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Why are toilets getting taller?

Toilets are getting taller for a few reasons. This is in part due to rising standards of comfort, allowing people to install taller toilets that make it easier to sit down and stand up. Additionally, taller toilets are a better fit for taller people and the modern trend of using higher toilets is slowly replacing the traditional “standard” toilet size.

Taller people find comfort in the fact that toilets now come in two heights – Comfort Height and Standard Height – making it easier for them to sit and stand without having to crouch down too much. Finally, taller toilets are becoming more commonplace as it is easier for plumbers to install them as they utilize a singular drain that is slightly larger than the small drain of a standard toilet.

This also helps with avoiding any blockages in the pipes due to items being flushed down the toilet.

Why are new toilets so high?

New toilets are often significantly higher than the standard toilets of the past. This higher height is becoming increasingly common, due to the fact that it is better for a person’s health and well-being.

The higher toilet allows for a better sitting posture when using the toilet, which helps reduce the strain on the user’s lower back and legs. This posture also helps reduce constipation, as it allows the user to fully relax while they are sitting on the toilet.

Additionally, a higher toilet also helps to protect users from getting intestinal infections as it raises the user’s feet off the ground, helping to prevent water and fecal matter from splashing onto their feet.

All these factors combined make it clear why new toilets are designed to be so high.

Do they make toilets higher than 17 inches?

Yes, they do make toilets higher than 17 inches. Standard toilet bowl height is typically 15 inches, but comfort height toilets have been gaining popularity in recent years which have a chair-like bowl height of 17 to 19 inches, depending on the model.

These taller heights are more accessible for those with certain physical limitations, as the taller seat height makes it easier to get on and off the toilet. Additionally, many manufacturers now offer comfort height toilets in a variety of styles and colors, making it easier for homeowners to find a model that matches their bathroom setting.

Is it better to have a higher or lower toilet?

It really comes down to personal preference and the space available in the bathroom. Higher toilets may be easier to stand up from, and they may help with limiting the spread of germs since they’re farther away from the floor.

But many people also find that lower toilets are more comfortable and easier to access when sitting down. It may also be helpful to have a higher toilet if you have a young child in the house who might need assistance using the restroom.

Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what is best for your needs and space. Be sure to take measurements and consult a plumber if you’re unsure.

Is a tall or short toilet better?

When deciding between a tall vs short toilet, it is important to consider your own personal needs and those of others who will be using the toilet in your home. For those who are taller in stature, a taller toilet seat may be more comfortable and provide better support.

Taller toilets may also provide additional space around the WC in the bathroom, making it easier to move around. On the other hand, a shorter toilet seat is better suited to those of shorter stature, as it can provide an easier reach and more stability when sitting.

If there are several people of different sizes that will be using the toilet, a taller toilet may be able to accommodate everyone. Ultimately, it is important to consider the space in the bathroom and find a toilet that provides the most comfortable fit for everyone who will use it.

How tall is a luxury height toilet?

The height of a luxury height toilet typically ranges from 17 to 19 inches. This is approximately 4 inches taller than the standard toilet height of 15 inches. A luxury height toilet is a taller version of a standard toilet designed to make it more comfortable and easier to use for people with limited mobility and height restrictions.

The higher toilet seat makes it easier to sit down on and helps reduce the strain on a person’s back and knees when using the toilet. Some luxury height toilets also feature a higher bowl that makes it easier to stand up and sit down without having to strain too much.

Luxury height toilets are often referred to as comfort height toilets, tall toilets, or ADA compliant toilets.

What is the highest height a toilet comes in?

The highest height a toilet typically comes in is 16-17 inches tall. This is considered a Comfort Height toilet, as it is designed to provide added comfort when sitting and standing. In addition to this popular size, there are also some taller toilets that range from 17-19 inches tall, which are sometimes referred to as Convenient Height or Right Height toilets.

These taller toilets are an excellent choice for taller individuals or people who may have difficulty sitting down and getting up from conventional toilets.

Can you buy different height toilets?

Yes, you can buy different height toilets. Toilets come in a variety of different heights, including standard height (14” to 15” from floor to seat), comfort height (16,” to 18” from floor to seat) that are ADA compliant, and handicap height (17” to 19” from floor to seat).

Some toilets can even be customized in height, allowing you to choose the exact height that fits your needs. When selecting your toilet length, remember to measure your bathroom space to ensure the proper fit.

Additionally, consider the materials, colors, and finishes to ensure the toilet is compatible with the overall look of your bathroom.

What company makes the tallest toilet?

TOTO is widely recognized as the company that makes the tallest toilets. TOTO’s Supreme Toilet with SanaGloss features a pan height of 28-7/16 inches and a stool height of 17-1/2 inches, which makes it one of the tallest toilets available on the market.

While other companies may produce toilets with similar heights, TOTO’s SanaGloss feature is an added bonus since it helps to keep the flush lever, tank, and bowl clean, making it more hygienic than other models.

Additionally, the toilet is equipped with 3D Tornado flushing technology and skirted design, allowing for a powerful and clean flush every time.

Which toilet is higher comfort or chair height?

The type of toilet that provides higher comfort is called “chair-height” toilets. These toilets have seats that are 17-19 inches from the floor, which is higher than in a standard toilet. This provides a higher level of comfort, particularly for people whose height is greater than average.

Chair-height toilets are also easier to use for people who may have mobility issues, such as those with arthritis or back pain, because they don’t need to bend so far to sit down or to get up. Additionally, children and elderly people may find chair-height toilets more comfortable because the higher seat means they don’t need to squat so low.

Does the height of the toilet matter?

The height of the toilet does matter, depending on a person’s individual needs. Generally, toilets that are 17 to 19 inches high (measured from the floor to the top of the toilet seat) are considered standard height.

However, if you are shorter than average, you may prefer a lower height toilet so that it’s easier to get on and off. On the other hand, if you are taller than average, you may prefer a higher height toilet that better facilitates comfortable sitting and standing.

Additionally, if you are a senior or have mobility issues, higher toilets will make it easier for you to sit and stand. Depending on the situation, toilets that extend from 17-19 inches and even 20-25 inches can be helpful for different individuals.

Ultimately, it is important to determine your own particular needs when it comes to toilet height, because in the end, it should be comfortable and convenient for you to use.

What is an ideal size of a toilet in an residence?

When choosing the ideal size of a toilet for an residence, many factors should be taken into account, such as the size of the bathroom, the amount of available space, and personal preferences. A compact, wall-mounted toilet or a round front option can provide an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms.

Alternatively, if space allows, standard two-piece toilets, either round or elongated, come in a variety of sizes and offer longer bowl lengths.

The standard size for a modern residential toilet should have an outer bowl circumference of 28 to 32 inches, with a length of 15 to 17 inches. The height of the seat should be no more than 17 inches from the floor.

Having a toilet of this size in the home can provide comfort and ease of use without compromising utility and convenience.

On the other hand, for a larger bathroom, longer toilets that measure 16 to 19 inches in length may be preferable. These models can come in a variety of widths and heights, depending on the user’s needs.

As for water consumption, the standard gallonages for a residential toilet range from 1. 6 to 1. 28 gallons per flush. For a more water-conscious option, many models offer flush ratings that range from 0.

8 to 1. 28 gallons per flush. Finally, ADA compliant toilets are available with a height of 17 to 19 inches, providing an accessible option for all.