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Who are the matches in Are You The One?

Are You The One is a reality television series first aired in 2014 on MTV. The show follows 10 men and 10 women living together in a house in Hawaii, being made to try and find their match among the housemates.

The participants have access to individual compatibility tests and relationship analysis tools to identify their best possible match and ultimately win the grand prize of $1 million. Each episode, participants have dates, go on individual and group challenges, and are presented with difficult tasks that test the strength of their relationships, aiming to bring them closer to the one they are meant to be with.

By the end of each episode participants will rank who they think is the perfect match for them from the list of their fellow competitors. Eventually each participant will be paired with their perfect match, and will continue on until the two are deemed correct by the show’s match makers.

The two correct matches in the house will ultimately receive the $1 million prize.

Are any of the Are You The One matches still together?

Yes, some of the matches from Are You The One (AYTO) are still together. According to MTV News, several matches the series has featured over the years have been able to make their relationships last.

Season 8’s Caleb Corprew and Dimitri Santiago are one example, as they recently celebrated their second anniversary and remain together. Similarly, AYTO Season 5’s Jasmine Rodriguez and Mike C corresponded online for two years after the season wrapped before meeting up and eventually deciding to remain together.

Other successful matches featured on the series include Scali & Jenna from Season 3, Asia & Mike from Season 4, Kailey & Gavin from Season 6, and Jonathan & Basit from Season 7.

Is Shanley still with Chris?

No, Shanley and Chris are no longer together. They were featured on the show, The Bachelor in 2014 and had a much-publicized relationship, however post-show it simply didn’t work out. Shanley has since gone on record to describe Chris as “a great guy” and the situation as an “experience [that she] took away priceless memories from”.

Chris has also spoken positively of Shanley, mentioning in one interview that their split wasn’t indicative of her as a person or their time together. While we can only speculate as to why they are no longer together, it appears they both remain on amicable terms and view each other fondly.

Are Chris and Shanley a match?

Based on what we know so far, it is difficult to answer whether or not Chris and Shanley are a match. We do know that Chris and Shanley have established a romantic connection and appear to have feelings for each other.

However, whether or not those feelings will lead to a long-lasting relationship is still to be seen. Chris and Shanley have not just interacted with each other on the show, but have also gone on many dates and spent quality time together outside of the show.

They seem to have a strong connection, and Chris has gone as far as stating that he loves Shanley. Ultimately, whether or not Chris and Shanley are a match depends on whether or not their feelings for each other can develop into a committed and passionate relationship.

Only time will tell if the two are a match.

Are Dylan and Coleysia still together?

Unfortunately, Dylan and Coleysia are no longer together. It appears that their relationship ended around mid-2016. Since then, both Dylan and Coleysia have moved on from their relationship and have not made any public statements about the breakup.

That being said, it seems that both parties have been able to maintain an amicable relationship despite the breakup. Recent pictures posted on both Dylan and Coleysia’s social media accounts seem to suggest that they both still care deeply for each other, despite being apart.

Who was Coleysia match?

Coleysia’s match on Married at First Sight Season 10 was Sergio. Both came into this journey with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. The couple was an instant hit from their first meeting. They connected over their many similar interests, including their shared Catholic faith, love for travel, and enjoyment of different cultures.

Even though the pair had their fair share of disagreements, Coleysia and Sergio still found a way to come together and make the best of the situation. Despite the challenges they faced and the difficult conversations, they were always able to work through things.

Ultimately they decided to stay together at the end, and they both felt they had grown and learned a lot from their experience together.

Did Chris T and Paige ever get together?

Unfortunately, Chris T and Paige never got together in the end. On the show, They were initially interested in one another and even shared a passionate kiss. However, things quickly turned sour when Chris T found out that Paige had lied about her identity on the show.

Chris T was really hurt and felt betrayed by Paige’s dishonesty. As a result, Chris T began to distance himself from Paige, choosing to pursue other relationships on the show instead. Although they were eventually able to move past the incident, it was too late and they decided to remain friends instead of becoming a couple.

Does love cheat in you Season 3?

No, there is no evidence that love cheats in the third season of You. The show’s main character, Joe Goldberg, has been a serial killer and stalker since the first season, and the relationship he has with his long-term partner, Love Quinn, is mostly healthy and honest.

Love has resorted to manipulating Joe on a few occasions and even tries to protect him from his own destructive impulses, but she is never shown to be unfaithful.

Did Gio and kaylen go in the truth booth?

No, Gio and Kaylen did not go in the truth booth during the season. On the MTV series, “Are You The One,” contestants compete to try to find their perfect match and win a large cash prize. To identify each person’s ideal mate, several “checkpoints” are used, including a match-up ceremony, a truth booth, and a House Match Up Quiz.

During the season, Gio and Kaylen did not participate in the truth booth, which involves one couple entering the booth and discovering if they are a perfect match. Instead, Gio and Kaylen had their individual dates and match-up ceremonies to get to know each other and decide if they were truly compatible.

Ultimately, Gio and Kaylen were determined to be not a match, but remained friends during and after the show.