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Who won million in North Carolina?

In 2019, William Thompson from Shallote, North Carolina, was the lucky winner of a $1 million prize in the North Carolina Education Lottery. Thompson won the prize by correctly scratching off a “Set for Life” ticket, which gives him 20 payments of $50,000 spread out over 20 years.

Thompson said he was “stunned” after he realized he won the prize. He had been shopping at a convenience store when he saw the lottery ticket and decided to purchase it as a “lucky” gesture. Little did he know how lucky he actually was! Thompson plans to use the money to pay off debts, buy a car, and help his family with medical expenses.

He also plans to play the lottery again and hopes to win more prizes in the future.

Where was the million dollar Powerball ticket sold in North Carolina?

The million dollar Powerball ticket was sold in NC in March 2019 at Speedee Mart # 53, located at 1518 WestInn Plaza Road in Albemarle. The winning numbers were 10, 13, 20, 22, 32, and the Powerball number was 2.

A North Carolina resident who elected to remain anonymous purchased the winning ticket, and the prize was confirmed the day after the draw. Speedee Mart #53 will receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

This was the third Powerball jackpot winner from North Carolina since January 2018 and the ninth Powerball prize of $1 million or more to be won in the state since the game was introduced in 2006.

Did anybody win the lottery in North Carolina?

Yes, someone did win the lottery in North Carolina. The jackpot for the North Carolina Education Lottery was won by an individual in the state in June 2020. The lucky ticket holder from Benetta County won the Mega Millions draw and took home the entire $326 million jackpot.

The winner chose to remain anonymous but North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper did confirm the prize was claimed. This marked the record-breaking eleventh jackpot claimed in North Carolina since the lottery was established in 2006.

The prize was the fifth largest Mega Millions jackpot in U. S. history and the sixth largest lottery jackpot won in the country.

Did anyone win NC Mega Millions?

Yes, on Friday, December 11, 2020, the North Carolina Mega Millions lottery announced that one ticket sold at a convenience store in Robbinsville, North Carolina, matched all six numbers in the Mega Millions drawing on December 8.

The winning numbers were 28, 36, 41, 59, 62, and Mega Ball 14. The lucky ticket holder will receive a $1 million prize.

Where was the Mega Million ticket sold?

The Mega Millions ticket for the record-breaking $1. 537 billion jackpot was sold in South Carolina. The winning ticket was purchased at KC Mart #7 in Simpsonville, SC, which is located about 15 minutes from downtown Greenville.

The winner has up to 180 days to come forward and claim their prize, which they can do anonymously due to the state’s lottery laws. The winning numbers – 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and the Mega Ball, 5 – were announced to the public on October 24, 2018.

Who won the recent Mega Millions jackpot?

The latest Mega Millions jackpot was won on Friday, May 14 2021. The winning numbers were 26, 28, 39, 59, and 70, with a Mega Ball of 11. The estimated jackpot for the drawing was $530 million, making it the third-largest in Mega Millions history.

The lucky winners, known only as “X,” split the jackpot equally and will each receive $265 million before taxes.

The winners purchased their tickets at two different convenience stores in Maryland: the Lighthouse Point Exxon in Baltimore and the McCormick Market in Somerset County. As of the date of this answer, neither winner has revealed their identity.

However, the two stores will receive a combined total of $10,000 in commission for selling the winning tickets.

What state has won Mega Millions the most?

The state with the most Mega Millions wins is California, with 28 jackpot winners since the game began in 2002. California also has the highest number of winners overall, with over 800 players winning prizes ranging from $2 to the jackpot.

Other states with high numbers of winners include Florida (15 Jackpot winners and over 300 overall winners), New York (13 Jackpot winners and over 450 total winners), Texas (10 Jackpot winners and over 250 total winners), and Pennsylvania (9 Jackpot winners and over 220 total winners).

Aside from these top five states, other states that have won the Mega Millions jackpot at least once include North Carolina, New Jersey, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Massachusetts, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri, Arizona, Connecticut, and Colorado.

Who won the billion dollar lottery in California?

The 2020 California Mega Millions lottery awarded the largest single ticket prize in North American lottery history on Tuesday, November 17th – a whopping $1. 537 billion. The winning numbers on the ticket were 20, 26, 32, 38, 58, and theMegaball was 3.

The ticket was sold at Ernie’s Liquor in South Los Angeles, California.

The identity of the yet-to-be-identified winner is a closely guarded secret, and it is still unclear if it was a group of people or one lucky individual. The lottery officials also said that California is guaranteed to get back nearly $351 million from this jackpot alone.

