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How long did Val and Amber date?

Val and Amber dated for three years. They started dating in 2016 and stayed together until 2019. During that time, they traveled to several countries together and shared many special memories. In 2019, they decided to call it quits, but still remain close friends.

Who did Amber Rose date from DWTS?

Amber Rose, the model, actress and socialite, dated Val Chmerkovskiy from the hit television show Dancing with the Stars. Val and Amber lasted for nearly five months and revealed the news about their relationship in October of 2016.

Interestingly, the two had been friends for a few years before becoming a couple. Val had also previously been partnered with Amber on DWTS as his partner for Season 23 and was subsequently voted off the show earlier than he would have liked.

Amber and Val’s relationship was unsurprisingly quite the scandal, especially since the dancer had been previously engaged to fellow DWTS pro Jenna Johnson. Though Val and Amber parted ways in February of 2017, they remain friends, and Val has called their relationship a “beautifully strong connection between two humans” and named her “a great person to love.


When did Val and Jenna break up?

Val and Jenna broke up in mid-July of 2020. Prior to their split, the couple seemed to have a good relationship, with Jenna frequently sharing pictures of the two of them together and expressing her love for Val on social media.

However, things changed in July when Jenna suddenly stopped posting anything about Val and deleted all of their pictures together. This led to speculation that the couple had split, which was later confirmed by both Val and Jenna when they each posted a statement announcing their breakup on their respective social media accounts.

While no specific reason was given as to why they decided to end their relationship, it’s clear that the two remain on good terms despite their breakup.

Who was Vals partner last season?

Vals partner last season on Dancing With The Stars was pro dancer Jenna Johnson. She first joined the Dancing With The Stars cast in 2014 and since then has become a household name. She began as a troupe dancer, moving her way up to the position of pro dancer in season 20.

She was partnered with Victor Ortiz in season 16 and finally with Val Chmerkovskiy in season 24. Val and Jenna proved to be a great partnership, achieving a 2nd place finish and becoming fan favorites with their show-stopping performances.

Who is Amber Rose’s baby daddy?

Amber Rose’s baby daddy is Alexander Edwards, also known as AE. He is an artist, music executive, media proprietor, and entrepreneur. He is currently the Vice President of A&R at Def Jam. He and Rose began dating in 2019 and have been together since then.

On October 10, 2020, Rose announced that she and Edwards were expecting their first child together. On October 16, 2020, Rose gave birth to a baby boy, which has since been revealed to be named Slash Electric.

Is Jenna still married to Val?

At this time, the current marital status of Jenna and Val is unknown. They were last known to be married in 2018. Since then, there is no record of separation or divorce in any public records. It is also unknown whether they have had any public statements about their marriage status since then.

With no official announcement either way, the only way to truly know the current marital status of Jenna and Val is to ask them directly.

Is Val Smrkovsky married?

Val Smrkovsky is not currently married, however there is no public record of any marriages, past or present. It is not known if Val Smrkovsky is currently in a relationship as they do not publicly disclose this information.

Why is Val’s wife not on DWTS?

Val’s wife, Jenna Johnson is not on Dancing with the Stars for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Jenna is a professional dancer who appears on the show as a Troupe Dancer, which means she does not perform in the competition and instead serves as a dance partner for the celebrity contestants.

Secondly, Jenna is an incredible choreographer and is happy to work behind the scenes to create creative and entertaining routines. Lastly, Jenna and Val have been together since they were teenagers, so they already share a strong connection.

Because they are such a close couple, it simply wouldn’t make sense for them to compete against one another on the show.

Does Val Chmerkovskiy have a baby?

No, Val Chmerkovskiy does not currently have a baby. Val is currently single and has never been married. He was previously engaged to his former Dancing With the Stars partner, Jenna Johnson. However, the couple split in November 2019 after an 18-month engagement.

Val does not currently have any children, however, he has been very vocal about his desire to become a father one day in the future. In 2019, shortly after his break-up with Jenna, Val said in an interview that he isn’t necessarily in any rush to get married and have children, however he will one day create the family of his dreams.

Does Maksim Chmerkovskiy have dual citizenship?

No, Maksim Chmerkovskiy does not have dual citizenship. He was born and raised in Ukraine, and he clearly holds Ukrainian citizenship. However, he also has an American green card, which enables him to live and work in the United States.

This does not make him a dual citizen, as having a green card just means that he can work and provide benefits in the United States, but he will never be eligible for citizenship. Therefore, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is not a dual citizen and holds only Ukrainian citizenship at this time.

How did Zendaya hurt Val?

Zendaya hurt Val’s feelings on the show Dancing with the Stars when she mockingly told him that he was not a real professional dancer, but simply an actor pretending to be one. Val was visibly hurt by this comment and openly expressed his disappointment on the show.

After the show, Zendaya took to her social media accounts to issue an apology, explaining that the comment was made in jest and that she did not mean to hurt, belittle or insult anyone. She expressed her regret for her words, and apologized for any hurt that she had caused.

Who is Val smirnoff married to?

Val Smirnoff is married to actress and author Daniella Monet. They tied the knot on November 9, 2019 at a private family estate in Malibu, California. The couple had started dating in 2018, and Smirnoff proposed to Monet at Point Dume State Beach that same year.

Smirnoff is an actor, dancer, and choreographer, best known for his roles in TV shows like Dancing With the Stars, The X Factor and American Idol. Monet is an actress, writer, and director, best known for her roles on TV shows such as Victorious, Zoey 101, Fresh Beat Band, and See Dad Run.

She currently stars in the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch. The couple is currently living together in Los Angeles.

Does Val and Jenna have a child?

No, Val and Jenna do not have a child. Val is married to Carmen and Jenna is currently single, so they do not have any children together. Val has a daughter, Emma, from a previous relationship. Meanwhile, Jenna has a son, Ryan, with her previous partner.

Did Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa date?

Yes, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa did date. The couple began dating in 2011 and later became engaged in March 2012. They were married on July 8, 2013, in a lavish ceremony in Pittsburgh, with their son Sebastian as their best man.

They also had a baby together in February 2013, shortly before their wedding. Unfortunately, the couple officially separated in 2014 and eventually divorced in 2016. Despite their breakup they both remained friends and co-parents of their son Sebastian.

In 2018 Amber Rose spoke fondly of Wiz Khalifa, saying: “I don’t feel I have to hide my appreciation and love for him in order to be with someone else. ”.

Who has dated Amber?

Amber Rose has dated a number of well-known public figures, including rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, NBA player Terrence Ross, model Omari Hardwick, as well as actor and comedian, Machine Gun Kelly.

Amber and Kanye first got together in 2008, but sadly their relationship was short-lived trailing off in 2010. However, they have remained friends in the years since. Amber then moved on to date rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

The couple married in 2013 and Amber gave birth to her first son, Sebastian, the following year. But the couple split in 2014 and their divorce was finalized in 2016. In 2016, Amber was seen stepping out with NBA player, Terrence Ross.

However, the two didn’t last and it was reported that Omar Hardwick was her next beau. Her highest profile relationship of recent was with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who she was seen cozying up to on the set of one of his music videos.

Though the two were seen on multiple dates together and shared some sweet, romantic PDA, the couple split in July of 2020.