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How old is Bay Bay Bay from Real Chance of Love?

Bay Bay Bay is 44 years old. She was born on November 28th, 1976 in Oakland, California. She spent her early years growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she majored in cultural anthropology.

Bay Bay Bay gained notoriety after her appearance on VH1’s reality TV show Real Chance of Love, where she unsuccessfully competed for the affection of her “Chance”. Subsequently, she starred in the spinoff show, Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle, where she became the eventual winner.

She has also appeared in television and films, including The Game, The Parkers, and BET’s Redemption. Bay Bay Bay has continued to work steadily throughout her lengthy career and is currently working on her own movie, titled “Divas of Discovery”.

Why did cornfed and real break up?

Cornfed and Real’s relationship ended for a variety of reasons. It’s impossible to know the details of their break up, but they both have spoken publicly about it and shared some insight into why they split up.

Real mentioned that their relationship had become strained and a strain on both of them due to their busy schedules in the entertainment industry, making it hard to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

He further stated that the strain likely caused them to drift apart, leading to Cornfed’s decision to move on.

Cornfed shared her thoughts on the break up, echoing Real’s sentiment that they had allowed their professional obligations to take a toll on their relationship. She also added that staying together would have been too much of a strain on both of them and that in the end, it was best for them to part ways.

All in all, it seems that Cornfed and Real decided to break up partially due to external factors, such as their busy lives, but also because they both felt as if it was better to go their own ways.

Who won Real Chance of Love 2?

The winner of season two of Real Chance of Love was Cornell “Hoopz” Alexander on November 24, 2009. She was chosen by brothers Ahmad “Real” Givens and Kamal “Chance” Givens, members of the rap duo, Buff Love after a season of competing other female contestants for their affections.

The show, which aired on VH1, began airing on August 11, 2008 and ended after twelve episodes. During the season, the gals competed in a variety of challenges such as eating contests, performances and various competitions.

At the end of the season, both “Real” and “Chance” narrowed their choices down to two stand-out ladies, Hoopz and her rival, Risky. In the end, the 21-year-old Hoopz won their hearts and walked away with the victory along with a cash prize.

What year did real chance of love come out?

Real Chance of Love, a reality dating series produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, first aired on VH1 in 2008. It starred brothers Ahmad “Real” Givens and Kamal “Chance” Givens, both of whom were in search of love at the same time.

The show featured two sets of female contestants vying for the men’s attention, as well as fighting with one another in a battle for their “romantic chance”. The show ran for a total of two seasons, with the finale airing in December of 2009.

What does cornfed mean slang?

Cornfed is slang for someone who is from a rural area and has a stereotypical country lifestyle. It carries connotations of being naive and uneducated. It is often used to describe someone who looks and behaves in a certain way that stereotypes country people and is meant to be derogatory.

Some may view it as a term of endearment—especially amongst family and friends—but it still carries condescending connotations.

Where are the Stallionaires from?

The Stallionaires are a rap group from Boston, Massachusetts. The group consists of rappers, Ka, Maxwell and Gustapo. They have been making music since 2003 and have achieved a high level of success, including performing on BET’s 106 & Park and appearing in Essence magazine.

They have appeared on MTV’s “My Block” and have been featured in numerous publications across the United States. Their music style has been described as positive, upbeat, and uplifting, incorporating elements of hip-hop, R&B, and club music.

They have been collaborators with artists such as Talib Kweli, Eminem, and Wyclef Jean. The group is also known for their philanthropic efforts, such as appearing in the Boston Hip-Hop Summit, an event that was created to address the empowerment and educational needs of low-income and minority youth.

What is Pogey mean?

Poggy is a slang term used in Canada to refer to Employment Insurance (EI) or Social Assistance. It originates from the 1940’s when the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (SUB) program was colloquially called ‘poggy’ due to the seemingly endless amounts of forms needed to acquire the funds.

The slang has since become synonymous with Employment Insurance and Social Assistance, and is widely recognized as such throughout Canada.

In more recent years, the term has come to also symbolize the stigma and poor reputation associated with people receiving EI and Social Assistance payments. This has become a political and social topic of debate as many argue that the benefits are unfairly characterized as undeserved or stolen from the government when the reality is that many individuals rely on these programs to make ends meet.

Whether you use the term ‘Poggy’ or prefer to call it EI or Social Assistance, it is used to represent government support programs that are essential to the livelihood of many Canadians.

What is Jax slang?

