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Who is currently touring as Jefferson Starship?

Jefferson Starship is a American rock band that has gone through several iterations, with a rotating line-up since it first formed in the early 70’s. As of 2020 the current members of Jefferson Starship are the following:

Lead Vocals – Cathy Richardson

Guitar – Chris Smith

Keyboards – Jude Gold

Bass – Donny Baldwin

Drums – Mike DeMain.

Since the lineup change in 2019, Jefferson Starship has been performing live concerts across the US. They recently participated in the Happy Together Tour at The Mountain Winery in California and will soon be performing at the Olympia Theater in Miami, Florida.

They also had a show scheduled for May 2020 at the Park Theater in Las Vegas, but had to cancel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jefferson Starship is still actively touring, and the current line-up has already toured extensively up and down the US. Their live set list includes some of their greatest hits from their decades of music, like ‘White Rabbit’, ‘Miracles’, and ‘We Built This City’.

Overall, the current lineup of Jefferson Starship is still working to keep the band’s legacy alive and well. They continue to tour, compile new music, and make new music videos to keep the fans happy.

Fans of Jefferson Starship can look forward to more great music and more amazing live shows as the band strives to move forward with their musical legacy.

Who replaced Grace Slick on Jefferson Starship?

Marty Balin replaced Grace Slick as the vocalist for Jefferson Starship in 1978. Slick had left the group in order to focus on a solo career and Balin, who had been a founding member of the band Jefferson Airplane, was brought in to fill the role.

Balin was the lead vocalist on the album Freedom at Point Zero and remained with the band until 1988 when he left due to disagreements with the other members. He was replaced briefly by Mickey Thomas, but ultimately rejoined the band in 1991 before they officially returned to their original name of Jefferson Airplane in 1996.

Who is the new band that sounds like Led Zeppelin?

The new band that sounds like Led Zeppelin is Greta Van Fleet. The Michigan-based quartet, made up of three brothers (Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, and Sam Kiszka) and one longtime friend (Danny Wagner), has quickly become one of the most popular bands on the rock landscape.

Greta Van Fleet is aptly named after their grandmother, Gretna Van Fleet, and their unique sound is steeped in old-school blues rock and draws obvious comparisons to Led Zeppelin. Armed with Josh Kiszka’s powerful, husky vocals and the band’s throaty, crunchy riffs and thunderous rhythm section, Greta Van Fleet has quickly found success since releasing their debut EP Black Smoke Rising in 2017.

Their 2019 debut full-length LP, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, was nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, solidifying their place in rock music.

Are there any original members of Jefferson Starship?

No, there are no original members of Jefferson Starship. The original band, Jefferson Airplane, formed in San Francisco in 1965 and featured Marty Balin, Paul Kantner, Signe Anderson, Jorma Kaukonen, and Jack Casady.

The band disbanded in 1972, but in 1974 Kantner, Balin, and Casady reconvened under the name Jefferson Starship and released their first studio album Dragon Fly. Anderson and Kaukonen did not participate.

Since 1974, Jefferson Starship has seen several personnel changes, with Kantner and Balin leaving and rejoining various times. The current lineup consists of vocalist Cathy Richardson (since 2008), guitarist David Freiberg (since 1974), drummer Donny Baldwin (1994-2008, 2017-present), and bassist Chris Smith (since 2012).

The only two members of Jefferson Starship who are also founding members of Jefferson Airplane are Freiberg and Casady, however neither were part of the original lineup.

How many members of Jefferson Starship are original?

There are currently two original members of Jefferson Starship remaining in the group: Mickey Thomas and David Freiberg. Mickey Thomas first joined the band Jefferson Airplane in 1971 and has been with the group ever since.

David Freiberg also joined Jefferson Airplane in 1973 and became a member of Jefferson Starship in 1974.

Original members who have since left the band include vocalist Marty Balin, drummer John Barbata, guitarist Paul Kantner, bassist Jack Casady, and keyboardist/vocalist Grace Slick. Other members who have either been a part of the band for only a short period of time or have since passed away include vocalists Craig Chaquico, Darby Gould, Diana Mangano, Cathy Rich, and Micky Dolenz, as well as guitarist/keyboardist Pete Sears.

What did Marty Balin died of?

Marty Balin, the co-founder and lead vocalist of the popular folk rock band Jefferson Airplane, died on September 27th, 2018 at the age of 76. Details of his cause of death have not been disclosed, but according to bandmate Grace Slick, Balin had a heart-related ailment which resulted in him becoming “weaker and weaker.

” In 2016, Balin was hospitalized after suffering a stroke while he was on tour. He recovered after physical therapy and returned to performing. Balin’s health deteriorated later that year, forcing him to cancel a tour.

In 2017, Balin underwent open heart surgery. He was planning on resuming touring in 2018, however, his condition got worse and he was unable to perform. There has been no official statement about the cause of death, but it appears that his long-term health issues related to his heart ultimately were the cause.

How many members are in Cobra Starship?

Cobra Starship was an American dance-pop band created by former Midtown bassist and lead vocalist Gabe Saporta in 2005. The band featured Saporta, Ryland Blackinton, Alex Suarez, Victoria Asher, Nate Novarro, and David Schmitt for its entire run.

Saporta disbanded the group in 2015. It’s worth noting that the band had an extensive list of touring members in addition to the core lineup, as well as additional collaborators appearing on records.

That said, the core lineup of Cobra Starship can be considered to have had six members.

Is Grace Slick still touring?

At the moment, Grace Slick is not actively touring. Slick retired from touring after a national tour with Starship in 1989. She shortly returned to the stage in 1992 for a few shows with Jefferson Starship, but has not toured since then.

Grace Slick has been recording and performing periodically since her retirement from touring. She released a solo album, “Software”, in 1994, and has remained an active member ofJefferson Starship, who regularly perform at festivals and select one-off events.

Grace Slick continues to be involved with music and remains an icon of ‘60s rock. In recent years, she has performed with a number of different tribute bands, and while she no longer tours, her music lives on to be remembered and enjoyed.

Is Jefferson Starship still performing?

Yes, Jefferson Starship is still performing. The current lineup includes founding members David Freiberg and Paul Kantner, who are both now in their seventies. They are joined by other long-time members of the band, including Donny Baldwin, Donny Baldwin III, Chris Smith, and Jude Gold.

The touring band also includes more recent members Craig Chaquico, Cathy Richardson, Chris Lowe, and Prairie Prince, and often feature John McFee as a special guest performer.

Jefferson Starship continues to be active and perform in concert, often performing a mix of classic hits and newly written material. They have toured regularly, recently completing a West Coast tour in November 2014 and again in early 2019.

The band is currently writing new music and looks forward to getting back on the road in 2020.

Is Grace Slick currently married?

No, Grace Slick is not currently married. She was married twice but has been single since her last divorce in 1994. Her first marriage was to Jerry Slick in 1961 and they had two children, China Kantner and Gareth Jefferson Kraft Slick.

Her second marriage was to Skip Johnson in 1975 and she had one daughter with him, Tamara Melon Slick. Grace Slick is still very active in the music industry and at 78 years old remains a powerful and vibrant presence in the music world.