic Bravura might be a good fit. It has a one-piece design that makes installation easy and its powerful flushing system offers optimal reliable performance.

Plus, it has a residential-style, comfort-height seat which is great if you plan to spend a lot of time using your RV.

The Thetford Aria Deluxe II is a more luxurious option that has all of the features you might find in a home toilet. It comes with a built-in air compressor which gives you a powerful and quiet flushing experience, plus the stylish contemporary design is sure to be a conversation starter.

It also features a spacious bowl, a slow-close seat and lid, and a wet/dry waste gate that allows for no-mess emptying.

Are Thetford toilets good?

Thetford toilets are generally considered to be good, as they are well-made and reliable. Thetford has been in the business of making recreational vehicle (RV) and marine sanitation systems since 1972, and they have a long history of producing some of the most dependable toilets on the market.

They offer a variety of styles and designs of toilets, ranging from upmarket ceramic china models to more economical plastic units. They also boast features such as extra-low flush settings, dual spray nozzles, and self-cleaning surfaces, which ensure an effective clean.

Additionally, Thetford toilets are easy to install and maintain, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a good, reliable toilet.

What toilets do UK plumbers recommend?

In the UK, plumbers typically recommend toilets from top quality brands such as Ideal Standard, Roca, Grohe, Villeroy & Boch, and Twyford. These brands offer high-performance toilets that are designed to last the test of time and reduce water consumption.

Toilets from these brands are built with top-of-the-line features such as ceramic construction, adjustable flushing volumes, precise fill valves and water efficient technologies. Additionally, their toilets come in a variety of styles and shapes, so they can easily fit into any existing bathroom design.

Most importantly, top quality brands come with great warranties, customer service and support packages, making it easy for homeowners to rest assured that their purchase is backed by a company that stands behind its products.

Is Dometic a good brand?

Dometic is a popular brand that is well-known for its reliable, high-quality products. It has a large selection of RV and camper accessories and supplies including awnings, power solutions, outdoor kitchens, air conditioners, and water systems.

Dometic products are designed to stand up to harsh environmental conditions, and the brand works hard to provide products that meet the needs of its customers. The service and warranty coverage from Dometic is top-notch, offering customers peace of mind that their investments are covered.

Customer reviews are generally favorable, and have been for many years. In conclusion, Dometic is a well-regarded, reliable brand name that offers great products and services.

Is Dometic worth the money?

Whether or not Dometic is worth the money depends on many factors, including the intended use, budget, and personal preference. Dometic offers a range of products, from basic refrigerators and freezers to wine cellars, ice makers, and other luxury appliances.

These products generally offer superior quality and performance when compared to similarly priced products from other brands. The warranty and customer service are also excellent and their products are ergonomically designed for ease of use.

In addition, Dometic has a large selection of accessories and supplies, including covers, shelving, and cleaning products, giving you the flexibility to customize your appliance to your individual needs.

For those who are looking for top-notch quality, performance, and service, Dometic may be worth the money.

Is Dometic a Chinese company?

No, Dometic is not a Chinese company. Dometic is a Swedish company specializing in mobile living solutions. Founded in 1923 in Sweden, the founder, Carl Munters, wanted to revolutionize air conditioning technology.

Today, Dometic is the world’s largest provider of leisure products for the mobile living experience. Their product lineup includes air conditioning, awnings, cooktops, refrigerators, and more. In 2011 Dometic was purchased by a private equity investment firm, EQT Partners, for just under a billion dollars.

Dometic is now present in over 100 countries through around 9,000 different distributors and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. While some of their products may be available in China, Dometic is not a Chinese company.

What the difference between Thetford 145 and 345?

Thetford 145 and 345 are two different models of porta-potties. The main difference between the models is in the functionalities they provide.

The Thetford 145 is the traditional porta-potty that is the most common and provides basic sanitation functioanlities. It has a large capacity tank that can hold a full size adult for several hours, a spray arm for better flushing and is equipped with a toilet paper holder.

It also features a rotating emptying spout that helps eliminate odor and improves functionality.

In comparison, the Thetford 345 model is a more sophisticated version of the traditional porta-potty. It features an elongated comfortable seat, an extra-large waste tank, and an integrated foot pedal.

Additionally, the 345 model includes a powerful flushing system that ensures more effective waste management and odor control. It also has an LED light for easy nighttime usage, a hygienic non-splash pour out spout and a storage compartment for both wet wipes and toilet paper.

In summary, the main difference between the Thetford 145 and 345 is the extra functionalities that the latter provides. The Thetford 145 offers basic sanitation functions, while the Thetford 345 offers extra features such as an elongated seat, foot pedal, LED light and storage compartment.

How do I know what model Thetford toilet I have?

The best way to know what model Thetford toilet you have is to look for the model number. To do this, you’ll need to locate your toilet’s serial plate. The serial plate is usually located, either under the lid of your toilet tank or behind the china bowl of your toilet.

Once you have located the serial plate, find the model number, which is listed on the plate. Write down the model number, as you will need it to locate the exact model of Theford toilet that you have.

It is also helpful to know the type of toilet you have. The Theford toilets come in both plastic and ceramic designs. The plastic model toilets are typically referred to as “cassette” types and the ceramic models are called “pedestal”.

The serial plate should also indicate the type of toilet you have as well.

With the model number and type of Theford toilet you have, you can go online and easily find out what exact model toilet you have. Simply type the model number and type into any popular search engine and you should have your answer.

Knowing what model Thetford toilet you have can help you find the proper replacement parts that fit the model you have.

Can I use silicone spray on Thetford toilet?

Yes, you can use a silicone spray on Thetford toilets, but be sure to use a product specifically designed for toilets and follow the directions in the product instructions. Silicone spray acts as a lubricant and can be used to lubricate valves, seals, o-rings and other toilet components.

It can also protect surfaces from corrosion and make cleaning easier. To use, first carefully clean the surface of the toilet and then spray a thin, even layer of product onto the area you wish to lubricate.

Allow for adequate dry time (as directed by product instructions) before operating the toilet. Never use silicone with oils, acids, or other chemical-based products. Additionally, be aware of overspray as this product can get congested when wet and create a slippery surface.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes and always follow product instructions for best results.

Can you use toilet paper in a Thetford Cassette toilet?

Yes, you can use toilet paper in a Thetford Cassette toilet. Thetford cassette toilets are dual-flush toilets that come with a removable holding tank to store waste for later and the cassette itself, which collects and stores liquid waste.

The waste tank is emptied through an external door at the rear of the vehicle, making it easier to access. Toilet paper can be used in the cassette and should be dropped into the holding tank once you have finished, which will be emptied separately.

Thetford cassette toilets are designed to be low maintenance and minimal draining, but they do require regular emptying as they are unable to break down solid waste. It is important to only use biodegradable toilet paper with these toilets, as the holding tanks may not be able to process a large amount of chemicals or standard toilet paper.

Are cassette toilets worth it?

Cassette toilets are worth it, depending on your situation. They provide a more efficient and hygienic way to dispose of waste than a traditional black tank, and they don’t need to be connected to a sewer line.

They provide a clean, odor-free solution for people who will be spending a lot of time in their RV or on their boat. Additionally, they are small and don’t require regular maintenance like traditional water flushing systems.

They are also affordable and are easy to install, making them a great choice for those looking for an efficient and economical waste disposal system.