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Will the Moody Blues ever tour again?

It’s hard to say for certain whether or not the Moody Blues will tour again. The band has not touring since 2018, when they announced their farewell tour after half a century of performing together. They have remained active however, with John Lodge and Justin Hayward both releasing solo albums in 2020, and the release of their 50th anniversary compilation album, “Time Travels: The Journey.

” There have been no official announcements as of yet of any future touring plans. If they do decide to tour again they likely wouldn’t hit the road until at least 2022 due to the current global pandemic.

If they do return to the stage it would most likely only be for a string of select dates, rather than a full tour due to the band members’ age and other obligations.

Are the Moody Blues retired?

No, the Moody Blues are not retired. While their original lineup retired in 2002, the band has performed periodically since then with various lineups, under the auspices of the current sole remaining founding member, keyboardist and lead vocalist, Justin Hayward.

The band has a strong commitment to performing, with Hayward saying that “The Moody Blues will continue to play live and make music as long as it is meaningful to us and our loyal audiences”. The Moody Blues have performed together on a regular basis since 2012, both in the UK and around the world.

They have played some of the most iconic venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and The Hollywood Bowl, and in 2018 they began the 50th Anniversary Celebration tour. The Moody Blues are continuing to tour, with a full slate of tour dates scheduled through 2020.

Are Justin Hayward and John Lodge still friends?

Yes, Justin Hayward and John Lodge are still friends. After the break-up of the band Moody Blues in 1974, Justin Hayward and John Lodge remained close friends. They kept in touch over the years and collaborated on some successful musical projects.

They co-wrote several songs including ‘When You Wake up’, ‘Floating’, ‘Gemini Dream’ and ‘Blue World’. They also both later rejoined the Moody Blues in the late 1980s and went on to perform hundreds of concerts and tours together.

In 2016 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together. Their friendship remains strong today and they continue to collaborate musically on some reunion concerts and special projects.

How many of the original Moody Blues are still alive?

As of 2021, all five original Moody Blues band members are still alive. The original Moody Blues lineup consisted of Justin Hayward (guitar, vocals), Denny Laine (guitar, vocals), John Lodge (bass, vocals), Graeme Edge (drums, percussion), and Mike Pinder (keyboards, vocals).

Although the band has seen many lineup changes since its formation in 1964, all five of the original members are still performing, recording, and touring. Justin Hayward, the face of the band since its early days, continues to tour regularly with a solo lineup, while Denny Laine has appeared as a special guest at several Moody Blues shows over the years.

John Lodge and Graeme Edge have been performing together since 2017, while Mike Pinder re-joined the band for a few guest appearances in 2018. All five of the members are still enjoying music and entertaining audiences around the world.

How far back can Moody Blues go?

Moody Blues are an English rock band who’ve been active since 1964, making them one of the longest running and influential British rock bands of all time. Founded in Birmingham, England, by Mike Pinder and Ray Thomas, the original line-up that played their first show featured five members: Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas, Mike Pinder, Clint Warwick and Denny Laine.

When they first formed, the band wrote and performed their own material, including the single “Steal Your Heart Away”, released in 1965.

Following the release of their debut album, The Magnificent Moodies, in 1965, the band members began to work on their second album, Days of Future Passed, which went on to become the band’s most successful album.

From there, the band went on to become one of the most successful bands of the golden era of British rock, release a series of popular albums such as In Search of the Lost Chord (1968), To Our Children’s Children’s Children (1969), and On the Threshold of a Dream (1969).

Throughout their long career, the Moody Blues have had a revolving line-up, with members coming and going as the band’s sound changed with eras. Today, the band features only two of the original members, Graeme Edge and Justin Hayward, and the most recent live line-up was released in 2019.

The group still tours and records new music, remaining popular with both their original fans and a new generation of rock enthusiasts.

When did Ray Thomas stop touring with the Moody Blues?

Ray Thomas stopped touring with the Moody Blues in December 2002, when the band played their last show together at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. On January 1, 2003, they announced their retirement from touring.

Despite no longer touring, the Moody Blues continued to record and release music through the early 2000s, including their 2003 album December and the 2005 album The View from the Hill. After a lengthy hiatus, the Moody Blues resumed touring in 2013, and Ray Thomas rejoined the band for a series of shows in the American Midwest.

However, he was forced to leave the band due to ill health in 2018, and the Moody Blues have since continued to tour without him.

Why is Morgan Wallen not on tour?

Morgan Wallen is currently not on tour due to the recent controversy surrounding some inappropriate behavior outside his Nashville home that were captured on video and made public. As a result, Morgan Wallen has been put on indefinite suspension from his music career with his record label, Big Loud Records, suspending its business relationship with him.

Additionally, Morgan Wallen has encountered a reprimand from many in the music industry and broader public, with several radio stations, streaming platforms, and other music venues dropping his music and choosing not to do business with him.

This has resulted in Morgan Wallen not currently touring or participating in any public music performances. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Morgan Wallen has released a statement of apology and taken responsibility for his actions and strongly emphasized his commitment to growing from the situation.

Who is the oldest artist still touring?

The oldest artist still actively touring is the legendary singer-songwriter Willie Nelson. Although he will be 87 years old in April 2021, he continues to tour extensively and put out new music. His famously diverse musical style touches on a wide array of genres, from traditional country and folk to jazz, reggae, and even hip-hop.

