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Who won Rockhold vs Bisping 3?

At UFC 199, Michael Bisping defeated Luke Rockhold by way of a first-round knockout. The two had previously fought for the middleweight title back in 2014, in which Rockhold had taken the victory by submission.

This time around, Bisping was determined to prove that he was the clear victor. After a brutal back-and-forth match-up that saw both fighters suffer a lot of damage, Bisping was able to deliver a devastating punch that caught Rockhold off-guard and sent him to the canvas.

The referee declared Bisping the winner, awarding him the middleweight title belt that he had been chasing for much of his career. With this win, Bisping became the first British fighter to claim a UFC championship, and one of the few fighters to have won a belt in multiple weight classes.

Who won Bisping vs Rockhold 2?

At UFC 199 on June 4, 2016, Michael Bisping won the fight against Luke Rockhold by KO in the first round. Bisping came out aggressive and landed a big punch which sent Rockhold to the canvas. Rockhold attempted a triangle choke from the bottom, but Bisping quickly escaped and followed up with strikes on the ground to secure the first-round KO victory.

This was Bisping’s first attempt at the UFC middleweight championship, and he became the first British fighter to ever win a UFC championship belt.

Did Bisping and Rockhold fight twice?

Yes, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold fought twice. The two first met inside the octagon at the UFC Fight Night in November of 2014. Bisping surprised the MMA world and was able to edge out a close split decision victory.

The two would rematch two years later at UFC 199 in June of 2016. This time Rockhold came out aggressive and was able to take out Bisping in round one with a stunning technical knockout. Bisping failed to land any significant strikes while Rockhold landed a series of heavy shots which ultimately led to the referee stopping the fight.

Did Bisping knockout Rockhold?

No, Bisping did not knock out Rockhold. The two fighters met in the octagon at UFC 199 in Inglewood, California on June 4, 2016. The fight went the full five-rounds with Bisping winning via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46).

Bisping pressed the action the whole fight, while Rockhold tried to keep the fight standing and counter Bisping’s punches. Ultimately, though, Bisping’s aggression was rewarded with the judges’ scores.

This fight marked the only time that Bisping and Rockhold have faced off, although there have been many verbal sparring sessions leading up to their bout.

What rank was Bisping when he fought Rockhold?

Michael Bisping was the #7 ranked middleweight in the UFC when he faced Luke Rockhold in June 2016. He was ranked several spots behind Rockhold, who was the #3 ranked middleweight at the time. This was a bit of a surprise to fans, as Bisping was only 4-5 in his last 9 fights coming into the bout.

Nevertheless, thanks to his heroic effort, Bisping pulled off the upset and became the UFC middleweight champion. Rockhold was one of the top contenders in the division at the time, and it was a highly anticipated bout with a lot on the line.

Ultimately, it was Bisping who walked away with the title after a stunning first-round knockout.

How many times did Michael Bisping fight Luke Rockhold?

Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have fought each other twice. The first fight happened on November 8th, 2014 in Sydney, Australia and Michael Bisping won via a unanimous decision. The second fight happened at UFC 199, on June 4th, 2016 in Inglewood, California and Luke Rockhold won via technical knockout in the second round.

Who defeated Bisping?

The man who defeated Michael Bisping (18-7 in his MMA career) was the current UFC Middleweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre. On November 4, 2017, the two faced off in the UFC 217 main event at Madison Square Garden in New York.

St-Pierre was able to outpoint Bisping to win the UFC Middleweight Championship by submission in the third round.

It took St-Pierre almost four years to decisively win back his UFC Middleweight Championship. After dropping the UFc Welterweight title in 2013 and going on an extended hiatus from the sport, St-Pierre returned at UFC 217 to face Bisping.

While it was a close fight, St-Pierre was able to utilize his wrestling and clinch work to outpoint a resilient Bisping and win the belt by submission in the third round after delivering a flurry of ground strikes.

The victory marked the second time St-Pierre had won a UFC world title, and the first time a fighter had held both the Welterweight and Middleweight titles.

Who was Rockhold supposed to fight instead of Bisping?

Originally, Rockhold was scheduled to fight Jacare Souza at UFC 199. He had been preparing for this fight as Jacare was ranked as the 3rd highest ranked middleweight behind Rockhold and Chris Weidman.

However, just a few weeks before the fights were set to begin, Chris Weidman had to pull out due to injury. As a result, Michael Bisping was chosen to step in and face Rockhold for the title. It was a surprising choice given that Bisping was the 10th ranked middleweight in the UFC rankings and had recently lost his last fight, but it was the best option the UFC had at the time.

