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Did anybody in Illinois win the mega million?

At this time, it is not known if anybody in Illinois has won the Mega Millions lottery. The latest available Mega Millions winning numbers dated April 3, 2021 are 25, 41, 45, 62, 72, with Mega Ball 19.

The estimated grand prize for that draw was $168 million and several tickets across the country shared the prize, but it is not officially known if any of the winners were from Illinois.

If you purchased a ticket in Illinois for the April 3, 2021 Mega Millions draw, you can check your numbers against the Mega Millions winning numbers published on their website and compare the results with your ticket.

Alternatively, some authorized state retailers may post the winning numbers with the list of major winners. Good luck!.

Where was the winning Mega Millions ticket sold in Illinois last night?

The winning Mega Millions ticket for last night’s drawing was sold at Woodgrid Convenience, located at 5235 W. Irving Park Rd in Chicago, Illinois. The convenience store will receive a $500,000 bonus for selling the lucky ticket.

According to Mega Millions officials, this is the first time a Mega Millions winner has been from Illinois since early 2018. This year, the Mega Millions is the only US lottery game to have surpassed the $2 billion jackpot level.

The Illinois winner matched all five white-ball numbers drawn (13-17-20-25-51) and the gold mega ball number (3) to take the jackpot. The lucky player has the option to receive their prize in a one-time payment of $182 million, or in 30 graduated payments over 29 years.

This is the fourth largest jackpot prize won by a single ticket holder in the US and the second largest lottery jackpot ever won in Illinois.

Did anybody win the billion dollar lottery?

No, nobody won the billion dollar lottery. The MegaMillions lottery that was drawing for a billion dollar grand prize was held on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018, but no one was able to match the winning combination of 5 white balls and a gold mega ball.

The estimated jackpot was the second-largest ever in US lottery history, and the largest ever in MegaMillions history.

Although no one won the grand prize, 11 tickets in California, Michigan and Wisconsin matched five of the numbers and won a second prize of $1 million each. Several others won smaller prizes totaling more than $26 million.

The MegaMillions jackpot had been growing since it last was hit on July 24th by a group of 11 co-workers in California who split a $543 million jackpot.

Who won the billion dollar lotto in Illinois?

In January 2016, a single lucky ticket purchased in Palos Hills, Illinois won the $435. 3 million Powerball lottery jackpot. The person who purchased the ticket elected to remain anonymous. The news of the winning ticket was officially announced by the Illinois Lottery on January 13.

This was the fourth largest individual Powerball jackpot ever to be awarded in the United States. The winner elected to receive the entire $435. 3 million prize in a lump sum, meaning they received approximately $220.

1 million before taxes.

Did anyone claim the Illinois Lottery?

At this time, the Illinois Lottery does not release the names of lottery winners unless the winner authorizes the Illinois Lottery to do so. Therefore, it is not possible to know if anyone has claimed the Illinois Lottery.

However, all Illinois Lottery winners have up to a year after the draw date to collect their winnings. Claims for tickets purchased for the current fiscal year must be made before the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.

All lottery winners must submit a claim form, along with their ticket and appropriate identification, in order to receive payment. Multi-million dollar prizes must be claimed in-person at the Illinois Lottery Prize Center in Springfield.

All other prizes can be claimed either in-person at any of the five local Illinois Lottery claim centers, or via mail to the Prize Center.

Where in Illinois was the winning ticket bought?

The winning ticket for the Powerball jackpot of $768 million was purchased at the Nick’s Barbecue in Palatine, Illinois. The winning ticket was announced on March 27, 2019. Nick’s Barbecue is located on 1571 North Rand Road in Palatine, a suburb of Chicago located in Cook County.

Is Illinois paying lottery winners?

Yes, Illinois is still paying out lottery winners. During the pandemic, the Illinois Lottery has continued to hold daily and instant scratch-off games. They are also continuing to pay out the jackpot prizes for their games.

All jackpot winners can contact the Illinois Lottery for instructions on how to claim their prizes. All prize claims must still be made in person at the Lottery’s Prize Center in Chicago or at local Lottery offices, as per the Illinois Lottery procedures.

Did anyone win the Mega last night?

No, there was no winner in the Mega Millions draw last night. The winning numbers for Wednesday, June 10, were 25-36-38-40-58 with a Mega Ball of 24. Unfortunately, no one matched all six numbers, so the estimated jackpot for the next drawing has grown to $510 million!.