California law requires that major jackpots are paid out to the winner or winners on a 3-5 year installment plan, if the winner opts in, so the winner is likely to receive their winnings in increments across the next few years.

Did anybody win the California Lottery last night?

Yes, somebody did win the California Lottery last night! The winning numbers were 8, 25, 28, 34, 38, and the Mega number was 7. The winning ticket was sold at Kim’s Liquor on Kearny in San Francisco.

According to California Lottery’s Mega Millions website, the ticket was a match 5 winner, which means that whoever purchased it won a prize of $95,326. Congrats to the lucky winner!.

Has anyone in California won Powerball?

Yes, several people in California have won the Powerball lottery. The most recent was Mae and Marvin Acosta of Chino Hills who won $543 million in 2016. They are the biggest winners in the state so far.

There have been at least 19 other California residents who won between $2 million and $221 million since 2007, according to the California Lottery. On November 2, 2020, a lone ticket worth $22 million was sold in San Diego by a Proactive Gas & Go and was the second Powerball prize sold in California this year.

What is the easiest lottery to win in California?

The easiest lottery to win in California is the Daily Derby game. This is a daily draw game that has three-digit combinations ranging from 000 to 999. The goal is to match your horse’s exact three-digit number to the race’s identical three-digit number.

Players can win one of six prizes, ranging from $500 to the Jackpot which is worth up to $54,575. Odds of winning this game are 1 in 10,000, so your chances of winning the Daily Derby are much higher than the more traditional Cash5 and SuperLotto games.

Daily Derby also has an added bonus of winning the Jackpot even if you do not match the exact combinations of the drawn numbers – simply match the last two digits to win the Jackpot.

Which lottery has the highest chance of winning?

The lottery with the highest chance of winning depends on which type of lottery you are talking about. For example, in the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292.

2 million and 1 in 302. 5 million respectively. As a result, the odds of winning these multi-state lottery games are incredibly low.

On the other hand, the odds of winning a daily lottery game such as Pick 3 or Pick 4 are much better. Depending on the lottery game and the jurisdiction in which it is played, the odds of winning can range from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000.

In addition, scratch off tickets typically have an advertised chance of winning. For example, if the tickets indicate a 1 in 4. 23 chance of winning, then for every four tickets bought, you should have at least one winner.

Overall, the lottery with the lowest chance of winning is typically the large jackpot drawing-style games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. As for the lottery with the highest chance of winning, it could vary from game to game and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so it’s best to research the odds before playing.

How long does it take to get your money if you win the lottery in California?

The amount of time it takes to receive your winnings from the lottery in California will depend on the amount of money you’ve won. Winnings under $600 are printed out onsite where you purchased your ticket, and you will be given the ticket and received the money immediately.

If you won more than $600, then the California Lottery office will mail you a check and you should expect to receive your winnings within two to three weeks from the day you win. If you have won more than $599,999, then winnings may take more time to be delivered and you may have to file an income tax return to report these winnings to the IRS.

If you have won jackpot prizes exceeding $599,999, you will first meet with a Claims Representative at the California Lottery office to provide your identification and fill out claim forms. A prize claim can take around 4 to 6 weeks to process, after which you will either receive a single lump-sum payment or you may receive annuity payments over many years.

It’s important to note that you will have to take into consideration the number of days required for processing, as well as mailing time, when calculating how long it will take for you to receive winnings from the California Lottery.

Where was 50 million Lotto Max won last night?

Last night, 50 million dollars worth of prizes from the Lotto Max were won in Canada. According to the official Lotto Max website, the winning ticket was purchased in the Northwest Territories and matched all seven numbers, making them the lucky recipient of the largest-ever single Lotto Max jackpot.

The winning numbers were 16, 22, 25, 34, 35, 45, and 48. The jackpot was split between 11 other winning tickets, which were purchased in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec.

What city won the California Lottery?

The city of San Francisco won the California Lottery in 2020. In October 2020, the Bay Area won the entire lottery prize, making it the first city in the state to do so. The lottery prize includes various prizes, including $23.

4 million for public art projects and local small businesses. Additionally, the prize includes a $28 million donation to the California Arts Council and a $20 million donation to the California Cultural Endowment.

This will support California’s arts and culture initiatives, helping create jobs and stimulate the economy. The winnings will be distributed among those local businesses, charities, and organizations who applied to the California Lottery.

San Francisco is thrilled with the win, and will be able to put the money to great use.