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Who is touring with Eric Church on the Gather Again Tour?

Eric Church is kicking-off his 2021 Gather Again Tour with a line-up of stellar support acts. Chris Stapleton, Willie Nelson & Family, Elle King, and Brother Osborne will join Eric Church on this historic tour.

Chris Stapleton is a multi-Platinum singer, songwriter, and guitar slinger known for his Southern-tinged tracks. He has previously toured with Eric Church and released the popular collaboration on “The Outsiders.


Willie Nelson & Family are Country Music royalty with a history of legendary music dating back over 50 years. With hits like “Hello Walls” and Grammy-winning collaborations with Outlaw Country contemporaries like Waylon Jennings, the group is sure to bring some classic sounds to the stage.

Elle King, already a veteran in the rock & Roll industry, is a multi-talented songstress, guitarist, and actress. She has achieved success with her own albums as well as with such talents as Dierks Bentley and Train.

And Brother Osborne, made up of brothers T. J. and John, have found success with their traditional country style. They have won an Academy of Country Music award, collaborated with Lucinda Williams, and performed on Saturday Night Live.

Combined, these four acts bring a truly unique and dynamic lineup to Eric Church’s 2021 Gather Again Tour.

Does Eric Church have an opening act?

Yes, Eric Church typically has an opening act. Most recently, Eric Church had an opening act on his Double Down Tour in 2019-2020. The opening act was Country artist Ashley McBryde. In the past, Eric Church has had other opening acts including Brothers Osborne and the Jerry Douglas Band.

Eric has also had special guest appearances including Hank Williams Jr. , Randy Houser, and Lee Brice. Most recently, Eric opened for George Strait on the 2019 Strait to Vegas shows at the T-Mobile Arena.

Who is the woman on tour with Eric Church?

The woman on tour with Eric Church is Joanna Cotten, a Nashville-based singer and songwriter. She’s been writing and performing with Eric Church since 2019, when she joined him on his Double Down Tour.

Cotten is best known for her blend of soulful pop and country, a style that has won her acclaim from both country and mainstream fans. Her soulful style is featured in Church’s recent albums, including his 2020 release Heart & Soul.

She’s also been featured in some of Church’s live performances, and she often provides backing vocals during his sets. She’s also collaborated with the likes of Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, and Brothers Osborne.

Beyond her work with Church, she’s also released a few solo singles, including “Come On in,” and she’s currently working on her debut album. Cotten’s style and energy has added a layer of texture and depth to Church’s live show—and her contributions have no doubt added an extra spark to his concerts.

Why is Joanna Cotten leaving?

Joanna Cotten is leaving to pursue a new opportunity. She has been offered a very compelling opportunity to take on a leadership role in another organization and has decided to take the chance to advance her career.

This new venture requires her to move to a different city, so she thought long and hard about the decision, but in the end, decided to accept. Joanna has worked hard to get to where she is now, and is looking forward to the challenge of this new endeavor.

This decision was not made lightly and she will miss the people she has worked with, as well as the organization she has been with for many years. She is sure that this new opportunity will be a great experience and will grow both personally and professionally.

Does Morgan Wallen have an opener?

Yes, Morgan Wallen does have an opener for shows on his tour. His opener for the 2020 “If I Know Me Tour” is Travis Denning. As a rising country star with a long list of hits, Denning has been a great addition to Wallen’s show.

He is able to captivate the audience with upbeat and up-tempo songs. Denning often plays a mix of his original songs, along with covers of some country greats. During his sets, Denning will typically jump into the crowd and grab a few lucky audience members and pull them up on stage to join him in fun and rowdy vocals.

His energy and enthusiasm is contagious, making it impossible for the audience not to sing and dance along.

Is George Strait touring with Eric Church?

No, George Strait and Eric Church are not currently touring together. However, they have collaborated and performed together on-stage at their respective concerts. In 2019, Strait and Church performed Strait’s “Cowboys Like Us” as a duet at Strait’s concert in Arlington, Texas.

They have also performed together at the 2013 Country Music Association Awards. Outside of performing together, however, the two country stars have not toured together.

How was Ashley McBryde discovered?

Ashley McBryde was discovered in a roundabout way. In 2008, she was performing at Tootsie’s in Nashville and a member of Trace Adkins’ band, Les Lovoy, was in the audience. Impressed with her performance, Lovoy asked her to open some shows for Adkins.

After that, he passed her music along to executives at Arista Nashville and McBryde eventually signed a record deal.

While she already had a small cult following from her music, her career didn’t truly take off until 2018 when her single “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” was released—which became a Top 10 hit on the country music charts.

Prior to that, Ashley McBryde played numerous live shows in her home country and surrounding states, but it was the Adkins connection and Lovoy’s enthusiasm for her music that helped launch her into the mainstream music scene.

