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Best Electric Can Opener

Cans without keys should be banned. In this day and age, no one should have to deal with the medieval task of trying to pry open a batch of canned food.

However, what do you do when your favorite brand of beans only come in a flat top container? Then it’s time to reach for your manual or electric can opener.

Yes, opting for fresh food is best, healthier and all that. However, no one can argue with the convenience of getting from canned soup to ready meals in minutes. Electric can openers aim to take this ease of use a step further by cutting out the most tedious aspect of using cans: getting them open.

Most electric can openers can completely automate the can opening process and remove the need for any user effort. With many of these units, you have to place the can inside the included stand to begin the cutting process, while others work when you place the device on the can lid.

If canned foods regularly feature in your recipes, an electric can opener is a no brainer. These handy devices are portable and stylish, and they take all the pain out of one of the kitchen’s tedious recurring tasks.

How Electric Can Openers Work

Electric can openers use the same principles that make manual ones work. However, the significant difference is that with an electric can opener, most of the processes occur automatically without any extra input from you.

For most electric can openers, you must have the device plugged into the mains for it to work. Nevertheless, a few niche options use a battery pack instead of power.

Once the can opener is on, you can insert the can and then trigger a lever, usually at the top of the device, to get started. Typically, this lever activates the cutting blade that saws the can open, the gears that rotate the can for a complete cut, and the magnets that hold the top of the can and prevents it from falling into your food.

Once a 360° cut is achieved, the gear and the cutting blade automatically grinds to a stop. However, some safety can openers require you to keep your hand on the level till the cut is complete, and they will only stop the device on release.

Why Use Electric Can Openers

Ease of Use

The ultimate selling point for electric can openers is how relatively easy they are to operate, especially when compared to their manual counterparts. With these units, you no longer have to manually twist a lever and strain your wrist in order to get to those tasty baked beans.


Another major positive of these can openers is that anyone can use them without issues. Electric can openers allow seniors and people with arthritis or other physical conditions to complete tasks that would be otherwise almost impossible for them to manage.

Magnetic Heads

Our all-time favorite feature of electric can openers is the magnetic heads that almost every brand now comes with. These magnets attach to the lid of the can for the duration of the opening process, making them super easy to collect and dispose of after removal. You no longer have to fish through a can of soup in search of the can’s top.

No Rugged Edges

Pick up an electric can opener and say goodbye to sharp, potentially hazardous can tops. These openers use a precise blade that pierces and cut the top of the can with high accuracy every single time. Hence, you no longer have to deal with the jagged edges that are typical of using a manual can opener.

No Mess

Manual openers are often stiff, difficult to operate, and many cause spills during use. Plus, you sometimes have to fish out the cutout top from inside the can, which can result in even more messes. An electric can opener, especially and automatic one, almost eliminates the chance of this happening.


In addition to their extreme practicality, electric can openers bring a touch of class to your kitchen.

Cons of Using Electric Can Openers


Manual can openers are tiny devices that can be stored away in the corner of any of your kitchen drawers. The same cannot be said for electric can openers. Compared to manual openers, electric can openers are pretty bulky devices and depending on your kitchen space and aesthetics; this can be a problem.


In addition to their heft, electric can openers are also relatively more fragile than their manual counterparts. There is very little chance that you can ever break your manual opener. However, electric units usually come with multiple plastic parts as well as moving parts that will most likely break over time.


While they won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the price of the average electric can opener is at least double that of a manual one.

Types of Electric Can Openers

There are two main types of electric can openers: the traditional model and the safety model.

Traditional Electric Can Openers

Most of the electric openers you will find on the market today are of this type. Traditional models use an automatic system where you only need to trigger a lever or push a button to start the cutting process. For these units, once a 360° cut is completed, the device grinds to a stop.

Since the guard rails of a traditional opener attach to the rim of the can, the cutting blade pierces the top of the lid and cuts it out. Hence, with these models, the removed cap typically features jagged or sharp edges.

However, since the cutting process is done automatically, you get only minimal exposure to the jagged edges of the cut can lid.

Safety Electric Can Openers

Safety openers, on the other hand, opt instead to cut through the side of the can, removing the top with a little bit of the can’s body. This method creates a smooth cut out that poses less of a hazard to the user.