He has released over 70 studio albums, and recently hit the milestone of performing his 100th show at the world-famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in 2020. Throughout his career, Nelson has been an active supporter of numerous charitable and political causes, including the Civil Rights Movement and environmental conservation.

Both an iconic figure in the music industry and cultural icon, Willie Nelson shows no signs of slowing down and continues to wow his audiences with his larger-than-life presence and distinctive sound.

Was Moody Blue Elvis last album?

No, Moody Blue was not Elvis Presley’s last album. In fact, Elvis’ last album was an album named “Moody Blue & Other Favorites” which was released in August of 1978. This album was a compilation album of some of Elvis’ more popular songs, such as “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Suspicious Minds.

” However, this album was not the last of Elvis’ career as he continued to record and perform until his death in 1977. After his death, numerous posthumous releases were put out, including the album “Unchained Melody,” which was released in 1985.

Who sang falsetto in the Moody Blues?

The Moody Blues, an English rock band, was famous for incorporating a variety of instruments into their mix, which helped to create some of the most iconic rock songs of the 1960s and 70s. Lead singer Justin Hayward is often credited for utilizing a high-pitched, soft vocal style – known as “falsetto” – throughout his work with the group, varying from a whispery hush to a soaring timbre.

Particularly noteworthy tracks where Hayward’s falsetto is prominent include the 1967 hit single “Nights in White Satin” and 1972’s “The Story in Your Eyes”.

Where are the Moody Blues now?

The Moody Blues are still together and actively performing and recording to this day. The original members, Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge, and Michael Pinder, reunited in 1999 and together released a new album titled “Strange Times” in 1999.

In recent years, the band has been on the road, performing various concerts and festivals around the world. The Moody Blues have had a lengthy touring career which included two major tours in 2020; the Long Distance Voyagers Tour and the Blue and Gray Tour.

The Moody Blues are extremely popular amongst fans and have been credited for helping to merge classical music and rock together during the 1960s. The band has released numerous albums since their inception, most recently Long Distance Voyager in 2020 and The Last Horizon in 2018.

The Moody Blues have had lasting impact on music fans, with 12 of their albums achieving gold certification and three of them attaining platinum status.

Who are the current members of the Moody Blues?

As of 2020, the current members of the iconic rock band, The Moody Blues, are: Justin Hayward (primarily vocals and lead guitar since 1966), Graeme Edge (drums and percussion since 1964), John Lodge (bass guitar, occasional vocals and songwriter since 1965), and Norda Mullen (flute and backing vocals since 2002).

These core members of The Moody Blues continue to tour and perform regularly, even after more than five decades in the business. The newest addition, Norda Mullen, is the only other female member and has been with the band since 2002.

Keyboardist and songwriter, Mike Pinder, originally joined the group in 1965, and he was active until 2002 when he decided to retire from public performances. Pinder still works with the band to this day on a songwriting and production level.

The original founding members, Ray Thomas (vocals, flute and tambourine from 1964 to 2003), and Denny Laine (vocals and guitar from 1964 to 1966) both left the band after its initial formation and are now retired.

Do John Lodge and Justin Hayward get along?

Yes, John Lodge and Justin Hayward get along very well. They first met when Justin joined the Moody Blues in 1966 and have since become close friends and bandmates. They have performed together since the 70s and have consistently spoken very highly of each other and their friendship over the years.

On multiple occasions, Justin Hayward has praised John Lodge’s musical talent and craftsmanship, while John has said multiple times that Justin’s incredible song-writing skills and technical playing are major components of the Moody Blues’ classic sound.

In interviews, they consistently show humour, fondness and support for each other as well as shared admiration for their time working together as musicians. It is clear that John Lodge and Justin Hayward have a strong personal connection and a great friendship that has lasted for decades.

Who is the lead singer for Moody Blues?

The lead singer for the Moody Blues is Justin Hayward. He has been the lead singer for the band since 1966 and is primarily known for singing the classic hits “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon”.

Justin started his career with Motown Records as a session guitarist in 1965, but soon joined the Moody Blues, replacing Denny Laine in the vocalist spot, who was eager to pursue a solo career. From then on, he became the primary vocalist, songwriter, and lead guitarist for the band.

He is also known for his often dark and introspective lyrics and has written several solo albums throughout his career. Additionally, Justin has toured extensively around the world, often times joined by his former bandmates, performing songs from their classic albums.

Did Justin Hayward leave Moody Blues?

No, Justin Hayward has not left Moody Blues. Justin Hayward is a founding member of Moody Blues and has been a member of the band since 1966. He has recorded 14 studio albums with Moody Blues, as well as six solo albums.

Hayward is an integral part of the legendary band and continues to contribute to the group’s live shows, which still include many of his classic compositions. In July 2018, Hayward and the other Moody Blues appeared on UK television during a special documentary “Say It With Love: The Moody Blues Story”.

In addition, Hayward continues to tour with the band and release new music with them. Most recently, Moody Blues released a 2019 concept album titled This Is The Moment, with Hayward providing lead vocals on two of the songs.

As of 2021, Justin Hayward is still with Moody Blues.