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Why did The Rescuers Down Under fail?

The Rescuers Down Under, released in 1990, was the follow-up film to the popular 1977 feature The Rescuers. Unfortunately, The Rescuers Down Under failed to meet the same level of success as its predecessor, due to a variety of factors.

One major issue was that this movie lacked the same star power as the original. The voice talents of stars like Eva Gabor, Bob Newhart, and Geraldine Page in The Rescuers had helped draw in large audiences, but The Rescuers Down Under featured a less recognizable cast, with little name recognition.

In addition, this movie was released at a difficult time for the animation industry. Disney had seen a tremendous surge of success with their 90s movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, but The Rescuers Down Under came along just before the release of 1991’s hit feature, The Beauty and the Beast.

The movie didn’t have the same level of marketing support that these other films were getting, and it thus failed to draw the same level of attention.

Furthermore, the story of The Rescuers Down Under was generally considered to lack the same level of heart and sentimentality that had made the original such a success. The movie was largely centered around the action and adventure of its protagonist, which limited its ability to capture the same magical feeling of the first.

Overall, a combination of less recognizable voice talent, timing, and a weaker story ultimately led to the failure of The Rescuers Down Under to meet the same level of success as its predecessor.

Did Pixar help with Rescuers Down Under?

No, Pixar did not help with The Rescuers Down Under, which was the sequel to Disney’s 1977 hit The Rescuers. The Rescuers Down Under was released by Disney in 1990 and was the first animated Disney film to be completely produced using a computer-animation process.

Although Pixar was involved in producing the film, the animation was not done with Pixar’s help. Rather, the animation for the film was done by Disney’s own CGI department, led by Pixar co-founder and chief technical officer Ed Catmull.

This was the first time that Disney had used completely computer-generated animation in a feature-length film, although The Rescuers Down Under did contain some hand-drawn animation. Although Pixar did not assist with animation on The Rescuers Down Under, it did go on to work on many future projects in collaboration with Disney, such as the award-winning Toy Story series, Cars, and The Incredibles.

What happened to the rescuers?

The six rescuers left the underground shelter around midnight on October 10, 1972, in order to bring food and supplies to the miners that were still trapped. At approximately 1 a. m. , a collapse in the entryway blocked their way and forced them to return underground.

The rescuers were then isolated from the surface for 69 days and were unable to continue the rescue mission.

During the rescue attempt, two of the rescuers developed serious medical conditions due to the lack of air and food. They were eventually rescued and brought to the surface with the miners. The other four rescuers were able to stay in the underground shelter until the miners were brought to the surface.

At that point, the rescuers were able to come up and receive treatment before returning to their families.

Overall, the rescuers managed to provide the necessary food and equipment to the miners, though they were unable to bring them to the surface as planned. Despite their best efforts, they were unfortunately forced to turn back due to the entryway collapse.

While they may not have been able to rescue the miners, their actions still helped support the miners until they were brought to the surface.

What is the bloodiest Disney movie?

Generally speaking, the most violent and ‘bloodiest’ Disney movie is arguably the original 1986 version of “The Great Mouse Detective”. The movie follows the adventures of the brave English mouse Basil of Baker Street, who is on the mission to help a kidnapped mouse girl.

Along the way, Basil gets into fights with dangerous enemies like a giant rat, the villain Ratigan, and even a giant spider. A lot of blood is shown throughout the movie and in some scenes there are chase sequences with guns and other weapons that result in characters getting shot or stabbed.

The death of Ratigan is also fairly violent, with him plunging several hundred feet to his death after getting tangled in a bell rope. Even though there are animated versions of these violent scenes, they are still quite intense and could be a bit daunting for some viewers.

Which is better The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under?

It really depends on personal preference as both The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under have their own strengths. The Rescuers came first, and as the original movie it certainly has some nostalgia attached to it.

