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How much is parking at the Texas Motor Speedway?

The parking fee for the Texas Motor Speedway varies depending on the event and the lot; however, the general rate is $10 per car or SUV, $25 for RVs, and $100 for buses. There are additional fees for overnight parking.

Additionally, Preferred Parking is available for selected events for $50 per car or SUV. As the Speedway strives to improve the comfort and convenience of its guests, Smart Parking is also now available and allows guests to choose their parking spot before arriving.

Can you bring a backpack into NASCAR?

Yes, you can bring a backpack into NASCAR. However, backpacks and other large bags must pass through security upon entry, as all bags larger than 16″x16″x8″ are subject to search. For the safety of all guests, all items including and similar to backpacks, coolers, briefcases, suitcases, etc.

and items such as power banks, mace or pepper spray, wallet chains, selfie sticks and more will not be allowed. Also, it’s important to note that items such as wheels and kickboards, folding chairs, drones, glass, metal containers, and audio/video recording equipment are not allowed.

Ultimately, for a comfortable experience, it is best to only bring what is necessary, as space is limited and NASCAR does not provide storage for any type of bag.

What can you bring into a NASCAR race?

You can bring several items into a NASCAR race, but you should check with the track regulations prior to the race. Most tracks will allow you to bring in items such as water and soft drinks, sealed snack items, coolers up to a certain size, binoculars, and sunscreen, chairs, and small umbrellas for shade.

Additionally, most events allow for a limited number of items to be brought into the stands. Typically, these items include phones, point-and-shoot cameras (no detachable lenses) and sealed plastic body protectors.

Depending on the race, guests may also be able to bring in items such as strollers, wheelchairs, and/or service animals. However, due to security regulations, some items are not allowed, such as alcoholic beverages, explosives, weapons, signs, banners, pets, and large bags.

Those in violation of the security regulations may be asked to leave.

How much is parking for Bulls games?

Parking for Chicago Bulls games varies by lot and location. A typical surface lot near the United Center, the home arena of the Bulls, typically charges $30-$40 per game. Fans who choose to valet park will pay up to double that.

Some lots may also charge additional fees for large vehicle and tailgate parking, so it is best to check beforehand. Official parking lots owned and managed by United Center, including their surface lot North Lot and the popular East Garage, typically cost $33-$65 depending on the distance from the arena.

Please note that on game days, it is best to arrive up to two hours before the game starts to secure a spot.

Is Texas Motorplex closing?

At this time, Texas Motorplex is not closing. The Motorplex, which is located in Ennis, Texas, has been a popular motorsport attraction since 1986. The facility has hosted numerous NHRA events, including the prestigious AAA Texas NHRA FallNationals, as well as sportsman and amateur racing.

Recently, the Motorplex underwent significant renovations and has been utilized for a variety of events, from drifting and autocross to truck and tractor pulls. Additionally, the venue has opened its gates for movie filming, special events, and a variety of car shows.

While there have been some rumors about Texas Motorplex closing, the venue remains open for business. Texas Motorplex is currently offering a variety of ticketing options and car show packages, as well as private rentals for special events.

The venue has also implemented several safety protocols in accordance with public health guidelines aimed to protect its visitors and staff.

Overall, Texas Motorplex is not closing and continues to offer visitors a variety of events.

Does Billy Meyer still own Texas Motorplex?

No, Billy Meyer does not still own Texas Motorplex. The track was sold to three investors – Chris Paulsen, Chris Blair and Joe McGee – in June 2018. The previous owner and operator, Billy Meyer, owned the track since 1992.

He wanted to ensure that the track and its history remain intact, thus choosing to sell to the three investors who have been a part of the Texas Motorplex family for many years. The track will continue to host major events like the NHRA FallNationals and the Lucas Oil The American Nationals race.

Who owns Texas Motorplex?

Texas Motorplex is owned by Global ProPoint, LLC, a Texas-based real estate development and hospitality company. The facility was founded in 1986 by Dallas real estate developer Billy Meyer and renowned racer “Big Daddy” Don Garlits.

Meyer acted as the facility’s original president and general manager and held those positions until 2014 when he passed away. Upon his passing, Garlits and the Meyer family entrusted Global ProPoint and the leadership of Terry Leonard and Brad Dotson to continue the success and growth of the Motorplex.

Under the Global ProPoint leadership, Texas Motorplex continues to be one of the premier motorsports entertainment venues in the nation. Their mission is to provide fans with a one-of-a-kind racing experience and world-class customer service.

Who bought Atlanta Dragway?

In January of 2019, Atlanta Dragway was purchased by Steve Earwood and his partner, Jack Hurst. The two partners are successful businessmen and progressive race track operators who have over 60 years of combined experience in the drag racing business.

Hurst, a former employee of Atlanta Dragway, and Earwood, a former NHRA Division 2 Director, are committed to reviving the Fayetville, Georgia drag strip. The pair boasts an impressive resume as well, having also owned and operated several other drag strips across the United States, such as Cecil County Dragway in Maryland, South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia, and Carolina Dragway in North Carolina.

The two partners have made it clear that they plan to make significant and necessary updates to the facility. Not only will they make improvements to the overall appearance and amenities of the drag strip, but they plan to acquire new dragsters, hire knowledgeable and experienced personnel, and create more and exciting race events to lure new racers to the drag strip and draw more people to the area.

Who are the new owners of Milan Dragway?

The new owners of Milan Dragway, located in Michigan, are Grosse Pointe Ventures, LLC. A group of local businessmen, doctors and entrepreneurs from the Grosse Pointe area, the new owners sought to preserve the Dragway’s long history of motorsports entertainment.

Led by André Sarvia, the team consists of Chris Steele, Greg Wallace, Chris Traynor and Thomas Whelan. This fresh ownership is devoted to the preservation and future of Milan Dragway along with creating a safe, quality destination for motorsport enthusiasts just outside of Detroit.

With their vast experience and commitment to customer service, they have already started to enhance the customer experience and create an atmosphere that is both exciting and family-friendly.