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Who won the last natural state jackpot?

The last winner of the Natural State Jackpot was a resident of Arkansas who won the $155,303 prize on January 7, 2020. The winning numbers for the draw were 4, 27, 36, 39, and 42, with the powerball number being 14.

The lucky winner opted to remain anonymous. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery offers the Natural State Jackpot, the state’s only in-state lottery game. Playing the game costs only $2, and players have the option to add Power Play for an extra $1, which can dramatically increase the size of non-jackpot prizes.

Where was the winning ticket sold for the Natural State jackpot?

The winning ticket for the Natural State Jackpot was sold at Reasor’s grocery store located in Skiatook, Oklahoma. The winner selected all six numbers correctly, 23-24-33-48-52-56, and chose to remain anonymous.

The estimated jackpot was $198. 7 million, with the cash option being approximately $118. 2 million. This jackpot prize was the 2nd largest jackpot prize in Oklahoma lottery history.

How much is the Arkansas Natural State jackpot worth?

The Arkansas Natural State Jackpot is a multi-million-dollar lottery game offered in Arkansas. The game offers a minimum starting jackpot of $200,000 and has a rolling jackpot that increases with ticket sales.

The amount of the jackpot is determined by ticket sales, so the amount changes on a regular basis. Currently, the overall jackpot is over $1. 1 million, with the next drawing scheduled for Saturday, December 12, 2020.

As always, the Arkansas Lottery encourages players to purchase their tickets early to maximize their chances of winning the million-dollar prize.

Does Arkansas have a second chance lottery?

Yes, Arkansas does have a second chance lottery. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Second Chance Drawing program is a way for lottery players to get a second chance to win a prize. Players can enter an Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) non-winning ticket or instant game ticket to enter one of the many Second Chance drawings that are available from the ASL.

Each drawing offers different prizes and takes place at certain times throughout the year. In order to participate, players can first register for the program after purchasing an ASL ticket. Players are then eligible to submit tickets through the online entry form, or by mailing an entry form and a non-winning ticket to ASL Headquarters.

After a player confirms their entry to the drawing they will receive an email confirming their registration. Winners of each drawing will be announced after the draw has been completed, and any prize money is either mailed directly to the winner or they can pick up their prize at a designated ASL Claims Center.

Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in Arkansas?

Yes, you can remain anonymous after winning the lottery in Arkansas. According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, if a ticket holder wishes to remain anonymous, they must first sign the back of their lottery ticket, and then provide a signed statement making the request within sixty days of the drawing.

Furthermore, the request must be notarized. The request must also include the full name, address, daytime phone number, and a photocopy of the ticket holder’s driver’s license or other valid photo identification.

Once the statement is submitted, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery may confirm the identity of the ticket holder and may take further action as deemed appropriate by law. Only the information required on the statement may be released, and the ticket holder can remain anonymous.

How many Powerball winners are there in Arkansas?

As of March 2021, there have been 22 Powerball winners in Arkansas since October 2009, when Arkansas began selling Powerball tickets. The highest jackpot reported in the state was a whopping $177. 5 million back in October 2019, which was won by a family in the Ozark Mountains town of Morrilton.

Additionally, there have been 11 Arkansas Powerball second-tier prize wins of over one million dollars. Other notable wins include a $6 million winner from Fort Smith and a $3 million winner from Little Rock.

All of the winners have come from various locations across the state, ranging from small towns to larger cities.

In total, Arkansas is the home to twenty-two Powerball winners, who have all received a combined sum of over $200 million. However, those numbers pale in comparison to the amount invested in purchasing tickets across the state.

Annually, residents of Arkansas spend more than $60 million on Powerball tickets in the hopes of becoming a lucky winner. It is safe to say that Arkansas has already made Powerball a part of its local tradition and culture.

How does the Arkansas Play It Again lottery work?

The Arkansas Play It Again lottery works in a few different ways. First, players can purchase a ticket from any of the state’s lottery retailers. Each ticket is valid for one draw, and the tickets are available in either the Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 3, Cash 4, or the Lucky for Life game.

Tickets cost $1 for a Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 3, or Cash 4 game and $2 for a Lucky for Life game.

When playing the Arkansas Play it Again lottery, players have a range of options to help them pick their numbers. They can choose their own numbers and hope that they will win, or they can play an “easy pick” and let the machine pick the numbers for them.

Drawings for the Arkansas Play It Again lottery take place seven days a week, and players can check the results of their draws at the end of the day. To claim a prize, players first need to sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe.

