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Who won the 35th anniversary Cash Explosion?

The lucky grand prize winner of the 35th anniversary Cash Explosion was Kelli Bratke from Michigan. Kelli was one of 500 contestants in the live taping of the show, which has been airing in Ohio for three and a half decades.

She was chosen from a random pool of those 500 contestants to win the jackpot. Kelli won an incredible $250,000 from the game show. She took home the prize after playing a series of games, including the classic Cash Explosion game board.

Her win on the show was made even more special due to the fact that a record-breaking amount of $200,000 was added to the Jackpot. The Prize Patrol announced Kelli winner and presented her with a rather large check.

Kelli was incredibly grateful for her win, and said she plans to use the money to help pay for her daughter’s college tuition.

How do I know if my name was called on cash explosion?

The only way to know definitively if your name has been called on Cash Explosion is to watch the show. If you are selected as one of the contestants, the host will exclaim your name and your location.

If you are chosen, a Casting Team member will contact you via phone or email and inform you further. You may also receive a notification from the Ohio Lottery informing you that you have been selected.

If you do not watch the show and do not receive either of these notifications, then you have not been selected as a contestant.

How much can you win on the Cash Explosion TV show?

The amount that you can win on the Cash Explosion TV show is determined by the number of spaces you fill in on the game board and the amount of money in that particular space. The game board consists of 9 numbered spaces and 5 “Lucky 7” spaces that are pre-determined at the beginning of the show.

The numbered spaces will have a cash value between $500 and $4,500 and the 5 “Lucky 7” spaces will have a value of $7,000. After all 9 numbered spaces are filled in, then the contestant is prompted to fill in the 5 “Lucky 7” spaces.

If all 5 of those spaces are filled in, then the contestant wins the Jackpot, which is usually between $75,000 and $100,000. If the contestant does not fill in all 5 “Lucky 7” spaces, then they will win the total of all the other spaces they filled in.

For example, if they only fill in 8 numbered spaces and 4 of the “Lucky 7” spaces, then they will win the lower of the jackpot amount or the total of all the 8 numbered spaces plus the 4 “Lucky 7” spaces for the grand total.

Do contestants get paid on Cash Explosion?

No, contestants do not get paid on Cash Explosion. Cash Explosion is a popular game show that is aired on television. The show is produced by the Ohio Lottery and provides players with the chance to win up to $100,000.

Contestants can compete on the show and win prizes, but there is no payment for their services. The show is primarily intended to promote the Ohio Lottery, and all the cash prizes are funded by the lottery’s ticket sales.

How are Cash Explosion contestants chosen?

Cash Explosion contestants are chosen in a random drawing conducted by authorized lottery representatives. The random drawing is held after the appropriate state lottery closes sales. All entries received by the deadline are included in the random drawing, and each contestant’s name is chosen at random from the pool of entrants.

Each contestant must meet the eligibility requirements of the state where the drawing is held, and must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the drawing. Once selected, contestants are notified by mail and must complete an application for participation in the game show.

The application must be returned to the show’s production company and accepted by the lottery commission before the contestant will be allowed to appear on the show.

How does Cash Explosion TV show work?

Cash Explosion is a popular game show that is syndicated across the United States. It combines the excitement of live television with the opportunity to win cash and prizes. Every episode begins with a brief introduction involving the game show hosts and guests.

Once the show starts, contestants compete in several rounds of trivia, with each correct answer adding more money to their potential prize. After the trivia rounds, the contestants have the chance to play a bonus game which could result in an even bigger cash prize.

At the end of the show, contestants play a unique betting game using their winnings from the trivia rounds. During this round, the contestants must predict how well they will do in a bonus round by wagering a portion of their winnings.

If their prediction is correct, their prize amount is multiplied. After the final bonus round, the show’s hosts tally the amount won by each contestant, and the highest amount is declared the winner.

Cash Explosion is an exciting and fun way to potentially win some significant cash and prizes. It’s perfect for those with a competitive spirit and a love of trivia.

When’s the next drawing for the Ohio Lottery?

The next drawing for the Ohio Lottery is the Pick 3 Evening drawing on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:29 PM EST. Players can pick their numbers or opt for the Quick Pick which randomly generates numbers for them.

To play the Pick 3, players can choose numbers between 0-9 and pick up to three numbers or use the Quick Pick. Before the drawing, players must purchase tickets and add play types, play amounts and draws.

