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Who won the Kentucky Mississippi State basketball game?

The Kentucky Wildcats won the basketball game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs on January 15th, 2021. The final score of the game was 82-39, with the Wildcats outscoring the Bulldogs in every quarter.

Kentucky started strong, leading 44-24 at the half and never looked back, extending the lead to 43 points late in the second half. The Wildcats had four players score in double figures, with Brandon Boston Jr.

leading the way with 22 points. Immanuel Quickley added 19 points and 8 rebounds, while Devin Askew had 12 points and 8 assists. Mississippi State was led by D. J. Stewart Jr. with 11 points. Kentucky dominated the game in virtually every aspect, out-rebounding the Bulldogs 43-21 and shooting 55 percent from the field while Mississippi State shot just 33 percent.

Who won Mississippi State vs Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats ultimately emerged victorious against the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the December 14th basketball game. The final score was 81-71, with Kentucky winning by a total of ten points.

The Wildcats were led by guards Immanuel Quickley with 23 points, Ashton Hagans with 17 points and 4 assists, and Tyrese Maxey with 17 points. The Bulldogs were led by Reggie Perry with 15 points and 6 rebounds, Tyson Carter with 15 points, and Nick Weatherspoon with 10 points and 4 rebounds.

The Wildcats shot a total of 43. 2% from the field, while the Bulldogs shot 37. 5%. In addition, the Wildcats outrebounded the Bulldogs 41-37. The Wildcats also made their foul shots better than the Bulldogs, scoring 82.

4% (14-17) to the Bulldogs 66. 7% (10-15). Despite the Bulldogs starting the first half strong, the Wildcats took control of the game during the second half and never looked back.

What was the final score of UK and Mississippi State game?

The final score of the game between the University of Kentucky and Mississippi State was 63-62. The Wildcats were able to pull out a close victory in the final minutes, showing their resilience and determination.

UK was led by Immanuel Quickley, who had 17 points, while Mississippi State was led by Reggie Perry, who had a double-double with 20 points and 11 rebounds. The game was back and forth throughout, with the lead changing hands multiple times.

Mississippi State was able to take a 62-60 lead late in the second half, setting up a dramatic finish. The Wildcats ultimately made the necessary plays to get the win, securing their 13th victory of the season.

Did Kentucky beat Mississippi State last night?

No, Kentucky did not beat Mississippi State last night. Mississippi State edged out Kentucky in a close matchup, with a final score of 60-58. The Bulldogs were led by freshman Iverson Molinar, who had 19 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists, while the Wildcats countered with a 22-point outing from forward Keion Brooks.

Both teams played a tough defensive game and kept the game close throughout, but the Bulldogs held on for the win in the end.

Who has beaten Kentucky the most in basketball?

The University of Louisville has beaten Kentucky the most in basketball, with the team having a total of 48 wins against the Wildcats. Out of the 48 victories, the most recent came on March 4th, 2019 in a 70-66 home victory at the KFC Yum! Center.

Louisville and Kentucky first faced off on March 1st, 1913, and have played a total of 120 times since then. Louisville’s winning percentage of. 400 against the Wildcats is its highest against any single opponent.

Other schools that have had success against Kentucky include Vanderbilt (37 wins), LSU (32 wins), Tennessee (50 wins), Indiana (32 wins), and Purdue (25 wins). However, none of these teams have come close to the number of victories earned by Louisville.

What is the biggest loss in basketball history?

The biggest loss in basketball history is a game between the Washington Generals and the Harlem Globetrotters on January 5, 1971. The final score of the game was an astonishing 270-35 in favor of the Globetrotters.

This is, by far, the biggest deficit anyone has ever experienced in a basketball game, with the Globetrotters scoring more than double the points of their opponents.

The game featured such a large score due to the Globetrotters’ showmanship, as they often pulled a variety of stunts and tricks during their performances, such as playing rock, paper, scissors at mid-court and utilizing jokes and comedy skits.

This particular game also saw a number of players switch sides, with six Generals taking to the court for the Globetrotters at various points throughout the game.

The loss for the Generals is a testament to the sheer power and skill of the Globetrotters, who would tour around the world to perform in front of millions of fans. Their victory in this game is considered to be their greatest win in basketball history.

Who is Kentucky’s biggest rival?

Kentucky’s biggest rival is the University of Louisville. The two schools have a long history of intense sporting feuds and have competed against each other in several sports, such as football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

The rivalry is most fierce in men’s basketball. The two teams have met for a record 133 times, with Louisville holding the series lead 67-66. The match-up between the two teams can draw a sold-out crowd made up of blue and red swathes of supporters.

During basketball season, the line of demarcation between the two schools and their fans is unmistakable. The rivalry between the two schools goes beyond basketball, and the Blue and Red wave of fans can be found in almost any sport.

What 15 seed beat Kentucky?

In the 2015 NCAA Tournament, the 15th-seeded University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Retrievers made history by becoming the first 15th-seeded team to ever beat a No. 2 in the first round. The Retrievers pulled off the stunning upset of the Kentucky Wildcats, winning by a score of 74–54.