Furthermore, these safety openers typically require you to keep your hand on the lever until the cut is completed. However, this operation method poses an added risk as if you remove your hand on time, the blade can exceed a full rotation.

Running the blade over one surface twice can create small metal chips that can pose severe health risks if consumed with food.

Best Electric Can Opener


Best Traditional: Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Can Opener

Are you looking to buy an electric can opener and want a dependable appliance that you can trust? This is the one for you. The Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe brings the ultimate in can opener tech in an aesthetic build that is sure to impress.

With a can height that goes from 5-9 inches and a width that reaches up to 10 inches, this Cuisinart opener can handle almost every can in production. The opener also features an extra-wide 6-inch base that holds your can in place and prevents them from sliding or tipping over. The massiveness of this opener means that it can open both extra large and tall cans, an area where many openers on the market fall short.

The CCO-50BKN features a Power Cut blade that hits the mark every time. The precise edge can effectively work cans of any thickness while the included magnet holds on tight to the lid of the can.

Also, the gear on the Cuisinart is correctly calibrated to stop at an exact 360°, so you never have to worry about metal shards in your food. The device completes this process with grace and without splattering any liquid.

Furthermore, the CCO-50BKN is super easy to operate and is entirely arthritis-safe. Once you set the can on the base, lower the lever to the top of the can and hit the button to get started. Everything else is automatic.

The Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe is also decently priced, and its design is truly top-of-the-line. The appliance is finished with chrome accents and an elegant shape that is sure to accentuate your kitchen aesthetic.


  • Superior aesthetics
  • Sharp and precise blade
  • Extra-large length and width
  • Massive 6-inch base
  • Easy to operate
  • Ample 36-inch cord
  • Removable parts for easy clean


  • Not the most durable no thanks to plastic parts

Best Safety: Hamilton Beach 76607 Safety Can Opener

If you would instead opt for a safety can opener, the Hamilton Beach 76607 is one of the best in class.

The appliance sports an aesthetic black and chrome shell, an all-metal construction that reeks of durability. Since it does not contain any plastic parts, we expect the 76607 to last longer than most other electric can openers.

Unlike the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN that opens the top of the can, the Hamilton Beach opener uses a blade that cuts along the side of the can. Consequently, the blade cuts cleanly under the lip of the top and allows for a smooth cut without any sharp edges. Cutting from the side also reduces the chance that the blade will touch your food and helps to prevent any splashing further.

Hence, with the Hamilton Beach 76607 Safety Can Opener, you get the top cleanly taken off, and you never have to worry about potential injuries from jagged edges.

The Hamilton is proficient at handling all types of cans as long they are not overly broad. Since the device does not have a large base or a protruding lip, you will find it challenging to balance larger sized cans.

Since the 76607 is a safety opener, the appliance uses a lever that you must hold down for the entire duration of the cut. While this lever is ergonomic and super comfortable to use, the manual control does come with a few disadvantages.

First, keeping the button pressed for that long may be too much of an ask from people with severe arthritis. Second, there is no clear sensory feedback when a complete rotation is reached, and this can lead to over cutting, which can dislodge metal chippings into your phone. According to the user manual, you should stop pressing the lever when the opener sound changes pitch. However, this change in sound can be hard to gauge, especially for people with auditory impairment.


  • Superior aesthetics
  • Sharp and precise blade
  • Easy to operate
  • One-hand operation is possible
  • Easy Touch lever is very responsive


  • Potentially hazardous risk of metal slivers in your food
  • Too small to handle extra-large cans

Best Undermount Option: Black+Decker Multipurpose Spacemaker

Are you short on counter space, or do you not enjoy the thought of one loose appliance on your countertops? Then the Black & Decker Spacemaker is the one for you.

This stealthy electric can opener attaches to the underside of your cabinets, taking up not of your precious kitchen space and preserving your kitchen aesthetic. The appliance also sports a sleek, almost mysterious matte black design that is a sight to behold.

In addition to being a functional can opener, the Black & Decker Multipurpose Spacemaker also doubles as a bottle opener, a knife sharpener, and a bag cutter. What more could you ask for from one tool?

All of its many features sit beneath a swing-open door that gives the appliance a clean, classy look. The Spacemaker is easy to install, and its many perks make it an excellent addition to any kitchen.

The Spacemaker lives up to scratch as a can opener too. The appliance can easily handle cans of all sizes with the push of a button.


