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Best Roomba For Pets

The genius who invented robotic vacuum cleaners must have gotten sick and tired of brushing and dusting pet hair off of furniture over and over again with little to show for their hard work. It’s true, pets are adorable, but nothing is more disgruntling than trying to get rid of their hair, especially when they are shedding.

Got a heavy shedder in your house? Are your pets tracking litter throughout the entire home? The robots we have highlighted on our primer are smart enough to find and vacuum clean pet hair. Most of them feature an advanced filtration system that effectively captures 99% of pet allergens, dust mite, pollen, and mold. In the end, your house will be dander free. You can spend more time with your furry friends and less time having to deal with their messes.

Before we look at the best Roomba for pets, let us first look at some important information that will help you make the right decision when shopping for a Roomba for pets. Read on …

Best Roomba For Pets Quick Summary


Editor’s Choice – Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best in Class – Minsu Robot Vacuum

Quietest – DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Affordable – iRobot 690 Roomba Vacuum

Best Dirt Detector – SHARK ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Deep Clean – Premium Automatic Roomba

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Top 3 Essential Roomba Features For Pet Hair

Although each Roomba has its unique set of features and tech, the following three, in particular, are crucial for pet owners:


Before settling on a Roomba, it is prudent to consider the hair length of your pet. For instance, a longhaired cat and a shorthaired bulldog each have different needs regarding cleaning. Short hair sticks to surfaces while long hair tangles. A Roomba Brushroll plays a pivotal role in helping you clean pet hair effectively.

When it comes to Brushroll design, three main iterations exist. They are:

The Bristle Brushroll

The single bristle style is Roomba’s original Brushroll. It has a smaller plastic paddle roller that works brilliantly for shorthaired pets. Therefore, if your pets have short fur, the bristle Brushroll is the best brushroll design.

The Dual Rubberized 1.0 Brushroll

The rubberized 1.0 design is a huge improvement over the initial bristle style Brushroll. They feature dual rollers spin that move in counter-directions to help prevent tangles while at the same time agitate and capture huge amounts of debris. Of great importance to note is that the rubberized treads of the 1.0 version are identical on every Brushroll.

The Dual Rubberized 2.0 Brushroll

The newer Roomba models including the Roomba e5, Roomba i7+, and Roomba S9+ all employ the use of an upgraded version of the rubberized system. The 2.0 rollers, similar to those in the 1.0 system are designed in such a way that they spin in counter directions of one another to help prevent tangles. This system offers more traction to the underneath roller thus helping agitate and collect pet hair that might be deeply hidden in carpet fibers.

Fun Fact – Generally, rubberized Roomba textures are the best for picking up pet hair.

Filtration System

Filtration System

With their luscious locks, pets can produce a few additional allergens. If you are a pet owner that is sensitive to pet allergens, you might need to consider the advanced filtration system of a Roomba (the AeroForce system). Currently, the three-filtration systems available in Roombas are:

  • AeroVac
  • AeroForce 1.0
  • AeroForce 2.0


This filtration system is of average quality. While it is the largest, it has a smaller dustbin. By comparison, the AeroVac system works hand-in-hand with a single bristle brushroll. The filter features a slight curve to it. Its design not only increases airflow but also guides debris right back into the dustbin.

AeroForce 1.0

The AeroForce 1.0 is of good quality. It is larger compared to the AeroVac and its dustbin is larger. Its filter allows for 60 per cent more dust bin capacity. Roombas with this filtration system are common in houses with pets and big messes

AeroForce 2.0

The AeroForce 2.0 is the most advanced Roomba filtration system. Its dustbin is the largest. In addition to that, it features the smallest filter size. The fact that its filter is the smallest means it is the most efficient. Most Roomba models have this type of filtration system.

Virtual Barrier

Virtual Barrier

When shopping for a Roomba for pets, the last yet important element you need to consider is the virtual barrier. Presently, Roomba manufacturers two major types of virtual barrier (the third style is on the way). They are:

  • The original barrier
  • The dual-mode barrier
  • The digital barrier

The original barrier

This design of the virtual barrier utilizes infrared to block up to a 10-inch straight path. Roombas with this barrier style is sufficient for entryways, doors, or hallways.

The dual-mode barrier

While the dual-mode barrier style also utilizes infrared light, it can operate in two different modes – the halo and standard mode. The latter can block straight paths of up to 10 inches long. The former, on the other hand, can block areas of up to 4 inches in diameter. Roombas with this type of barrier are great for blocking sensitive furniture, pet areas and sleeping areas.

The digital barrier

This is on the horizon – not yet released. It will digitally draw out zones on a smartphone-based application. With it, it is possible to block as numerous spaces as need be. Some of the Roombas we expect to feature this barrier style include Roomba 960, Roomba 980, Roomba i7, Roomba i7+,Roomba s9Roomba S9+.

