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Who is Stephanie Serna husband?

Stephanie Serna is married to her husband, Shawn Serna. The happy couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in Miami, Florida in December 2018. They first met in Las Vegas in 2011 and went on to have a whirlwind romance.

After getting engaged in February 2017, they finally decided to make it official and get married. The two share a deep bond and are very supportive of each other. They often enjoy outdoor adventures, such as traveling and exploring new places together.

In addition, they love to share their fitness journey together and motivate each other to stay in shape. Stephanie and Shawn’s strong relationship is an inspiration to many and they are very much in love.

Who are the hosts of San Antonio Live?

The hosts of San Antonio Live are Jeff Johnson and LaFonda McDonald. Jeff Johnson is a television veteran and veteran radio personality with over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. He is a five-time San Antonio Press Club award-winner and has twice been named Texas Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Transmitter Technician of the Year.

He is co-founder of Festival Genre, a local film and television production company, and is a fully trained mediator.

LaFonda McDonald is a San Antonio-based broadcast professional and former television news anchor. She is a 6-time San Antonio Press Club Award winner, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Texas San Antonio.

LaFonda started her broadcasting career in Corpus Christi, working as an executive producer. Eventually she transitioned to the anchor desk and newsroom.

Together, Jeff and LaFonda have combined their broadcasting experience to bring their viewers the best of San Antonio news and entertainment on San Antonio Live.

Who is Fiona Gorostiza?

Fiona Gorostiza is a Filipina graphic designer and artist, widely known for her vibrant and eye-catching designs. She is the founder of the creative and design studio ‘Studio Ferocious’, where she unleashes her creative power and passion into every project.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Art Management from the University of the Philippines, she has a strong foundation for her design and artistry. She is also highly experienced in branding, identity, packaging and editorial design.

Fiona is driven by her passion for creating meaningful visuals, believing that designs should exist to amplify brands and create emotion. She works closely with clients to develop concepts, visual stories and designs that resonate emotionally and ignite impact.

Fiona has been featured in national news and international publications such as Forbes, Dezeen, Eyemagazine, and much more. She has also worked with top brands like Uniqlo, Samsung, and Prada. Her work has been recognised as some of the best in art, culture and design.

Fiona’s goal is to continue creating visual stories that will leave a lasting impression and make this world a better place.

Who hosts SA Live?

SA Live is a live talk show and lifestyle program that airs weekdays on the San Antonio CBS affiliate, KENS 5. It is hosted by the show’s founding hosts, Garrett Brnger and Sarah Acosta. Brnger is a five-time Emmy Award winning broadcaster who has been a part of the SA Live team since its start.

Acosta is an Emmy Award winning journalist with decades of broadcast news experience. She joined the SA Live team in 2017 and has since brought her infectious enthusiasm and style to the program. The show covers a wide range of topics from entertainment to lifestyle to community affairs and regular guests, including well-known chefs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

The show also showcases KENS 5 exclusive investigative reporting and San Antonio’s most talked about companies and organizations.

Where is Steve Spriester from?

Steve Spriester is from New Jersey in the United States of America. He was born in Paterson and spent most of his childhood growing up in Montclair. He was educated at Rutgers University in New Jersey and graduated in 2010 with a degree in Journalism.

After working as a freelance writer for a number of local newspapers, he started his own blog in 2012. Since then he has built up a successful online presence, writing on topics such as music, film, and culture.

He currently lives in New Jersey and works as a freelance writer and blogger.

Who are KSAT anchors?

KSAT anchors are the personalities who deliver the news on KSAT-12, the ABC affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. The anchors bring news, weather, and sports reports to viewers in South Texas, as well as other areas in the state.

The anchors include Ursula Pari, Mark Austin, Leslie Mouton, Steve Spriester, Leonel Mendez, and Shannon Murray. These journalists bring an array of expertise, experience, and backgrounds to the KSAT-12 news team, which ensures the most up-to-date and accurate information available to their viewers.

Pari has worked in television news since 1992, while Austin has more than 25 years of experience in the news industry. Spriester and Mouton both bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding on the political issues facing the people of South Texas.

Mendez is a native of South Texas and a bilingual broadcaster, providing valuable insight into the Hispanic communities throughout the region. And Murray focuses on education, health, and family-related stories.

Together, the KSAT anchors provide viewers across the Lone Star State with the most reliable news coverage in the area.

Who is leaving KSAT 12?

KSAT 12 has recently announced several departures, including multiple on-air personalities. Daytime anchor Mark Austin, who had been with the station since 2009, announced that he is leaving the station in May after 10 years with the San Antonio-based ABC affiliate.

Austin will be replaced by Myra Arthur, who is currently the news director of ABC affiliate KETK in Tyler, Texas. Daybreak anchor Leslie Bohl is also leaving the station, although her replacement has not yet been announced.

Additionally, meteorologist Kaiti Blake is leaving the station to join The Weather Channel. She will be replaced by veteran weather anchor, Brooks Garner, who currently serves as an anchor and meteorologist for the NBC affiliate in Houston.

