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Who does Neil Haskell play in Hamilton?

Neil Haskell plays Charles Lee in the Broadway production of Hamilton. Charles Lee was an impassioned patriot in the American Revolution and is the Major General of the Continental Army in the play. He is a trusted aide to both General George Washington and Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, delivering military muscle with a sense of humor.

Neil Haskell has been playing this role since 2016, bringing emotional depth and humor as well as a powerful presence to the part.

Who is playing King George in Hamilton now?

Currently playing the role of King George in Hamilton is Rory O’Malley. Rory has been performing in the role since August 6th of 2019 as part of the First National Tour and starred in the original Broadway run, appearing on the 2016 Grammy Awards with the cast performing a medley of songs from the show.

He has also performed at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2018, with the Hamilton cast producing an arrangement of “You’ll Be Back” to close out the ceremony, following the speech and presentation honoring the recipient Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Rory is a Tony Award Nominee for his performance in the musical The Book of Mormon and is a founding member of The Los Angeles based improv group The Groundlings.

Are any of the original cast in Hamilton?

Yes, the original cast of Hamilton is still performing the musical today. The show has had multiple Broadway revivals since its 2015 premiere, and the original principal cast members have returned to reprise their roles in each incarnation.

These original cast members include Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr, Christopher Jackson as George Washington, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler, Daveed Diggs as both Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan, Anthony Ramos as John Laurens, and Phillipa Soo as Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, among others.

Many of the cast members originated their roles in the Off-Broadway, Chicago, and U. S. touring productions of the show, and continue to wow audiences around the world.

How much do Hamilton Broadway actors make?

The salaries for actors on Broadway’s “Hamilton” are some of the highest in theater. Lead roles can fetch between $3,400 and $10,000 a week in salary, and ensemble members can earn anywhere from $500 to just under $3000 per week, according to the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society’s 2015-2016 salary schedule.

Serving as a standby can earn up to $6,400 each week. For perspective, the median household income in New York City is $50,206, which equates to around $963 per week.

Starring roles in “Hamilton” often come with performance bonuses. For some original cast members, those bonuses amounted to $1,000 a week. Currently, the original principals receive larger base salaries that compensate for their lack of bonus pay.

The cast of “Hamilton” is unionized, meaning actors’ salaries scale up with their theater experience. The Actors’ Equity Association, the labor union that governs theater contracts, requires employers to levy wage increases for actors each year, as well as pay them if their parts significantly increase or decrease in size.

In addition to wage-related compensation, there are also residuals, in which primary cast members on Broadway receive up to 3% of the show’s weekly gross. On “Hamilton,” this can be as much as $250,000 a week, making some cast members far wealthier than the highest-paid star.

Does Jonathan Groff still play King George?

No, Jonathan Groff does not currently play King George in the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. He originally departed the production in April 2016, and the role was taken over by Rory O’Malley for the remainder of its run.

Groff also reprised the role for a one-night-only appearance in The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) in late 2018. Groff has since gone on to be featured in productions such as Mindhunter, Looking, and various films.

Why did Jonathan Groff leave Hamilton?

Jonathan Groff left Hamilton after his initial one-year contract with the show ended in mid-2016. After that, he was offered a 9-month contract to stay with the show, but he decided it was time to pursue other opportunities.

His impact on the show is still felt, as he originated the role of King George and received a Tony Award nomination for his performance.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Groff said his time in the show was amazing. He said, “I loved experiencing it intensely for that time, eight times a week. That said, it was time for me to open the door to other opportunities and get back to the balance of film, TV and theater that I really love.

” After leaving Hamilton, Groff returned to the public eye with the release of the TV show Mindhunter, in which he starred.

What is the end of Hamilton supposed to mean?

The final moments of Hamilton are extremely powerful and meaningful. The end of the musical is signified by the performance of the song, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story. ” As the song progresses, audience members are exposed to the prescient power of legacy, as emphasized by the chorus that sings, “I’m erasing myself from the narrative.

” This conclusion serves as a reminder to all that the storytellers of their respective lives have the power to shape their historical reputations and to choose who ultimately tells their story. It is a powerful invitation to create a lasting legacy and to take ownership of one’s narrative.

Ultimately, the conclusion of the musical serves as an invitation to recognize the power of one’s choices and stories, and as a reminder to have a colorful impact on the world and to leave a strong and lasting mark.

When did Lin-Manuel Miranda leave Hamilton?

Lin-Manuel Miranda left Hamilton on July 9, 2016. After nearly two years since Hamilton premiered Off-Broadway in 2014, Miranda ended his run in the musical, making way for other cast members to take on the lead roles.

Miranda had become a popular household name for bringing Alexander Hamilton’s story to life and was met with rave reviews from both critics and fans alike. Following his departure from Hamilton, Miranda went on to work on his other Broadway musicals, In the Heights and the movie adaptation of Hamilton, while also lending his talents to a number of other projects, including the Disney animated movie Moana.

Where did Neil Haskell go to college?

Neil Haskell went to college at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended the theater program and studied classical ballet and modern dance. After graduating, he made his way to New York City and began working in various shows and projects around the city.

