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What games to play on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a great time to relax, spend time with family, or just have some fun. One of the best ways to do this is to gather the family together and play some games! Depending on the age group, some games that you could play include charades, 20 questions, card games, board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Pictionary, and even simple games like Hot Potato or Egg and Spoon.

If you want to get more physical, tag and musical chairs are great to get the littles racing around and having a good time. Of course, no family gathering is complete without a friendly game of football or other outdoor sports.

No matter the age range of your family and friends, there will be something to fit everyone’s interests and keep the party going!.

What are some fun Thanksgiving activities?

Thanksgiving is the time to gather with family and friends to express gratitude and celebrate the fall harvest. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy on this special day. Here are some Thanksgiving activities to make your holiday one to remember:

1. Play outdoor games: Head outside and enjoy the cooler temperatures with some fun outdoor games. Cornhole, ladder toss, and bocce are some of the most popular outdoor games to play.

2. Get crafty: Arts and crafts are always a great way to get everyone together. Make your own Thanksgiving decorations or create a few funny and festive mascots to show off at the dinner table.

3. Have a movie night: Pick a movie everyone will enjoy and cuddle up with some blankets and popcorn on the couch.

4. Bake: Create a delectable Thanksgiving dessert to share after the big meal. Apple pies, pumpkin cakes, and pecan pies are just a few tasty treats to try.

5. Do a charitable activity: Spend time volunteering or donating to those in need. Encouraging kindness and charity will bring your family closer together.

6. Decorate: Get into the Thanksgiving spirit by decorating the house. Hang up festive garlands, add a few colorful pillows and cushions, or create your own door wreath.

7. Play a game: Invite everyone over to play a family-friendly board game or even have a friendly competition of charades.

8. Join a parade: If you live near a town that holds a Thanksgiving parade, take an hour and join in the fun. Make sure to dress up in your most festive attire!

Whichever activities you choose, be sure to make it a day of thanksgiving, sharing, and gratitude.

How can I make Thanksgiving more fun?

There are lots of ways to make Thanksgiving more fun, some of which don’t even involve food! Here are some ideas:

1. Bake some Thanksgiving-themed cookies and decorate them together.

2. Have a family board game night, ideally with a few games that everyone can participate in.

3. Create a Thanksgiving-themed playlist with everyone’s favorite songs.

4. Have everyone share something they are thankful for — it’s a great way to encourage gratitude and it makes for a great bonding moment.

5. Make handmade decorations together to spruce up the house for the holiday.

6. Play some Thanksgiving-themed trivia or charades.

7. Have a Thanksgiving-themed movie night and watch classic Thanksgiving movies together.

8. Take a walk to get some fresh air and have everyone share stories of happy memories or funny moments they’ve had throughout the year. This will not only be fun but be a great opportunity to appreciate all that you’ve been through.

9. Host a Thanksgiving-themed Arts and Crafts session — it could be a creative way to express your gratitude in a tangible way!

10. Set up a Thanksgiving photo booth with plenty of props and decorations. It’ll be fun to look back on these photos for years to come.

How do I keep my kids busy on Thanksgiving?

There are a variety of activities that can be done to keep your kids busy and entertained on Thanksgiving. Depending on the age of your kids, some great activities may include: playing Thanksgiving-themed games, like a scavenger hunt or charades; getting crafty by creating Thanksgiving decorations for your home; having an indoor parade and playing fun music; having a Thanksgiving-themed movie marathon; or having a family cook-off in the kitchen.

If you have older kids, they may enjoy helping in the kitchen or playing board and card games with the family. If you will be outside, you can play outdoor activities like football, tag, or frisbee, or have a picnic in the backyard.

Whatever activities you choose, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to have fun with your children and create some wonderful memories.

How do you host a simple Thanksgiving?

Hosting a simple Thanksgiving is a great way to gather with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. Before you begin, make sure to decide who is attending the gathering, determine the size of the event, and set a budget.

Once you have your plan in place, here are some tips to make hosting a simple Thanksgiving a breeze:

1. Create a Simple Menu: Instead of trying to prepare an extravagant feast, a simple Thanksgiving can be achieved by choosing a few traditional dishes that are simple to make. Classic dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and roasted turkey can be made easily and are sure to please your guests.