Who is Kameron Marlowe touring with?

Kameron Marlowe is currently touring with the popular country music artist, Ryan Hurd. The two will be performing select shows together in 2020 as part of Ryan Hurd’s “Platonic” tour. This includes stops in smaller towns such as Kalamazoo, Michigan; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Jackson, Mississippi.

Kameron Marlowe has opened for Ryan Hurd on some dates of the tour. They also perform a few duets while they are on stage together.

The Platonic tour is focused on highlighting the chemistry between Ryan Hurd and Kameron Marlowe. They use the tour to talk about their long-time friendship and unique collaboration. Their chemistry has made them one of the most exciting country music acts of 2020.

Anyone interested in seeing the duo in action can check out the remaining tour dates for the Platonic tour. Kameron Marlowe and Ryan Hurd will be continuing the tour into Fall 2020, so fans have plenty of dates to choose from.

Is Morgan Wallen opening for Eric?

No, Morgan Wallen is not opening for Eric. Eric’s current tour does not feature any opening acts. Instead, he will be playing a full set of songs during the tour. Thus, Morgan Wallen will not be opening for Eric.

Did Morgan Wallen play with Eric Church?

No, Morgan Wallen did not play with Eric Church. Wallen is a relative newcomer to country music, having started his career in 2014. His chart success began in 2020 with the single “Don’t Leave” climbing the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

This success has culminated in his debut album If I Know Me, proving a critical and commercial success.

In contrast, Eric Church is a well established performer. He is a powerhouse in country music and has been active since 2006. Church has gained a large and dedicated following thanks to his array of hit singles, including “Drink in My Hand” and “Desperate Man”.

He has been featured in collaborations with Shania Twain, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, but Morgan Wallen was not one of these artists.

What songs did Eric Church wrote for Morgan Wallen?

Eric Church wrote two songs for Morgan Wallen: “Whiskey Glasses” and “Chasin’ You.”

“Whiskey Glasses” was released in April 2019 as the second single from Wallen’s debut studio album If I Know Me. The song was written by Church along with Marsh, Ryan Vojtesak, and Ben Goldsmith. The song achieved a degree of success and success, peaking at number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart and number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

“Chasin’ You” was also written by Church, Marsh, Vojtesak, and Goldsmith and released as a single in October 2019. The song became Wallen’s third number one hit on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, and peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his third top 20 hit on that chart.

The song is a tender ballad about the pursuit of love despite the odds and has since become one of Wallen’s most beloved singles.

Does Morgan Wallen have anything to do with his kid?

Yes, Morgan Wallen has a lot to do with his child. He is a proud father who takes an active role in his son’s life. He has spoken publicly about the importance of making the time to connect with him and has even taken him out on tour with him.

Wallen has shared pictures of the two of them together and has talked about his son’s growth and development in interviews. He is passionate about being a great father and loves spending quality time with his son.

Who is Eric Church to Luke Combs?

Eric Church and Luke Combs are both country music stars. Church is an internationally renowned singer and songwriter who has released seven studio albums and sold millions of records. His signature sound has been called “A blend of old-school Country and Southern rock-infused with outlaw spirit” and his body of work has earned him numerous award nominations and wins, including two Grammy Awards, two CMT Music Awards, two ACM Awards, and Billboard’s Touring Artist of the Year Award.

Currently, Church is touring the world and performing at major festivals and venues.

Luke Combs is a rising star in the country music world, having released four full-length albums within the last five years. Packing stadiums, Combs is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Although he has not yet been acknowledged by the industry with significant awards, his albums have earned him wide critical praise, especially his most recent release.

Eric Church and Luke Combs have a similar sound and share several up-tempo and heartfelt songs. Although they do not collaborate often, there are several concerts where both have performed together, and in 2017, Eric Church even invited a surprise guest, Luke Combs, to join him onstage to perform a duet at the Annual ACM Awards show.

Their mutual respect and admiration for one another is evident, as they have been known to exchange kind words in interviews and on social media, with Church recently dubbing Combs the “it guy” in country music.

How long does an Eric Church concert last?

An Eric Church concert typically lasts for about 2 hours and includes 18 to 20 songs. However, the length of the concert may vary depending on the venue and if there are any special guests. Additionally, the length of the concert could also be affected by the format of the show – such as if it ends in an acoustic or electric set.

In general, an Eric Church concert is one of the most intense and emotionally charged concerts you can attend!.

Is Chris Stapleton opening for George Strait?

No, Chris Stapleton is not opening for George Strait at this time. Strait recently announced that Jamey Johnson and Cody Johnson will be the co-headlining acts for his 2020 tour. While this might be disappointing to fans of both Stapleton and Strait, hopefully the two will be able to share a stage at some point in the future.