While it’s always sad to say goodbye to beloved long-term team members, the arrival of new talent adds energy and excitement to the KSAT 12 newsroom.

Who is the new weather girl on KSAT?

The new weather girl on KSAT is Leslie Adami. She first joined the KSAT 12 News Team in February 2020, joining meteorologist Kaiti Blake and weather anchor Katie Vossler. Before coming to KSAT, Adami worked as an anchor and reporter at KWKT-TV in Waco, Texas.

She is originally from New York and has been passionate about the weather since she was a child. Her favorite forecast discussions include severe weather patterns, large winter storm systems, and tropical systems.

Adami is excited to join the KSAT team and looks forward to helping the local community stay informed about the weather.

Is Isis Romero leaving KSAT?

At this time, there is no confirmation that Isis Romero is leaving KSAT. Romero is the morning news co-anchor on KSAT and the news team for the station has remained the same since the start of 2020. In addition, Romero has not made any official announcements about plans to leave the station.

KSAT has also not issued any statements to this effect either.

While we cannot confirm that Romero is leaving KSAT, viewers can follow both Romero and KSAT on their respective social media accounts for the most up-to-date news regarding the anchor’s status. It is possible that any major changes in employment status would be announced via those accounts.

In the meantime, KSAT viewers can continue to enjoy watching Romero co-anchor the morning news.

Where is Tiffany Kenney?

Tiffany Kenney is an American journalist who currently works for WPLG Local 10 News in Miami, Florida. She joined the news network in 2019 and has since been reporting extensively on the local stories for the news channel.

Prior to her role at WPLG, Tiffany was a news anchor and reporter for WSVN 7 News from 2016 to 2019. She has also been a freelance reporter for FOX News Channel, NBC Owned Television Stations, and WPEC CBS 12.

Aside from her news career, Tiffany is also a professional voice actor and can be heard on several commercial radio programs. She is based in Miami and can often be found out and about reporting on different stories.

How much do KSAT news anchors make?

The exact amount that KSAT news anchors make is not publicly available. However, a news anchor’s salary can vary widely depending on their level of experience, the market they are in, and a number of other factors.

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for a news anchor at KSAT is $73,485 per year. This includes base salaries and bonuses paid out over the course of a year. As with any job, salary can range depending on experience and location.

For example, in San Antonio, a news anchor position may range from $44,500 to $83,500 depending on the individual. On the higher end, a news anchor in a major city may make up to $150,000 a year. Additionally, news anchors may receive additional income from book deals, appearances and other additional job duties.

Where is Ursula Pari now?

Ursula Pari is currently an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication at Florida International University. She was appointed to the position in 2020 after serving as a professor in the department since 2006.

She received her Ph. D. in Communication from the University of Southern California and holds numerous academic awards, including the Excellence in Teaching Award from the college of Communication, Architecture and the Arts at FIU.

Furthermore, she is an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the International Communication Association, and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Professionally, Dr. Pari is well-versed in topics related to communication, particularly in the areas of digital media, journalism and political communication.

Who is Sarah Acosta?

Sarah Acosta is an experienced reporter and anchor who works as the weekday morning news co-anchor at KENS 5, the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. She joined KENS 5 in May 2020 and loves telling stories that make an impact and keep viewers informed.

Acosta graduated from the University of Denver with a broadcast journalism degree before moving to Denton, Texas where she was an anchor and executive producer for NBC 5 for five years. While there, she won several awards for her work, including three Lone Star Emmys.

Prior to joining KENS 5, Acosta worked for NBC 5 in Dallas as the morning and noon anchor for almost three years. Before that, she was the morning anchor for NBC 5 in Miami-Fort Lauderdale for four years.

A passionate journalist and storyteller, Acosta is proud to serve San Antonio’s community and take viewers Inside Your World. Her goal is to make sure every person who turns on KENS 5 is informed and entertained.

She also takes the time to interact with the public and make sure people are informed through her Twitter and Instagram.

Where is Stephanie Jimenez now?

Stephanie Jimenez is currently a professional content strategist and data consultant in the Philadelphia area. She is the founder and president of SJ Strategic Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses create robust and effective content strategies.

She is also an independent contractor for some of the leading content production and marketing agencies in the Philadelphia region. She has worked on several content marketing, SEO, and analytics-related projects for a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, local small businesses, and non-profits.

Additionally, Stephanie is a freelance writer and editor and a contributing writer for several Philadelphia-area publications. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys learning new skills, trying out new recipes, and traveling.

Why did Denise Nakano leave NBC10?

Denise Nakano announced her departure from NBC10 on May 30th, 2020 in a social media post. In her post, she expressed that she left NBC10 to pursue a “dream opportunity. ” Although the details on that opportunity were not made public, she described it as a “unique and exciting role” and a big step in her career.

Denise had been a part of NBC10 since 2011 and played a major role in covering some of the Philadelphia area’s most essential stories. In her post, she thanked NBC10 colleagues and viewers who supported her through the years.

She expressed her gratitude and shared her hope that viewers will also support her moving forward.

Denise’s talent and dedication have been celebrated by many people in the industry and she will be truly missed at NBC10.