They can then either mail the ticket to the lottery office, or head to the office in person.

Finally, players can enter non-winning Play It Again tickets into the Play It Again 2nd Chance Promotion for a chance to win up to $150,000. To enter, players need to register at My Arkansas Lottery and submit their ticket barcode numbers.

Each ticket barcode can be entered up to three times, and drawings take place once a month.

What is a second chance exception?

A second chance exception is a legal exception that allows for a criminal conviction to go back to court and be retried or reconsidered. This legal exception is meant to provide the accused a “second chance” at a fair trial, based on new evidence or additional facts that did not exist at the time of the original trial.

This legal exception gives the accused the opportunity to have their case reexamined should new or undisclosed evidence arise.

It is important to note that the burden of proof lies entirely with the accused. The accused must be able to show that there is new evidence that was not available at the time of the original trial and that the evidence will likely have a material impact on the outcome of the case.

If the court grants a second chance exception, the case can proceed to be tried again with the new evidence.

Was the Lotto won yesterday?

No, the Lotto was not won yesterday. That said, it is possible someone won a different kind of lottery yesterday. Each state has its own lotteries that are drawn on different days and thus it’s very possible that a particular lottery was won yesterday in a particular state.

The Multi-State Lottery (like Powerball and Mega Millions) is not won every day, however; drawings occur twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Therefore, it was not won yesterday.

How much do you win if you get 2 numbers in Powerball?

If you match two of the main numbers (also called “white” balls) in the Powerball game, you win a prize of $4. However, if you match two of the Powerball numbers (also called “red” balls) in addition to the two main numbers, then you will win $7.

Of course, the Powerball jackpot is much larger, and requires matching all five main numbers, plus the Powerball, to be eligible to win. You can find out more information and the latest Powerball jackpot amount by visiting the official Powerball website.

Was the Lotto in Ireland won last night?

No, the Lotto in Ireland was not won last night. The numbers for last night’s draw were 7, 11, 16, 18, 32, and 42. There were no jackpot winners, although there were 31,340 winners in total who collectively won €9,402,544.

Those that matched five numbers won €1,000, while those that matched four numbers won €67. Players that matched three numbers won €14.

How many numbers do I need to win a prize in Powerball?

In order to win a prize in Powerball, you will need to match five numbers from 1 to 69 and the 6th number, the Powerball number, from 1 to 26. Those numbers can be in any order, but must all be matched correctly in order to win the jackpot.

If you match fewer than five numbers and/or the Powerball number, you could still win a smaller prize. However, the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 24. 9 and the overall odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338.

Does 3 numbers win anything in Saturday Lotto?

No, 3 numbers do not generally win anything in Saturday Lotto. Generally in order to win in Saturday Lotto, a player must match a minimum of 4 consecutive numbers from the first 6 numbers drawn (1 – 45), or 3 numbers plus either the Supplementary Number or both Supplementary Numbers.

The chance of winning any prize in Saturday Lotto is 1 in 85. The top prize for Saturday Lotto requires a player to match all 6 winning numbers plus either of the 2 Supplementary Numbers in a single game.

How much do you keep if you win 100 million?

If you win $100 million, the amount of money you keep will depend on your particular set of circumstances, such as country of residence, tax bracket, and whether or not there are additional factors that can influence the amount of money retained by you.

In the U. S. , federal taxes are taken up-front, meaning that you may not retain the entire amount won, depending on your tax bracket. Additionally, depending on where you live, some states and cities may impose their own taxes on lottery winnings, reducing the amount of money you will receive after taxes.

You should also take into consideration any other forms of deductions or mitigating factors that could influence the amount of money you need to pay the government. For example, if the majority of your winnings are used for charitable donations or taken as a lump sum payment, the amount you will keep may be greater than if the winnings are paid out over multiple years.

Ultimately, the amount of money you will keep will depend on your specific set of circumstances, so be sure to consult with a financial advisor to determine the amount that you will ultimately have.

Do random Powerball numbers win?

Yes, random Powerball numbers can win. While the odds of winning the jackpot are astronomically low (1 in 292 million), there have been countless winners who have won large jackpots with randomly chosen numbers.

The Powerball lottery works by having 5 numbers between 1 to 69 and 1 Powerball number between 1 to 26. The five main numbers and the Powerball have to be chosen correctly in order to win the jackpot.

There are also eight other ways to win prizes with Powerball, so even if the numbers don’t match perfectly, you can still win a smaller prize by getting some of the numbers correct. Therefore, it is possible to win with randomly chosen numbers.