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Who owns CEFCO truck stops?

CEFCO truck stops are owned by Cross Oil Refining and Marketing, Inc. , a Texas-based provider of fuel and related convenience items. Founded in Oxford, Mississippi in 1969, the company has since grown to serve customers from over 160 locations across 10 states.

CEFCO offers customers a variety of convenience items. Customers can purchase drinks, snacks, and food at the location’s stores, as well as bulk fuel, lubricants, and car washes. The company also offers non-fuel related services such as ATMs, Western Union money transfers, and tire repair services.

CEFCO also allows customers to pay for goods and services by using a loyalty card or by making a cash purchase.

Who owns Fikes Wholesale Inc?

Fikes Wholesale Inc. is a premier grocery wholesaler and retailer in the South and mid-South regions, owned and operated by the Fikes Family since 1938. Headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the Fikes Family owns and operates over 200 stores in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The Fikes Family business was founded by Noble E. Fikes, Sr. in 1938. Today, Noble’s 3 sons, John, Noble, Jr. and Robert, co-own and manage Fikes Wholesale Inc. with their sons, nephews, and grandsons.

The Fikes Family is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, quality grocery products and leading brands within the industry. Their commitment to superior customer service and industry expertise has earned the Fikes family the respect and loyalty of their customers in the grocery industry.

How many locations does CEFCO have?

CEFCO currently operates over 330 convenience store locations throughout the Southern United States. The states where CEFCO stores can be found include Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Additionally, customers can also purchase CEFCO products from over 200 Travel Stops and select Grocery Stores in the same states. As of 2020, CEFCO is the 8th largest convenience store chain in the US and it’s continuing to grow.

With over 10 years of growth, their store count has increased by 300%.

When was CEFCO founded?

CEFCO was founded in 2001 by CEO Jeff Schmidt and CFO Joe Miller. It initially grew out of the merger between two convenience store chains located in East Texas, that were owned and operated by two families – the Schmidt’s and the Miller’s.

CEFCO became the largest dealer-owned convenience store chain in the United States, and now operates more than 315 stores across Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

CEFCO strives to make people’s lives easier with convenient, friendly, and full-service locations.

Is CEFCO a Texas thing?

CEFCO is a convenience store chain that can be found in several states across the southern United States, including Texas. The company has over 230 locations in Texas, making it one of the largest convenience store chains in the state.

CEFCO stores typically offer a full range of products and services, from fill-in-the-blank food and beverages to fuel to convenience items, as well as many other services, such as car washes and ATM machines.

Many of CEFCO’s locations can be found in rural communities throughout Texas, making them a staple in many Texas towns.

What company owns CEFCO?

CEFCO Convenience Stores is owned by the Sheridan/Gates Family of Companies, a Texas-based conglomerate with businesses in multiple industries including petroleum, convenience stores, real estate, banking and more.

The family founded their first convenience store operating as CEFCO in 1965 in Abilene, TX. The company grew over the years, and in 1983 expanded to include the first branded CEFCO convenience store.

In 1993, the company became CEFCO Convenience Stores, LLC and is now the largest family-owned convenience store chain in the Southwestern United States with over 400 stores in 8 states. The business has grown to include more than 5,000 employees and annual sales of over $3 billion dollars.

The Sheridan/Gates Family of Companies is committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality products in its CEFCO convenience stores.

How many Cefcos are in Texas?

At this time, there are 10 Cefco convenience stores located throughout Texas. The stores are located in Allen, Arlington, Center, Diboll, Eastland, McAllen, Mexia, Missouri City, Nacogdoches, and San Antonio.

These locations offer a variety of convenience items such as snacks, beverages, fuel, ATM, and even car washes. Cefco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. , a global leader in convenience retailing based in Canada.

What are top tier gas stations?

Top tier gas stations refer to gasoline retailers that meet higher-quality standards than the industry average. These gas stations typically offer fuel which has been produced and processed according to stringent and precise standards.

The fuel must meet certain octane levels, and have exact blends of certain chemical additives to ensure the highest quality of motor oil and other additives. Additionally, top tier gas stations must adhere to the standards set forth by nationally recognized automotive organizations.

Some of the most prominent top tier gas stations include BP, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, ARCO and Sunoco. Each of these companies met standards of higher octane levels, precise chemical blends, and various other as mentioned above.

Many of these gas stations work with independent labs tasked to continuously validate their fuel for quality and consistency. This means that the gasoline you buy from a top tier gas station will help keep your car from breaking down and finally, get you the most miles when you use it.

Who owns refuel gas stations?

Refuel gas stations are owned by a variety of companies and organizations, depending on the location of the gas station. In the United States, some of the major gas station owners include Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, and Valero, among others.

