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Best Yarn For Baby Blankets

Babies are sensitive. They are much more likely to catch an infection or have an allergic reaction than their adult counterparts. These little people are still developing their immune system and that means that their handlers have to ensure they think of everything to keep baby is safe and healthy.

Blankets seem like an uncomplicated and obvious thing to buy and choose for a baby. You may be surprised how often little children end up having a rash or other reaction to different fabrics. Yarn is one material that has proven to be reliable, safe, and gentle to the sensitive skin that babies have for many years.

The only issue is that there are many options in the market and it can be overwhelming to pick out the best yarn for your blankets. Is it the right texture? What are the best materials to use? How big is a ball? How many balls will I need? These are a few of the questions that you probably have when it comes to shopping for yarn online.

Baby blankets are a product that you can expect to stay on the market for as long as human beings exist. A new baby is born every other day somewhere on the planet. All these babies need tender love and care. Blankets to keep them warm are the first thing that most parents will buy when welcoming a little one into their family.

The best yarn for a baby blanket should meet the following criteria:

  • How safe is it?

Safety is a matter of regulation to ensure it is compliant with fire laws and also is not likely to cause any secondary harm to your little one. No one wants to buy yarn made using materials with lead, asbestos or other harmful substances. These products all meet these guidelines to the letter.

  • How long will it last?

You do not want to make a blanket that will be worn out and done for in months. That would be a terrible gift for a baby shower or a terrible item to make for your little one. These yarn balls all have an above-average durability index if well taken care of.

  • How easy is it to clean?

Another factor we will look into is how much maintenance will be needed for the product. Babies make big messes and mommies like to keep their little ones clean. A stained blanket will not be any moms favorite. The materials we have considered are easy to clean and maintain.

Best Yarn For Baby Blanket Quick Summary


Bernat Blanket Yarn – Best Crotchet

This yarn is the fabric type and is soft and cuddly. The chenille-style makes for gorgeous design and adds a little extra something to your baby blanket. It is available in many different shades meaning there is probably something out there for every meticulous crafter.

The main reason this yarn is great for baby blankets is the ease in washing and the durability of the yarn. This is a great combination, as babies do not shy away from messes. It can last a long time as well-meaning your little ones might use the same blanket and it will still look as good as new.


  • The silver steel yarn is very easy to work with
  • It is machine washable and dryable
  • Up to thirty-one different shades to choose from
  • It is a bulky fabric yarn meaning it will be warm and soft for baby


  • Some of the dyes run off when washed, beware not to mix in with your laundry

Lion Brand Ferris Wheel Yarn Sprinkles – Editor’s Choice

This is another great brand from Turkey that produces gorgeous yarn. Just as the name suggests, this yarn comes in a bright array of colors. The pastels and bright shades make for a fun and bright combination that is a designer’s dream.

While this yarn is not too bulky, it still makes for gorgeous warm and soft blankets. One ball is big enough to make a baby outfit and a blanket will only need two balls. This is great because some brands sell much smaller balls.

Each ball is 394 yards and 35oz. This yarn can be albeit prone to knotting so ensure to pull at it slowly to maximize its utility. There are varieties of weights that are available, blankets typically need the heavier yarn to make then warmer. This yarn is available in a jumbo weight that is perfect for baby blanket projects.


  • It is incredibly soft
  • The yarn has very vibrant colors that make it look appealing
  • Availability of various colors
  • It is always fluffy


  • The unpredictable inconsistency of thickness of the yarn

Mary Maxim Starlette Sparkle Yarn – Best Value

If you are looking for a neutral colored yarn for your project, this product might just hit the right spot. It comes in a neutral shade of cool greys and is another winner for baby blankets. It is made of a hundred per cent acrylic that is soft and easy to use.

It comes in an array of grey shades and this is great for those who prefer a cool look. It is non-allergenic and moth proof and this makes it great for babies. You can choose from a range of separately sold colors to create more versatile designs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Non-allergenic materials
  • Versatile colors available
  • Machine washable


  • The dyes are inconsistent so there may be slight variations in color from one ball to another

Bernat Blanket Brights Yarn – Best Affordable

This is yet another product line by Bernat that we are thankful for. The thick balls are made by 100 per cent polyester meaning they are soft and plush. These balls are 5.3 pounds each and 108 yards long. That means that you can use two or three balls at most to make a baby blanket.

They also made a range of colors so you have a variety to pick from. This yarn is thick and on the heavier side of the index. That makes for very warm and fluffy blankets.