2. Lower the Stress Level: There is no need to stress about getting everything done at once. Focus on the dishes you can prepare the night before, like the cranberry sauce or a side dish that can be reheated the next day.

3. Ask for Assistance: Making a Thanksgiving feast can be a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family members. Assign individual tasks, like prepping the salad or bringing a pie, to help make the job of hosting a simple Thanksgiving easier.

4. Focus on Decorations: Adding festive holiday decorations is an inexpensive way to add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving party. Focus on seasonal items like colorful centerpieces, pumpkins, pine cones, and holiday foliage to create a cozy Thanksgiving atmosphere.

5. Spend Time with Guests: Though easy to forget, the main reason to host a Thanksgiving is to gather with your nearest and dearest. By keeping the meal simple, you can focus more on spending time talking, laughing, and reminiscing with your guests.

Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be complicated. By keeping the menu simple, asking for help from your guests, and focusing on decorations and quality time, you can make your Thanksgiving gathering memorable with little effort.

What can you do with friends on Thanksgiving?

There’s a lot of things you can do with friends on Thanksgiving. Depending on your group of friends and holiday traditions, you can make the day as traditional or creative as you’d like. Here are some ideas for celebrating the holiday with your friends:

• Have a Thanksgiving-themed potluck. Everyone can bring a dish to share and you can enjoy an eclectic combination of traditional staples, like cranberry sauce, green beans and mashed potatoes, as well as unique dishes that each of your friends brings to the table.

• Get outside and engage in some friendly competition. Played during autumn and winter months, activities like football and ultimate Frisbee are a great way to get some fresh air and have some fun with your friends.

• Organize a charity event. Put together Thanksgiving-related care packages or show your gratitude through volunteering at a soup kitchen.

• Have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or hold a Friendsgiving celebration. Find a restaurant that serves a traditional Thanksgiving feast, or tell everyone to meet at a friend’s house. Ask everyone to bring something special to the table.

Allow friends to volunteer to prepare a dish that’s meaningful to them in order to add an even bigger family vibe to the meal.

• Host a Friendsgiving party. Go all out and decorate your house in fall decor. Wear funny costumes and crown yourselves “Friendsgiving King and Queen. ” Enjoy all the wonderful Thanksgiving classics, like mashed potatoes and stuffing, with a unique spin.

Have each guest write something they’re thankful for on colorful paper leaves and hang them in your “Friendsgiving tree,” for a unique way to show gratitude.

No matter how you choose to spend Thanksgiving with your friends, remember that the day is all about show appreciation, sharing and giving thanks.

What should I do for Thanksgiving at school?

If you are looking for ideas on what to do for Thanksgiving at your school, there are many options! You could plan a festive decoration day prior to Thanksgiving and ask students to help put up decorations.

You could also plan an assembly where students can perform a song or dance related to the holiday, or even write and perform a skit. Another option is to invite local food banks and pantries to set up a table, where students can donate food or items to help out those who may be experiencing food insecurity.

Additionally, you could plan a multigenerational potluck, where students can bring their favorite Thanksgiving dish (or recipe) to share with everyone. You could also plan a surprise Thanksgiving lunch where a group of students or faculty could serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal to everyone.

Finally, students can also get together to create cards, crafts, or other art to donate to an elderly home or a local organization near your school.

How do CA lottery scratchers work?

California lottery scratchers work in a very simple way. Each ticket is a card with a silver foil covering which you need to scratch off to reveal prize amounts and other information. The goal is to match symbols, numbers or words according to the instructions on each ticket.

Different tickets have different requirements, but it typically involves matching symbols, uncovering words, or revealing a given number that corresponds to an allotted prize. Different scarcity of symbols or amounts will also determine what your prize could be.

Prizes can range anywhere from a few dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on the game and amount wagered.

How do you tell if a California scratcher is a winner?

Every California Scratcher will have instructions on the back for how to tell if you have won. Generally, you can look at the front of the ticket to see if there are any golden or silver symbols next to the designated cash prizes.