In the United Kingdom, Tesco, BP, Total, and E-Smile are all major gas station owners. In Canada, Imperial Oil, Canadian Tire, and Petro-Canada are some of the major gas station owners. There are also smaller, independent gas station owners in each country, as well as regional and local level owners.

Additionally, some gas stations may be owned by specific franchised brands, such as 7-Eleven, who operate their own fueling stations.

Do CEFCO points expire?

Yes, CEFCO points do expire. Each CEFCO location has their own policy with regards to point expiration. Generally, points accrued from purchasing items at CEFCO will expire after 12 months from the date of purchase.

In general, pending points that are not yet added to your account due to verification of purchase or other reasons will expire after 30 days. You should contact your local CEFCO store for the exact terms of their point expiration policy and to check the expiration date of your points.

Does CEFCO have a gas card?

Yes, CEFCO offers a gas card that you can use to make filling-up at its gas pumps easier. The CEFCO gas card is an open loop MasterCard, so you can use it not only to fill up at CEFCO, but you can use it anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

* With the card, you can save up to 10 cents per gallon when you fill up at any participating CEFCO gas station, plus earn rewards and take advantage of special discounts. The CEFCO gas card is an easy and convenient way to pay for all of your CEFCO gas purchases.

To apply for the card, visit any participating CEFCO location, or contact your local store for more information.

What is a CEFCO Card?

A CEFCO Card is a prepaid card that can be used to make purchases at CEFCO locations throughout the United States. The card is fully reloadable and offers a range of benefits including convenient and secure access to funds, no overdraft fees, and the ability to make purchases without carrying cash.

Cardholders are also able to earn rewards and discounts for using their CEFCO Card. With the card, cardholders can also withdraw money from ATMs and pay bills electronically. CEFCO also offers financial education resources to help its customers with financial decision-making.

The card is accepted wherever Visa debit is accepted, giving cardholders a convenient way to shop both in store and online.

Do gas cards exist?

Yes, gas cards do exist. A gas card is essentially a type of gift card or prepaid card that can be used to buy fuel at participating gas stations. Some gas cards offer points and rewards when you use them to pay for gasoline, and some are also linked to payment networks like Visa or Mastercard, which means you can use them for other kinds of purchases as well.

Gas cards usually come with various features and benefits, so it’s important to read the fine print before purchasing one. Some allow you to set up automatic payments, while others provide purchase tracking and fraud protection.

Gas cards are an excellent way to save money on fuel expenses while maintaining flexibility and convenience.

What is the easiest gas card to get?

The easiest gas card to get is likely going to depend on your individual financial situation. There are a variety of gas cards on the market, each with their own criteria for eligibility.

If you have excellent credit, you may be able to get one of the more prestigious gas cards, such as the ExxonMobil SmartCard, which offers rewards such as discounts at Exxon and Mobil stations, roadside assistance, and more.

These cards typically require a high credit score or a checked credit history.

If you are someone who may not qualify for some of the higher-end gas cards, there are still several options available. Cards like the Chevron Visa Prepaid Card and Walmart Fuel Card require only minimal background checks and offer rewards specific to gas purchases.

Some cards may even offer bonus rewards for other items, such as groceries or services. These typically come with higher fees and interest rates, so be sure to read the fine print before applying.

Gas cards, however, are not the only way to save money on fuel. You can also look into cash-back rewards credit cards, loyalty programs, and discounts. Doing a bit of research to figure out which one works best for you can help you save even more on gas.

How do you get gas cards?

Gas cards can be obtained from a variety of places including convenience stores, retail stores, gas stations, and banks. Depending on the type of card, there may be fees associated with obtaining and/or using the card.

Additionally, you may be required to have a credit score minimum and/or sign an agreement with the issuer providing you with the card.

Cards offered at retail stores, banks, and gas stations typically require signing up for an account with the issuer. When signing up for a gas card, be sure to fully understand the terms of the card and the expiration date.

Additionally, you may be asked to provide identification, such as a driver’s license number.

The most common gas cards are credit cards that can be used at any gas station. These cards will typically have associated benefits, such as cash back or other rewards, and convenience. Additionally, you may be able to pay your gas purchases online or over the phone.

Online, you can find a variety of gas cards offered by third-party companies that can be used at a variety of stores. These cards often have lower fees and more flexible rewards than credit cards. Additionally, there are prepaid cards that are loaded with a set amount of money and can be used for purchasing gasoline.

You may also be able to get free gas cards from certain companies or through special promotions. Check your local gas station, bank, or retail store for any special offers or discounts that may be available.