Best Roomba For Pets We Recommend

Consumer Reviews

Ecovacs Deboot Roomba for Pets

The Ecovacs Deboot vacuum cleaner is one of the best robotic cleaners on a variety of hard surfaces. From hardwood floors and tiled floors to thin carpeted floors, it can get the job done fast and effectively.

It is compatible with the Alexa virtual assistant app. In addition to being self-charging, the cleaner is more affordable compared to others.

If your home is more of an open space where pets can run around freely, then you will love the quality of service from the Ecovacs robotic cleaner. However, if you have several obstacles and thick carpets, this may not be the Roomba for you.


  • Ideal for cleaning multiple hard surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Alexa enabled
  • Self-charging


  • Limited performance in spaces with various obstacles and thick carpets

IRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

If you are looking for a well-designed, high-performance robotic vacuum that does not require you to break the bank, then the iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum cleaner will amaze you. It features a three-stage cleaning process in its quest to rid your home of all traces of pet hair. This process begins when this appliance loosening the hair and dust from the surface, lifting and, then sucking it all in.

It comes equipped with sensors that can detect dirt, or pet hair or dirt. What is more, it can isolate dirt spots on your carpet even at a distance and quickly move to eliminate it. Once the dirt bin is full, its sensor alerts you to empty it.

This appliance is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible as well as Wi-Fi enabled. It can run uninterrupted for 90 minutes before automatically recharging itself.


  • Features a three-stage cleaning process for increased performance
  • Alexa and google assistant enabled
  • Has an automatic self-recharge feature


  • Its sensor is not always correct.

Minsu Robot Vacuum

Pet hair, dust, and dirt have the potential to hold tight onto hard surfaces. To remove them, you need a Roomba machine that has enough power. The Minsu robot vacuum has incredible suction power. To back it all up, it features up to eight cleaning modes for enhanced adaptability. Lower modes can do easy cleaning while the higher modes support difficult conditions.

A single charge can run it for a whopping 150 minutes. Moreover, you can schedule the cleaning time to get more out of it. It is intelligent enough to study its environment, meaning that its performance improves with time.

On top of having self-recharging capabilities, it has a HEPA filter that cleans and keeps allergens out of your space.


  • Works well on a variety of hard floors and surfaces
  • Impeccable suction power
  • Is self-recharging
  • Has up to 8 cleaning modes


  • Maybe a bit too large to fit under low lying furniture

Pure Clean Automatic Roomba Vacuum

Pets love resting, sleeping, and playing around in hard to reach areas like under the furniture or in the far corners of your home. When looking for a robotic vacuum or Roomba to help clean your home, you need one that can fit through tiny spaces. The Pure Clean Automatic Roomba Vacuum is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cleaner that reached even hard to reach areas. Measuring only 3.1 inches high, its size is perfect for such a job

It can efficiently pick up dirt and pet hair from multiple types of surfaces, including hardwood floors and tiled floors. Its design features an automatic dock, which facilitates self-recharging once the battery power levels are low.

On a single charge, it can work continuously for 90 minutes. When it comes to cleaning thick carpets, this Roomba falls short. It lacks the suction power needed for such demanding tasks. It is more of a simple machine that you can only task it with simple cleaning duties.


  • Affordable robotic vacuum
  • Self-recharging system
  • Fits well under low lying furniture
  • Can run continuously for 30 minutes


  • Isn’t as powerful as most robotic vacuums in the same class

IRobot 690 Roomba Vacuum for Pets

roomba 690

IRobot has a series of Roomba vacuum cleaners for pet hair. While they may all share the qualities regarding quality of service, each one has unique properties made to suit specific users. If you are looking for a cheaper and user-friendly alternative, then you should consider purchasing the iRobot 690 Roomba model.

Unlike the one listed higher above, this Roomba vacuum is much easier to use and less complicated. Some of its notable features include a three-stage cleaning process, dirt detectors, and self-recharging capabilities. It can also work uninterrupted for 90 minutes.

The only downside is that you have to manually set up barriers so that the Roomba knows precisely where to clean. It can only clean small surfaces at a go.


  • Affordable
  • Up to 90 minutes of cleaning time
  • Self-recharging system
  • Works well on hard floors


  • Unreliable dirt detector

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The number of attractive features on this robotic vacuum makes it a darling of many. With a super-strong suction, self-charging system, and thin build, you have every reason to love the Coredy Robot vacuum model.

This Roomba model is not only limited to cleaning hardwood or tiled floors. It can also do exceedingly well removing pet hair and dirt off thin and medium-pile carpets.

The fact that it boasts low noise operation means you will barely notice that it is there.

It has up to four different cleaning modes meant to address different needs. Additionally, it comes with remote control, which allows you to operate it even at a distance. The model can run continuously for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. Its most distinctive qualities include a 360° smart sensor to detect precisely where the dirt is and anti-drop technology to keep all the dirt inside the dirt box.