This monumental victory over one of the pre-tournament powerhouses sent shockwaves throughout sports media and achieved national attention. Prior to the game, the Wildcats were heavily favored to win the national championship and had never before lost to a 15-seed.

UMBC’s win over a historically dominant team marked a prodigious upset and is often referred to as one of the biggest upsets in NCAA Tournament history.

What year was Kentucky undefeated?

The University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball team had an undefeated season in the 2014-2015 season. This was the eighth and most recent time that the Wildcats went undefeated, with their previous undefeated season being in 1953-1954.

During this memorable season, The Wildcats won 38 regular season games, 5 SEC tournament games, and 6 NCAA tournament games. They become the first unbeaten Division I men’s basketball champion since Indiana in 1976.

The team was led by coach John Calipari who was named AP Coach of the Year and Naismith Coach of the Year in 2015. At the final buzzer of their title game victory over Wisconsin, the Wildcats celebrated a historic perfect season with a score of 38-0 becoming the first team in 38 years to end the season without a loss.

The 1973-1974 season was the first time that Kentucky had an undefeated record and won the National Championship. This, along with the 2014-2015 season, were the only two full seasons that Kentucky has gone undefeated.

On both occasions, Kentucky was led to victory by Hall of Fame coaches in Adolph Rupp and John Calipari.

Who beat Kentucky in March Madness?

On March 18th of 2019, Auburn beat Kentucky by a score of 77-71 in the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Auburn, led by Bryce Brown’s 25 points, Jarrett Harper’s 11 rebounds, and Chuma Okeke’s 20 points, outlasted Kentucky to become the first No.

5 seed to ever beat a No. 4 seed twice in the same Tournament. The victory in the Sweet Sixteen marked the most important win in Auburn’s NCAA Tournament history, and Panthers coach Bruce Pearl made it clear that his team had worked hard the entire season to earn the right to challenge the favored Wildcats.

The win sent Auburn to the Elite Eight, where they would ultimately lose to eventual champion Virginia. Even though Auburn did not win it all, they beat Kentucky in the tournament, and this would become an important moment in NCAA Tournament history.

Who has more wins Duke or Kentucky?

When it comes to men’s college basketball, Duke has more wins than Kentucky. Duke has an all-time record of 2,138-817, while Kentucky is at 2,074-866. The Blue Devils have won five national championships, in 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010 and 2015, compared to Kentucky’s eight.

Duke has also appeared in 16 Final Fours and made 15 Elite Eight and 11 Sweet Sixteen appearances. Kentucky has also been to 16 Final Fours, with 14 Elite Eight and 14 Sweet Sixteen appearances. The two schools have had some legendary matchups over the years, with Duke claiming the majority of wins.

The teams last played in December 2019 in the SEC/Big 12 challenge and Duke won 69-58. Overall, Duke has the more wins of the two schools.

What channel does UK play Mississippi on tonight?

The UK and Mississippi game tonight will be airing on the SEC Network at 7:00 pm EST. The SEC Network is available through most cable and satellite providers, such as AT&T U-Verse, Xfinity, Dish Network and DirecTV.

The SEC Network can also be streamed through various streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, AT&T Now, FuboTV and Sling TV. Additionally, the game will be available on the ESPN app, as well as through participating TV provider apps.

Where can I watch the UK vs Mississippi?

The UK vs Mississippi football game will be broadcast live on ESPN+ on Saturday, October 24th at 7pm EST. Additionally, you can also watch the game on ESPNU for the UK broadcast and SEC Network for the Mississippi broadcast.

What channel does Mississippi State Bulldogs play on?

The Mississippi State Bulldogs typically play their games on either ESPN, SEC Network, or CBS Sports Network. However, the exact channel that the team will play on can vary depending on the game. For instance, some games may be televised nationally on ESPN while others may only be broadcasted on the SEC Network.

Additionally, some games may only be available on pay-per-view or through a streaming service. To find out which channel any particular game can be seen on, it is best to visit the Mississippi State Bulldogs website for more information.

How to Watch the Kentucky Mississippi game?

The Kentucky vs Mississippi game can be watched by finding the game on a local TV network such as ESPN, SEC Network, CBS, ABC, Fox/FS1, or NBC, if it is being broadcast. It may also be available to watch online through streaming services such as YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live, or Sling TV.

You may be able to find a live stream of the game by doing a web search for the game, or through a sports streaming website or app. It may also be available to watch on an interactive TV guide such as Fios, Xfinity, Verizon, DirecTV, or Uverse.

If you have a satellite dish, you can watch the game through DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket package, which gives you access to every NFL game. For those who don’t have a satellite dish, DISH Network carries the Pac-12 Network, which covers the Kentucky vs Mississippi game and other regional sports networks.

For viewers outside of the United States, they may be able to watch the game through an international cablepackage or through an international streaming service such as ESPN+.

Finally, fans can connect with other fans on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, to keep up to date with news and updates on the Kentucky vs Mississippi game.