After the numbers are drawn, the winning numbers are posted to the official Ohio Lottery website where players can check their tickets. For more information or to see the winning numbers, players can visit the “Winning Numbers” page on the Ohio Lottery website.

Is the Mega Millions drawing tonight in Ohio?

Yes, the Mega Millions drawing is scheduled for 10:59 PM EST (Eastern Time) tonight in Ohio. The cut-off time for ticket sales is 10:45 PM EST at participating Ohio retailers. The estimated jackpot for tonight’s drawing is $114 million with a cash option of $73.

3 million. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!.

Is there an Ohio Lottery drawing tonight?

Yes, there is an Ohio Lottery drawing tonight. The final drawing of the day will take place at 7:05 p. m. EST. Tonight’s game is the Classic Lotto, and players can select six numbers between 1 and 49.

The drawing will take place in the studio and will be broadcast live on the Ohio Lottery Website and the mobile app. Players can also purchase tickets up until 7:05 p. m. EST and view the live drawing on the same platforms.

Good luck, and we hope you have a lucky night!.

What days are the lottery drawings in Ohio?

The Ohio Lottery has draws for a variety for games on different days and times. The Mega Millions and Powerball drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at about 11:00 PM Eastern Time. Classic Lotto, Rolling Cash 5, Pick 5 and Pick 4 draws are held each night at 7:29 PM Eastern Time.

Pick 3 drawings occur twice a day, once at 1:04 PM and then again at 7:29 PM Eastern Time. Additionally, the Kicker game has drawings Monday through Friday at approximately 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

How much is Ohio Lottery?

The Ohio Lottery is a self-supporting state lottery run by the Ohio Lottery Commission. It offers drawings, instant games, online ticket sales, and Keno at licensed locations. The price of lottery tickets varies, depending on the game and the format.

For instance, traditional draw games may cost $1, $2, or $5 per play, while Pennies & Cents tickets are generally 50 cents each. Instant games can range from $1 per ticket to as much as $30 per ticket.

The Ohio Lottery also allows players to purchase tickets via subscription, which allows them to have tickets purchased automatically. Additionally, some of the games the Ohio Lottery offers are free, including second chance drawings and free games.

What is Mega Millions next drawing?

The next Mega Millions drawing is set for Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 11:00 p. m. ET. Players can purchase tickets online or at their local lottery retailer, until 10:45 p. m. ET on the night of the drawing.

The estimated jackpot for the next drawing is an amazing $74,000,000! That’s a life-changing prize for anyone who’s lucky enough to match all six numbers. Good luck to all who play!.

How much tax do you pay on a $10000 lottery ticket in Ohio?

In Ohio, the tax rate for lottery winnings is 4 percent. Therefore, if you have won a $10,000 lottery ticket in Ohio, you would be responsible for paying $400 in tax. This tax rate applies to all Ohio lottery winnings above $600.

Any lottery winnings under $600 are not subject to Ohio state taxes. Additionally, any lottery winnings that are over $5,000 are subject to both federal and state tax withholding. Therefore, if you have won a $10,000 lottery ticket in Ohio, you would be required to pay $400 in tax to the Ohio Department of Taxation and an additional 24 percent to the federal government.

What happens if you win the lottery in Ohio?

If you win the lottery in Ohio, there are certain procedures that you must follow and important considerations.

Firstly, you’ll have to complete a payment authorization form and present a valid photo identification. This form will provide information to the Ohio Lottery regarding the manner of payment, such as taxes withheld, whether a check should be issue or if the prize should be directly deposited into a personal bank account.

Additionally, Ohio Lottery winners must also fill out an IRS W-2G. This form discloses the taxpayer’s name, social security number, amount won, and federal income tax withheld. It must be mailed to the Internal Revenue Service.

Furthermore, Ohio lottery winners must also file a state income tax return and pay a portion of the winnings to the Ohio Department of Taxation. The winner must also report a portion of the winnings to their local taxation agency.

Finally, Ohio lottery winners are advised to seek the advice of qualified professional’s such as an accountant or lawyer to help with the financial and legal aspects of their winnings.

Can you buy lottery tickets with a credit card in Ohio?

Yes, it is possible to buy lottery tickets with a credit card in Ohio. The Ohio lottery has a program in place that allows customers to purchase tickets online or at a store location with a credit or debit card.

Customers must register for an online account before making any purchases with a credit card and will be required to supply a valid photo ID when doing so. It is important to note that the Ohio lottery does not accept international credit cards and the purchase of lottery tickets is restricted to those who are at least 18 years of age.