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Who plays Miss July in Under Siege?

Miss July in Under Siege is played by Jacqueline Obradors. Obradors is an American actress who was born in 1966 in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for her roles in films such as Under Siege (1992), The Replacements (2000), DAG (2000), and 6 Days, 7 Nights (1998).

Obradors has made a career out of playing strong female characters in many films and television shows. In Under Siege, she plays the part of Miss July, who is a waitress on the USS Missouri, a naval battleship taken over by a group of rogue military personnel led by the villainous rogue navy SEAL, played by Steven Seagal.

Miss July aids Seagal’s character in his mission to gain control of the ship. Obradors’ performance in Under Siege has helped her to become one of the most recognizable and versatile actresses in Hollywood, with a career spanning several decades.

Who is the female actress in Under Siege?

The female actress in Under Siege is Erika Eleniak. She is an American model, actress, and Playboy Playmate who had her breakthrough role as Shauni McClain on the television series Baywatch from 1989–1992.

She was then cast in the 1992 film Under Siege which was her first featured movie role, playing the role of Jordan Tate, a playboy cover girl and love interest to the character played by Steven Seagal.

Eleniak has since appeared in several movies, including Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Chasers, Bordello of Blood, and Eve of Destruction.

Who plays the girl Elliott kisses in ET?

The character Elliott kisses in the movie E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial is played by actress Drew Barrymore. Drew Barrymore was just seven years old when she starred in the movie, which is her breakout role.

She portrays the character of Gertie, the young sister of Elliott and the daughter of Mary.

The kiss scene in the movie is a very iconic one. Gertie has befriended E. T. , and their friendship deepens to the point that she leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Elliott, who is just learning to understand and develop his own emotions, is moved and inspired by Gertie’s bravery and love for E.

T. , and the two of them share a genuine and heartfelt moment together.

Is Erika Eleniak married?

No, Erika Eleniak is not married. According to her IMDb page, she has been in a relationship with fashion photographer Dario Altamura since 2012. Before that, she was married to Phillip Goglia from 1995 to 1997 and from 1998 to 2004, she was married to actor Shaun Nau.

Eleniak has two daughters from her previous relationships.

How tall is Billy Warlock?

Billy Warlock is 5 ft 8 in tall. He was born on March 26, 1961, in Gardena, California, United States. According to the sources, his height measures 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm. He is a well-known American actor, who is best known for his role in Baywatch (1989-90), where he portrayed the character of Eddie Kramer.

He also made his presence felt in other famous television series such as CSI: Miami (2002-03) and Charmed (2003).

Does Erika Eleniak have a unibrow?

No, Erika Eleniak does not have a unibrow. The former Baywatch star has never been seen with a unibrow and doesn’t appear to have ever had one. Erika has been famous for many years and has appeared in films and on television, so if she did have a unibrow, it would have been noticed and talked about.

In addition, photos of her reveal that she has two separate eyebrows with a clearly visible separation between them.

Did Billy Warlock and Erika Eleniak date?

Yes, Billy Warlock and Erika Eleniak dated for a period of time. The couple met on the set of the television show Baywatch, where Warlock played the character of Eddie Kramer, and Eleniak was starring as Shauni McClain.

The couple began dating in 1991, and had a relationship lasting three and a half years. Eleniak described the time she dated Warlock as a “very lovely couple of years”. They officially separated in 1994, and Eleniak cited Warlock’s focus on his career as a major factor in the separation.

Despite the split, both parties remain on good terms and continue to hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

Where is Yasmine Bleeth now?

Yasmine Bleeth is now retired from acting and living a quiet life out of the spotlight. Since 2002, she and her husband, Paul Cerrito, have lived in Arizona and have a son named Cal. Bleeth and Cerrito are avid animal lovers and works with canine rescue and adoption organizations.

She and her husband are supporters of Senior Dog Survivors and often volunteer their time to help people’s families find the perfect pet. Bleeth has been a part of the American Saddlebred horse shows since 2002 and in 2010, she was inducted into their hall of fame.

She and her husband are also involved in a variety of philanthropic projects in each of the communities they live in Arizona.

Why did Nicole Eggert leave Baywatch?

Nicole Eggert left Baywatch in 1992 after four seasons on the show. Eggert reportedly left due to wanting a bigger salary, disagreeing with the direction the show was taking, and wanting to branch out into other acting opportunities.

Additionally, it was reported that she wanted to take some time away from the limelight in order to focus more on her personal life.

In 2010, Eggert talked to Ryan Seacrest about her time on Baywatch, discussing how she thought the show was being marketed in a negative way and that she disagreed with it and the direction the show was taking.

She said she wanted to branch out and do other acting roles and that, in hindsight, she made the right decision to leave.

Where is Erika from Baywatch now?

Erika Eleniak, who was popularly known for her role as Shauni McClain in the TV show ‘Baywatch’, is now living and working in Alberta, Canada. After ‘Baywatch’, Eleniak continued to a have successful acting career, appearing in numerous other television shows, movies, and appearances.

She currently stars in the television series ‘A Commander in Chief’ and has had roles in movies such as ‘Encounter with Danger’, ‘Detention of the Dead’, and ‘The Tunnel’. Eleniak has also been featured in episodes of television series such as ‘CSI’, ‘Supervisor’, and ‘Family Guy’.

Furthermore, she also starred in several music videos by artists like Backstreet Boys, Prince, and Carly Freywood. Eleniak is an advocate for animal rights, and often takes part in public awareness initiatives related to the cause.

Recently, she was seen campaigning for ‘Extinction Rebellion’, a youth movement that is demanding that all governments take immediate action against climate change.

How tall is Erika Baywatch?

Erika Baywatch’s exact height is not known, but according to IMDb, she is listed as 5’6. Erika’s height is average, though her good genes, rigorous physical activity, and strict diet contribute to her fabulous physique and vibrant appearance.

Fans know Erika Baywatch to be the perfect representation of beauty and strength.

What episode of Baywatch do Eddie and Shauni get married?

The episode of Baywatch in which Eddie and Shauni get married is the Season 8 finale, “Til Death Do Us Part”. In this episode, Eddie (David Hasselhoff) proposes to Shauni (Erika Eleniak), and they plan a beach wedding without any of their friends and family.

The night before the big day, Eddie is filled with doubts. The wedding goes ahead, however, and after a few comical slip ups (and some assistance from their beach buddies), the two of them are officially married.

They agree to try and make it work, both personally and professionally, and look forward to a new beginning together.

Who did Billy Warlock marry?

Billy Warlock married his long-time girlfriend and former General Hospital co-star Vanessa Marcil in 1992, but the couple divorced shortly after in 1993. He went on to marry current wife, Linda Baron, in August 1994.

They have two daughters together, Dominique (born August 2002) and Catalina (born April 2006). Warlock is also the stepfather to Vanessa Marcil’s son, Kassius, who was born in 2002.

Is Billy Warlock still married?

No, Billy Warlock is not currently married. He was previously married to actress and model Sydney Price from 2001 to 2006. He also dated Tawny Fere from 2007 to 2013 and had a relationship with actress Tara Reid in 2017.

He is currently single but his current relationship status is unknown.

What is Billy’s full name?

Billy’s full name is Billy David Smith. He was named after his grandfather’s middle name, which he was inspired by and chose to honor him. His first name was his father’s choice, while the middle name was his mother’s choice.