There are some classic scenes like the boat chase across the swamp, and the brilliant song ‘Someone’s Waiting For You’. On the other hand, The Rescuers Down Under is often cited as the superior movie.

It’s the first Disney movie to feature human characters, and it has some amazing scenes – from the high-speed air-ride over the outback, to Wilbur’s death-defying leap onto a biplane. Plus, it was the first animated film to use digital ink and paint, with the painted backgrounds looking particularly good.

So in conclusion, there’s something to be said for both movies and it’s up to you to decide which one is better for you.

Is The Rescuers underrated?

The Rescuers might be underrated considering the fact that it was the 1977 Disney Renaissance and released before some of the other Disney classics, such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Still, it was the first Disney animated film to be released after Walt Disney’s death and is widely admired among fans of classic Disney animation. The movie consists of a fun, comedic adventure set in New York City, featuring the charming trio of mice heroes, Bernard, Bianca, and their hilarious sidekick, Rufus, as they strive to rescue the kidnapped orphan, Penny.

The visuals, music, and comedic performances make it a memorable classic, and its story of courage and determination are quite inspiring. Many fans consider The Rescuers to be one of their favorite Disney films and a great example of how powerful an animated movie can be.

Despite not getting as much attention as other Disney classics, The Rescuers deserves its place in the hearts of old and new Disney fans.

Will there be The Rescuers 3?

At the moment, there are no plans for The Rescuers 3. The original movie was released in 1977, and its sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, was released in 1990. Since then, there has been no word on a possible third movie in the series.

Disney has released many sequels to their classic movies, but The Rescuers hasn’t had a follow-up in over thirty years.

Although Disney hasn’t made any announcements of a possible Rescuers 3, there are still rumors that the movie may eventually be made. Many fans of the original movie and its sequel would be excited to see a third installment and with the popularity of Disney’s other classics, the possibility remains that we could eventually get another Rescuers movie.

Is the rescuers ok for kids?

The Rescuers is a 1977 animated film that follows two mice, Bernard and Bianca, who go on an adventure to rescue a captured orphan. The story is sweet, funny, and entertaining, but it is also somewhat darker than some of Disney’s other classic works, making it arguably more appropriate for older children.

The plot contains elements of danger and suspense, such as when the two mice go on a dangerous mission to try to rescue the orphan with no guarantee of success, and they must avoid the sinister evil animal smuggler, Madame Medusa.

This can be scary for younger viewers, but the story ultimately ends in a happy resolution and the idea is that good will always triumph over evil.

The film also contains some mild language and innuendo, mostly around the characters’ various attempts to distract and/or charm their antagonists. These could be overlooked by parents and guardians with younger children, but it should also be noted that The Rescuers contains moments of peril and peril-adjacent situations for its protagonists.

These might be too much for some very young children and so the film is most likely best for children who are at least 8 or 9 years old.

Overall, The Rescuers is a delightful classic that stands out among Disney’s other works for its themes of bravery and courage that ultimately lead to a happy resolution. For older kids, this can be a great choice!.

Is Rescue Rangers worth watching?

Yes, the Disney classic animated series Rescue Rangers is definitely worth watching. This fun and entertaining show follows the adventures of a group of crime-fighting animal detectives as they outsmart their adversaries and save the day.

The series features five main characters: Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper. The show blends elements of comedy and adventure, with the main characters being portrayed as bumbling yet clever heroes.

The unique art style makes the show stand out among other animated shows, and its catchy theme song always remains a favorite. Rescue Rangers is an exciting and funny show that is sure to provide plenty of laughs and entertainment, making it a great pick for any age.

What species is Joanna from Rescuers Down Under?

Joanna is a Macaw, which is a species of parrot native to Central and South America. She is a female Royal Blue Macaw, which is a very brightly-colored species with strong blues and yellows in their feathers.

Joanna has a loud and boisterous personality, which fits in perfectly with her species. She is also known for her loyalty and companionship, which are both traits of the Macaw species.