Also, there should be instructions on the back of the scratcher indicating which combinations of symbols and numbers you need to match in order to win. For example, if you scratched a “$2 Million Fortune” ticket, it might say that you need two “10s” symbols in order to win the top prize.

Then all you need to do is check the obscured play area, if you match those two symbols then you have won. Note that you will still need to claim any winnings at an authorized California Lottery retailer.

How do you claim a scratch off ticket in California?

In order to claim a scratch off ticket in California, you will need to take your ticket to a California Lottery retailer or district office. You will also need to complete a claim form and provide either a valid government-issued photo ID or another form of identification, such as a driver’s license or military ID card, to verify your identity.

Once the ticket is validated, the Lottery retailer will give you instructions on how to receive your prize. If you have won a prize over $599. 99, you will need to fill out a claim form and submit it or mail it to the Lottery District Office for processing.

Prizes $599. 99 and under can be claimed directly from Lottery retailers. It is important to remember to sign the back of your winning ticket immediately after purchase and to keep it in a safe place until it is validated and claim process is completed.

How does California Lottery tickets work?

In order to play the California Lottery, players must first purchase a ticket from any authorized retailer in the state. The player selects the type of game, the number of draws and the amount of money they would like to spend on the ticket.

Then, they must select the numbers they would like to play. Depending on the game, numbers can be chosen manually or via computer-generated “Quick Pick” selections.

Once the ticket has been purchased, the selected numbers will be entered into whichever game the player chose. The California Lottery draws six different games daily: Daily 3, Daily 4, Fantasy 5, SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

After the numbers have been drawn, players must then check their tickets to see if they have matched any of the numbers. If they have, they may be entitled to a prize, depending on how many numbers match.

Prizes for all California Lottery games can range from a few dollars to millions.

Winnings of over a certain amount will require players to redeem their tickets at a California Lottery head office, located across the state. Participants must provide valid identification when claiming prizes.

All prizes over $600 are subject to state taxes, and prizes over a certain large amount must be claimed via annuity payments over many years.

How much in taxes do YOU pay from lottery scratchers in California?

In California, lottery scratcher winnings are subject to state and federal taxes. The amount in taxes that you have to pay depends on the amount of your winnings. According to the California State Lottery website, you will have to pay a minimum of 8.

84% in state taxes if your winnings are $599 or less. If your winnings exceed $600, you will be subject to federal and state taxes. The federal taxes typically range from 24% to 37%, depending on your overall annual income.

Additionally, the state taxes can range anywhere from 1% to 12. 3%. Therefore, it is important to consult with a tax accountant to determine the exact amount you owe in taxes.

Does California charge income tax on lottery winnings?

Yes, if you are a California resident, the state does have income tax on lottery winnings. Those who win the lottery, regardless of the size of the jackpot, must report and pay taxes on their winnings as with any other income.

The amount of tax owed depends on the type of lottery game, income tax rates, and the amount won. For example, lottery winnings from California Lottery, SuperLotto Plus and other scratchers are subject to California state income tax.

Additionally, you may also owe taxes to the IRS and/or your local municipality since their respective tax codes may vary. It is important to consult a tax professional and research the tax implications of lottery winnings before claiming any prize.

Where do I claim California scratchers?

When you purchase California Scratchers, you can claim a prize by either mailing the signed ticket and a Claim Form to the appropriate address or by bringing the ticket to an authorized California Lottery retailer.

You can find the address of the Lottery District Office that serves your area from the back of your Scratcher or from the California Lottery website.

If you bring your ticket to a retailer and your award is less than $599, then the retailer can pay you on the spot. If the award is $600 or more, then the retailer will start the claim process. You may then be asked to fill out and sign a Claim Form and send it to the Lottery District Office, along with your W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number.

Please keep in mind that all claims must be made within 180 days of the draw or within 180 days of the ticket expiration date, whichever occurs first.

If you cannot locate a Claim Center or have any questions on how to claim a prize, please call the California Lottery at 800-LOTTERY. In order to better help you, please be prepared to provide the Lottery with the type of ticket you purchased, the eight-digit ticket serial number and expiration date if present, the dollar amount of the prize, where it was purchased, and the location of the Claim Center.