  • Four cleaning modes
  • Self-charging system
  • Small convenient build
  • Can run for 120 minutes on a single charge


  • Needs frequent emptying

Super Suction Roomba Cleaner

Most Roombas require your presence to work as needed. You have to be there to manually key in settings and program your robotic vacuum cleaner to do specific tasks. But what if there was a way around it? What if there existed a machine intelligent enough to work on its own in your absence? Enter the Super Suction Roomba Cleaner.

It has an automatic cleaning mode that detects and cleans dirt or pet hair. In addition to that, it has three more cleaning modes that include the spot, edge, and max cleaning modes. The cleaner features a timer function that you can preset to keep it operational for a limited period.

It works well on thin carpets and hard floors. This self-charging cleaner can work uninterrupted for up to 100 minutes. Surprisingly, it has a reliable suction power and simultaneous low noise operation. Indeed, this Roomba is every pet owner’s dream come true.


  • Low noise operation under 58 decibels
  • An automatic cleaning mode
  • Ideal for all hard surfaces
  • Can run continuously for 100 minutes on a single charge


  • Struggles to clean thick rugs or carpets

ILIFE Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Good Roombas can get damaged due to constant bumping on walls and other hard surfaces. Even with a smart sensor, some still have a hard time transitioning across a variety of surfaces. Eventually, this results in bumping into nearby obstacles. With the ILIFE Pro Robot vacuum cleaner, worrying about bumping into obstacles is the last thing you will have to do.

On top of being highly durable, it has reliable smart sensors to study and clean its surroundings.

Its small design means it can conveniently fit under your furniture. The cleaner works well on hardwood, laminate, stone, and tiled floors. This particular model has a self-recharging system and a run time of between 90 minutes and 100 minutes.


  • Small convenient build
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Works well on different types of hard surfaces


  • Operating it might be complicated to some people

DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With a suction power rating of 1500Pa, this Roomba gives you all the suction power you need to get those stubborn hairs off of your beautiful floors. At 2.8 inches of height, there is no space too small for it to fit in. Whether it is under the table, bed, or sofa, you name it; this robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect size to crawl under.

It has up to six cleaning modes. Each of the modes is meant to increase its level of performance based on different scenarios and difficulties. Don’t want distractions? No worries, this DEENKEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner is treasured for its super-quiet operation. It is fitted with highly sensitive infrared sensors that keep it from colliding into barriers or dropping while cleaning.


  • Convenient 2.8-inch high build for cleaning under low lying furniture
  • Has up to 6 cleaning modes
  • Has a quiet operation, under 55 decibels
  • Intelligent three-point cleaning formula for quality and thorough cleaning


  • Pricey

Premium Automatic Roomba

Battery power is something most shoppers are quick to dismiss when scouting for the best Roomba for pet hair. You don’t want to go home with a robotic vacuum that runs for a paltry 30 minutes or less before it needs recharging. Truth be told, battery power and suction power go hand in hand. A principle the Premium Automatic Roomba knows and does only too well.

It has a suction power of up to 1500Pa and can run continuously for up to 100 minutes. Other attractive features of this robotic cleaner include a large capacity dust box, self-charging system, low profile design, and an anti-collision system.


  • Strong suction (1500Pa)
  • Powerful battery
  • An anti-collision mechanism for enhanced durability


  • Limited to cleaning hard floors only

OPODEE Roomba for Pet Hair

Does your home comprise large flat surfaces? A big living room, bedroom, lounge, and so on? Chances are high that you have probably had a tough time finding a Roomba that can effectively clean the vast nature of your home. No need to buy two Roombas, this one can do just fine all by itself.

The OPODEE Roomba for Pet Hair can cover areas as large as 1615 square feet. Thanks to a powerful lithium battery, there is no need for frequent recharging. It features a small enough design that can fit well underneath the furniture and a HEPA filter to keep dust and allergens from escaping out once sucked into the dirt bin.

Other great features include a suction power of up to 1800Pa, five cleaning modes, intelligent anti-collision system, and quiet operation.


  • Powerful battery
  • Extensive coverage (up to 1615 square feet)
  • Fitted with a HEPA filter for dust and allergen control
  • Has up to 5 cleaning modes


  • The HEPA filters need to be cleaned and replaced regularly

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

Nothing beats a robotic vacuum cleaner that is Wi-Fi enabled. This seemingly simple feature opens doors to a world you never thought existed. Being Wi-Fi enabled, this SHARK ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner can connect to software applications like Alexa and Google Assistant. Using these apps, you can command and control how your cleaner works from a distance.

To work properly, the brush rolls underneath a Roomba need to be clean. Tired of having to clean the brush rolls to remove dirt and hair? Lucky for you, this robotic cleaner has a self-cleaning system.

It also has powerful suction, large dirt bin, and a powerful battery. Its high level of performance is evident thanks to powerful suctioning capabilities. To keep it safe from a collision, this machine is equipped with advanced sensors.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Powerful suction
  • Large capacity dirt bin
  • Has a self-cleaning brush roll system


  • Does an excellent job cleaning hard floors but not so much carpeted floors


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