  • Superior aesthetics
  • A stealthy cover keeps the appliance clean and discreet
  • Feature-packed device
  • Easy to operate


  • Tougher to clean than most
  • Lengthy installation process

Best Budget Option: Hamilton Beach 76380Z

What if you could get the Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe for just two-thirds the price? Well, enter the Hamilton Beach 76380Z, the only budget electric can opener you will ever need.

Sporting an eye-catching chrome on black design, the Hamilton Beach is a beautiful piece that mirrors the aesthetics of the Cuisinart, albeit with a more stout and curvier build.

The appliance cheaps up in the build quality, where it features mostly plastic parts. However, the removable all-metal cutting blade and gears add a much-needed touch of heft and sturdiness. The sharp knife cuts through cans smoothly, while the strong magnets up top hold the cover firmly in place through the whole process. The cutting unit also includes a standard knife sharpener for added functionality.

Like the Cuisinart, the Hamilton Beach 76380Z is automatic, so you do not have to hold down the lever during operation. Set the can the right position and then press the bar once to begin the cutting process.

For small and medium-sized cans (16oz or less,) you can operate the opener completely hands-free. The appliance grips onto the can just fine, and the magnet is strong enough to hold the can from the top. However, with larger-sized cans, you may have to have to hold your hand underneath just in case.

The 76380Z is also super easy to clean as the cutting unit removes easy. However, we have some concerns about durability, no thanks to the mostly plastic build.


  • Superior aesthetics
  • Sharp and precise blade
  • Massive 6-inch base
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable cutting unit for easy clean


  • Plastic build

Best Battery-powered Option: MiToo Electric Can Opener

Are you going on a picnic and need a portable can opener for use on the go. The MiToo Electric Can Opener is the best we could find in its class. This sleek kitchen gadget uses the latest can cutting technology to create a secure, easy to use can opener you can use anywhere, anytime.

The can opener features an eye-catching, yet ergonomic design that includes stainless steel and ABS build. The embedded steel cutting knives are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and is completely food-safe.

The MiToo opener uses the standard one-button setup that common with can openers and is super easy to operate. To get started with the device, place it on the top of the can and add some pressure, so it sticks to the can, then you should press the button to get started. The gadget will match the can size and pry it open in a few seconds.

Since the MiToo features a magnet, you need to lift the device once it stops, and the cover of the can will come off clean. However, make sure that the motor comes to a halt before you disturb the device to avoid a malformed can.

Just like the Hamilton Beach 76607 Safety Can Opener, the MiToo Electric Can Opener cuts around the side of the can instead of the top. Hence, with this appliance, you also get a clean cut of the can cover with a smooth edge.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Recessed blade prevents accidental injuries
  • Strong magnets


  • Durability issues

Things to Consider When Shopping for Electric Can Openers

Mount Type

The most popular options are countertop openers and under-the-cabinet openers. Countertop openers are upright devices that sit atop your kitchen counter while under-the-cabinet models feature a more secure permanent mount to the underside of your kitchen cabinet.

Alternatively, you can opt for any of several handheld options that offer even more portability.

Power Source

The most popular type of electric can opener you will find are corded models that plug directly into the mains. Alternatively, you can also get battery-powered units that run on AA batteries or other lithium-ion batteries. However, openers that run on batteries typically do not provide as much power, or cutting abilities, as their corded counterparts.

Nevertheless, battery-powered electric can openers make a great companion for when you need a can opener on the go like when you are on picnics.


The size of the appliance can make or break your user experience. First, you want a unit that is not too large for your counter space or storage space. Furthermore, depending on the type of cans you are working with, you may need an opener that is taller or wider than average.

Electric Can Opener Maintenance

Most quality electric can openers can serve you for several years without any issues. However, to ensure your appliance produces top performance all year round, you should consider adhering to the following clean up routine every few months.

  • Turn off the device and disengage any removable parts
  • Clean any buildup on the blade, magnets, and gears using dish soap, warm water, and an old toothbrush. Take care to avoid injury from the sharp cutting blade
  • After cleaning the parts, lubricate the gears with a small pinch of white lubricant to ensure smooth function
  • Clean up any excess grease to avoid contaminating your food
  • Replace any removed parts to get the appliance ready for your next can opening

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