Jax slang is a term used to describe the dialect used in Jacksonville, Florida and its surrounding areas. It is characterized by the use of phrases and vocabulary that is specific to the region and varies considerably from the English language spoken elsewhere.

Common phrases and words include “big ups,” which is a way to show respect and appreciation, “hella,” which means very, and “Bolt,” which is a term meaning cool. Jax slang is often blended with Southern California slang and popular phrases throughout the United States, making it an ever-evolving and unique form of communication.

What is a pursy person?

A pursy person is someone who appears to be filled with inner contentment and peace. They are often seen as a resourceful person, someone who naturally moves with the flow and is joyful in moments of peace and success.

They often come across as being relaxed and comfortable in any situation they find themselves in and have an air of contentment that radiates from them. Furthermore, a pursy person typically has a strong sense of gratitude for life, and often takes time to appreciate the little moments that many overlook.

They tend to take life less seriously, and despite the number of tasks on their plate, find joy in the leisurely activities that many deem as ‘unproductive. ’ Above all, a pursy person is someone who exudes tranquility and is unbothered by the chaos of the world.

What happened to real from real chance of love?

Real, who participated in Season 1 of VH1’s reality dating show “Real Chance of Love,” passed away in February 2015, after battling stage 4 colon cancer. As one half of the rap duo “Reilly & Iconz” alongside his brother Chance, Real was a beloved fixture of the hip-hop community.

He was also very well known for his presence in the VH1 dating show, which ran for two seasons and focused on Real and Chance trying to find their true love.

While initially Real seemed to have the upper hand in Season 1, the show ended in a draw, with each brother choosing a different girl. As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, however, Real and his match, Corn Fed, began a serious relationship.

They remained together until Real’s death.

In the years leading up to his death, Real was a fierce advocate for colon cancer awareness. Since his tragic passing, fans and celebrities alike have taken to social media to express their grief and pay tribute to Real.

His memory lives on in the lives of those he touched during his life and his loyal fan base.

Who did Real and Chance pick on Season 1?

On the first season of VH1’s I Love New York, brothers Real (Ahmad Givens) and Chance (Kamal Givens) chose Tango (Antoine Ashley) as their final selection. Tango was one of the initial 20 men who joined the show in a process to win over the affections of Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

In the end, most of the competition found out that they had been selected by New York, as other contestants in the house had formed relationships earlier in the season, only to eventually be told they were not chosen.

In the season finale, Real and Chance admitted they were the only two who had not been selected by New York. The brothers asked New York if they were allowed to choose from the remaining six men and she eventually agreed.

After a long deliberation, Real and Chance selected Tango as their final choice. Tango and the brothers had a rocky relationship and real eventually eliminated Tango at the end of the season.

How did Chance lose his brother real?

Chance tragically lost his brother Real on October 1st, 2019 in a hit-and-run car accident. Real was in Santa Monica, California, when he was struck while crossing the street. The collision occurred at approximately 8:30 pm, and Real was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he passed away from his injuries.

Chance was shaken to his core by the news, and it compounded the pain he was already feeling from the death of his father the previous year. He had been close with both of his brothers, but it felt like Real’s passing had taken the light out of his heart.

In the days that followed, Chance posted a heartfelt tribute to Real on his social media accounts, writing, “Real, you were always my light in the darkness and I want to thank you for being the best brother I could ever ask for.

You will be remembered and forever missed. ” Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page was set up to cover Real’s funeral costs and a candlelight vigil was held at the hospital in his honor.

It’s been months since Chance lost his brother and the pain continues to linger. Fortunately, he’s found solace in connecting with his fans online and sharing stories about Real whenever he can. His goal is to keep his brother’s legacy alive, and make sure that Real is never forgotten.

How long have Chance and Kirsten been together?

Chance and Kirsten have been together since April 2018. They are a dedicated couple and have faced many obstacles together. In April 2018, they both said “I Love You” for the first time and have been happily together ever since.

They have grown together as individuals and faced many tough times together, but have come out stronger for it. They are both passionate about their relationship and never give up on each other. Chance and Kirsten plan to stay together for many years to come.

Why didnt Chance go to the I Love New York reunion?

Chance didn’t go to the I Love New York reunion for a few reasons. Firstly, he was unhappy about the way his past relationship with New York was portrayed on the show and the negativity that surrounded it.

Furthermore, he felt that the show was too focused on drama and manufactured storylines instead of focusing on real, meaningful relationships. Lastly, he had moved on from the I Love New York experience and was no longer interested in joining in the reunion.

He felt it was a better idea to keep his distance and to focus on positive experiences in his own life instead.