Polyester is great as well for babies because it does not cause allergic reactions. It is also machine washable and quick drying. There is a variety of colorful shades available so you can make vibrant designs.


  • Presence of a wide variety of colors
  • It made of pure polyester material
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and cuddly texture perfect for babies


  • The dye colors are a little inconsistent

The Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Yarn

Another product we love ids this red heart line that is made with babies in mind. The reason this product has landed on this list is the attention to detail when it comes to the material. It is a 100 per cent worsted acrylic that makes it soft and very easy to work with.

It is available for the 5mm needles but can also be used using a 5.5mm crochet hook. It is also available in an array of colors making it great for whatever colors you are using in your project.

Its lightweight material is great when buying in bulk but does not affect how warm the blanket will be. It is, therefore, a great choice as well for your baby blankets project in 2019.


  • It is very soft
  • Available in plenty of beautiful colors
  • The yarn is easy to work with
  • Inexpensive


  • The yarn snags and are easily separated from one another making its products a little less durable than some options on this list

Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn Creamsicle

Another great lion brand product that has made the list is this creamsicle line that we adore. The baby soft line is made for baby blankets. It is made by a 6:4 ration of acrylic and polyamide materials. That makes it very easy to work with and very durable.

Beware not o use water over 40 degrees to wash it as it may cause early wear. This material should give you very long usage as long as it is taken care of within the guidelines. Each ball is 5 pounds and 459 yards long.


  • It is machine washable
  • 25 colors to pick from
  • Easy to use overall
  • The yarn is very soft and has a large skein


  • Can be prone to knotting is mishandled.

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Pitter Patter

If you want an incredibly soft blanket for your baby, then this is the yarn to use for your project. This yarn is soft and plush and feels great on the baby’s sensitive skin. Made of 100 per cent polyester, this yarn is a great choice for making baby products.

It is a bulky yarn and is in the sixth weight category. A full ball measures 220 yards. It works well for both knitting and crotchet blankets and comes in a cool set of colors that are sure to impress at any baby shower.


  • It is of 100% polyester
  • The yarns are certified to be safe for babies
  • Easy workability
  • The pitter Patter line is available in many different colors


  • The dyes tend to be inconsistent

Red Heart Gumdrop Yarn

The red heart yarn is also another fan favorite that we had to include. The vibrant color combination on each ball makes for fun blankets that look gorgeous. This yarn is made up of 100% acrylic and is super soft and silky.

It is 4oz/113 and 204 yards/187m.This makes it quite smaller than most of the other products we have looked at so far. It has a knitting gauge is 17 stitches for 23 rows. It is a great choice as well for baby blanket projects because of how warm and soft it is. That is a great quality when choosing yarn for bay projects.

This product is popular because it does not knot, something you have to contend with most yarn in the market today. It is also available in a range of colors.


  • The smooth texture
  • Beautiful color combinations
  • It is machine washable and dryable
  • Extraordinarily soft and thin making it versatile in design


  • It is smaller than most balls available in the market

Lion Brand yarn Mint Baby soft

The proper selection goes a long way in quality control for your products. While cost is a common factor when shopping for yarn, durability and ease t use is something you cannot overlook. This product checks off all the boxes for us and deserves to be on this list as well.

This trendy mint yarn has a great texture that is great for little ones. It comes in a variety of other colors as well for those who like something a little more vibrant. It is made with a blend of 60 per cent acrylic and 40 per cent synthetic nylon.

It is 459 yards/420m, and it has an optimum medium weight that is neither too heavy nor light. It is a smaller ball as well and requires at least four or five to make a baby blanket.


  • Durable quality yarn
  • It is machine washable
  • Pretty colors for babies
  • It is soft


  • The yarn sometimes varies in thickness and the balls are considerably small

Simply Soft Stripes Yarn

The last but not the least product on our list is the simply soft stripes line. It is a medium worsted product that is shipped in threes. This product has a self-striping pattern of the colors blue, orange, yellow, red, and brown.

You can use this yarn to create beautiful striped patters of different colors on the same blanket. That is a fun factor that we simply can overlook being that we love new ideas. This product, unfortunately, does not offer a versatile range of color combinations yet.

It is an interesting product that has proven to be great for baby blankets as well. It is also 100% acrylic and is soft enough to be used for baby projects. It has the occasional tangle problem but with the right handling, it is a great yarn for any of your projects.


  • It comes in three balls
  • It has a unique color combination
  • It is relatively cheap
  • it is non-allergenic making it great for babies


  • It is prone to tangling if it is not well handled


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