He eventually found his way to the popular Fox reality series, So You Think You Can Dance, as an all-star alum. Though he was ultimately cut from the show, he gained a lot of fame and recognition for his performance as a dancer.

He has since gone on to pursue a career in acting and singing, and continues to dance as a profession.

What happened to Neil from Sytycd?

Neil Haskell, who appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance” from seasons 3-5, has maintained a successful dance career since then. He has performed on Broadway, in film and television, appeared in numerous music videos, and served as a judge for dance competitions.

He has also kept up a successful teaching career, serving on the faculty of the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and instructing at other dance schools and conventions. Neil continues to choreograph pieces for independent dance companies and created original pieces for Point Park University, Festivals productions and universities.

This year, he choreographed “Back From The Coast”, a virtual ballet created in collaboration with Nashville based choreographers and Symphony designer Benjamin Millepied. Most recently, he released his own dance DVD series “F.

L. Y” which offers dance classes, fitness training, and exploring the origins of dance styles. Neil resides in Los Angeles and spends much of his free time traveling the world, drawing inspiration for his choreography.

How old is Neil Haskell?

Neil Haskell is 32 years old. He was born on August 11, 1987 in Westerville, Ohio. He graduated from East Kentwood High School, where he had a successful athletic and academic career, in 2005. He then went on to attend Marymount Manhattan College and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Dance Performance.

Following his graduation, he competed on the sixth and seventh seasons of the hit television show, So You Think You Can Dance, placing fourth and sixth respectively. Following his time on the show, he has made numerous television, theater and film appearances, and has been seen in over a dozen national commercials.

Who becomes chief after Ripley on Station 19?

After Ripley Garrett is appointed to Fire Chief of Station 19, the Station is left without a leader. However, over the course of the show, we’ve seen various characters step up to the plate to assume leadership positions.

In season 3, the team elects Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) as the Interim Chief. Despite facing some hostility from her colleagues, Andy proves her leadership mettle and the team eventually accept her.

In season 4, after Andy decides to leave for a fresh start elsewhere, the Station 19 crew all turn to Captain Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) for leadership. He oversees some major changes, from the restructuring of team organization to the addition of unpaid volunteers, proving that he can keep everyone safe and motivated.

After Sullivan’s departure in season 5, it appears that Lieutenant Jack Gibson ( Grey Damon) is the new Chief of Station 19. However, he goes on a temporary leave of absence, so his position is temporarily filled by Gillian (Yohance Myles) and Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval).

These two manage the house until Jack comes back, and eventually remain as top-level leaders for the Firehouse.

Why did Dean Miller leave Station 19?

Dean Miller left Station 19 for personal reasons. Shortly after his departure he released a statement saying, “After much thought and consideration, I’ve made the difficult decision to depart Station 19 and explore ways to focus on my family and personal growth.

” He continued, “It has been an honor and an incredible experience to serve as an Acting Captain of Station 19 and I am forever grateful for the team, friends and family, and the bond our team shares.

” Dean had been a firefighter at Station 19 since the show’s first season and had been promoted to Acting Captain in the middle of Season 4.

Although Dean’s departure was unexpected, it is clear that he felt this was the best decision for him and his family. After the emotionally taxing season 4 finale, it is understandable for him to want to take a step back and focus on his personal goals.

Fans of the show appreciate his hard work and dedication to the Station 19 team, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

What happened to Emmett in Station 19?

Emmett in Station 19 has gone through a lot of different changes over the course of the show. In the pilot episode, he is introduced as the former captain of a volunteer fire department, and is shown to be an experienced and talented firefighter.

He is soon swept up into the politics of the station when Chief Ripley appoints him as her temporary replacement while Ripley takes a leave of absence.

Throughout his time in the station, Emmett is forced to balance the old-fashioned methods of firefighting of the volunteer fire department with the more modern tactics used by the station and the new Chief, Travis Montgomery.

Emmett is also tasked with getting the station’s newest recruits up to speed and ensuring the station’s compliance with the department’s new regulations.

By the end of the second season, Emmett has fully embraced his role as acting captain and is viewed as a leader and mentor in the station. Despite a few bumps along the way, Emmett perseveres and becomes an integral part of the Station 19 family.

Who is Captain Ross on Station 19?

Captain Robert Sullivan, better known as “Captain Ross” is a character on the ABC show Station 19. He is played by actor Boris Kodjoe. Captain Ross is the head of the firehouse, Station 19, and is a respected leader among his team.

He is a highly experienced firefighter who is seen as a mentor to many of the station’s younger crew members. In addition to putting out fires, he is also resourceful and advises when serious situations arise where technique or strategy is required.

He has a strong moral code and takes responsibility for the safety of his crew and those in his care. Moreover, Captain Ross has a great sense of humor, which he often dispenses with a smile. In addition to his leadership and mentorship role at Station 19, he has a passionate relationship with his ex-wife, Dr.

Jane Kilner. He is a devoted father to their two children, making sure to give them as much of his time and attention as possible even amidst the chaos at the station.