Who was the last person to knock out Luke Rockhold?

The last person to knock out Luke Rockhold was Michael Bisping. The fight took place at UFC 199 on June 4th, 2016. Bisping put on a remarkable performance in the fight, showing that anything is possible with determination.

Rockhold had previously been on a six fight win streak, but Bisping put an end to it with a first-round knockout. Bisping threw a surprise left hook that caught Rockhold on the temple, sending him wobbling backwards against the cage before crashing on the mat.

It was a stunning upset and an historic victory for Bisping, who had very little time to prepare for the bout. Bisping is only the second fighter to ever KO Rockhold in his career, and the only one to do it in the first round.

The fight remains one of the most memorable knockouts in UFC history.

Who has Luke Rockhold lost to?

Luke Rockhold has lost to four opponents in his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career. In July 2019, he lost to Jan Blachowicz for the vacant Light Heavyweight Championship via a second round TKO.

This was the most recent fight he has lost.

Prior to that, Rockhold lost to Yoel Romero via third-round knockout in June 2018. This fight was at the Middleweight Championship.

In December 2016, Rockhold suffered his first professional loss, to Michael Bisping via first-round knockout.

Lastly, he also lost to Vitor Belfort in May 2013 via first-round knockout, a fight that was at the Middleweight Championship.

Are Rockhold and Bisping friends?

No, Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping are not friends. They have a long-standing rivalry that started when Rockhold became champion of the UFC Middleweight division in December 2015 by defeating Chris Weidman.

At the time, Bisping was the No. 1 contender in the division and Rockhold called him out during his post-fight press conference. Bisping has since referred to Rockhold as “arrogant and disrespectful”.

The rivalry intensified when Bisping replaced an injured Chris Weidman to fight Rockhold for the UFC Middleweight title at UFC 199 in June 2016 and went on to win via knockout in the first round. Since then, they have been rivals in the UFC and aren’t friends.

Did Bisping ever defend his title?

Yes, Michael Bisping did defend his title. After being crowned the UFC middleweight champion in June of 2016, he then faced Dan Henderson in a highly anticipated rematch. Henderson had defeated Bisping by a knockout during their first bout in 2009, so Bisping had additional motivation to defend his title.

Bisping was victorious in his title defense, successfully retaining his championship via unanimous decision. He subsequently defended his title twice more against Dan Henderson, who was the first challenger, and then faced off against former UFC middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre in the co-main event at UFC 217.

Bisping lost the fight, thus ending his reign as the UFC middleweight champion.

How did Bisping get cleared to fight with one eye?

Michael Bisping was granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to use medication that allowed him to compete with his impaired vision, after passing a British boxing commission medical. The medication would reduce the pressure within his eye, allowing him to compete with a conditioned known as “optic neuritis”.

Despite his impaired vision, Bisping won his fight after three rounds.

Bisping was granted a TUE due to his condition being diagnosed as a medical issue, rather than any sort of reportable performance enhancing tactic. Bisping was also subjected to a stringent process to ensure that he met the medical criteria needed to be eligible for a TUE.

This included providing medical paperwork from a specialist, which verified his diagnosis, as well as being administered a psychological evaluation to make sure he was mentally fit to compete.

TUEs are not given out lightly, and must meet the standards mandated by each particular sports governing body for the individual to be given approval for a TUE. Bisping’s case was highly monitored given the severity of his condition, and he was ultimately given approval to compete in his fight after passing all the necessary tests.

Did Bisping fight without an eye?

No, Michael Bisping did not fight without an eye. He had a detached retina which he suffered in 2013 at UFC 152. This prevented further damage to his eye, but he was unable to continue fighting without a specialist procedure being performed to repair the detachment.

In March 2014, he underwent an corrective-laser procedure to repair the eye, and resumed fighting in April 2014.

Who took the belt from Rockhold?

At UFC 221 in Perth, Australia, on February 10, 2018, Yoel Romero took the middleweight championship belt from Luke Rockhold. The fight lasted until the third round, where Romero knocked out Rockhold with an elbow.

This win made Romero the interim middleweight champion, setting him up for a title fight against Robert Whittaker later in the year. This title fight between Romero and Whittaker never materialized, with Whittacker being unable to fight due to injury.

Consequently, the title was vacated, with Israel Adesanya going on to win the title by defeating Rockhold in 2019.