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Where do I return EKU books?

You can return EKU books to the library on the first floor of the EKU Main Building (across from the Student Success Center). The library has a book and media return with a dropbox available 24/7. If you are dropping off items between 8am and 8pm, please place them in the Inside Return chute.

Flyers are available on the right side of the entrance to the library that provide additional information and directions. If you have problems returning books or any other items, please feel free to contact the Circulation Desk anytime during regular operating hours.

You can also reach out to them via email at libraries@eku. edu or by calling the circulation desk at 859-622-1709.

Are books free at EKU?

No, books are not free at EKU. Students and faculty must purchase required course materials such as textbooks, lab manuals, and access codes prior to the start of the semester. EKU Barnes & Noble bookstore is the official on-campus provider for textbooks, ensuring students get all the materials needed for their courses at the most convenient and affordable options.

They also offer a variety of options to purchase textbooks: new, used, digital, and rental. In addition, instructors often submit their book lists to the EKU Bookstore early so that students have time to research and compare prices.

The bookstore also offers shop-at-home and price match services to help students get the best price. Other options for purchasing materials include local bookstores, online retailers, and vendors like Amazon.

Ultimately, if students shop around for the best deals and compare prices, they can get their required course materials without breaking the bank.

For what period of time will a book voucher remain active EKU?

Book vouchers will remain active at Eastern Kentucky University for six months from the date of issuance. If the voucher has been issued for a specific book(s), the voucher cannot be used for any other purchases and will expire at the end of the six month period.

If the voucher has not been used within that time, it will become invalid and cannot be used for any purchases. Additionally, you are not able to transfer or extend the expiration date for your voucher.

If, for some reason, the book you purchased with the voucher has to be returned within the six-month period, the face value of the voucher will be refunded.

Who is the dean of EKU?

The current dean of Eastern Kentucky University is Dr. James Current, who was appointed to the position in July 2017. He is responsible for the leadership, organization and evaluation of the faculty and staff of the University’s College of Education.

Dr. Current received his undergraduate education from Emory University and his Masters and Doctorate from the University of Georgia. His research focuses on interactive learning technologies and the effectiveness of school-university partnerships.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Current worked as the Chair and Professor of International Educational Leadership at the University of New Mexico. He has also served as a Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Toccoa Falls College and a Professor of Education at the University of South Carolina, among other positions.

Dr. Current has written numerous articles and chapters in books, and has had four books published. He also served on several editorial boards and prestigious boards of directors.

In his new role as dean of Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Current will be responsible for supervising the faculty, working and collaborating with assistant and associate deans, and monitoring all operational and financial aspects of the college, among other duties.

He has been appointed to his position for a five-year period and is passionate about improving access to higher education and creating a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all students.

He believes in the importance of faculty support and is committed to helping all stakeholders reach their full potential.

Is EKU public or private?

East Kentucky University (EKU) is a public university located in Richmond, Kentucky. It is one of the eight state-supported universities in the Kentucky system. Founded in 1906, EKU is the fifth-oldest university in the state.

It is part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) and has about 16,000 students enrolled in a variety of academic programs. The university offers over 160 different undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs spread across five colleges.

Students at EKU also benefit from a variety of support services, including financial aid, career support, student housing and more. The university’s main campus includes more than 600 acres of land, including two libraries and a number of facilities and service centers.

In addition, EKU has regional centers located in Corbin, Danville and Manchester. With a commitment to excellence in teaching, research and service to the communities it serves, EKU remains a leader among Kentucky universities.

Is EKU a dry campus?

No, Eastern Kentucky University is not a dry campus. While the institution is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, there is no explicitly stated policy that prohibits the use or possession of alcohol on campus.

In fact, alcohol is occasionally served at university-sponsored events and receptions. However, alcohol can only be served or consumed on campus in designated areas, and must be approved by university officials.

Also, all alcohol must be obtained and consumed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. EKU also requires that any event involving alcohol must be organized and managed in a responsible manner.

Individuals who are of legal age (21 years of age and older) are allowed to possess, consume, and purchase alcohol if they meet the legal requirements established by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Can you dorm with the opposite gender at EKU?

No, Eastern Kentucky University does not allow students of the opposite gender to live in the same dorm room or suite. The university provides several options to suitably accommodate the needs of both male and female students, including single-sex residence halls, and “gender-inclusive” living environments.

For example, the Stephenson Hall Complex is made up of two separate, gender-inclusive dorms known as “Stephenson South and Stephenson North. ” Each dorm contains a mix of men and women and all of the same amenities as traditional residence halls.

In addition, “gender-inclusive” living communities are available in three of the university’s other residence halls (South Hall, Keen Johnson Hall, and Commonwealth Hall). These sections of the residence halls allow for mixed gender floors and suites, allowing each resident to choose their own roommates regardless of gender.

Is EKU a private school?

No, Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is not a private school. EKU is classified as a public university located in Richmond, Kentucky, and is administered by the Kentucky Council of Postsecondary Education.

The university was founded in 1906, making it the second-oldest university in the state. It has grown from an initial student population of just six to more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

EKU is a comprehensive university offering both traditional and online undergraduate and graduate degree programs in 120 fields of study. EKU’s Carnegie Classification is “Master’s Colleges & Universities – Larger Programs,” indicating that the university awards more than 50 master’s degrees, offers a wide range of degree programs, and has a very large student body.

What kind of school is EKU?

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a public, co-educational university located in Richmond, Kentucky. Established in 1906 as a teachers college, EKU has since grown to become one of the largest universities in Kentucky, with more than 16,000 students enrolled in courses at its five campuses.

Not only does EKU offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in over 132 degree programs, but EKU is also designated by the Carnegie Foundation as a high research activity institution. Additionally, EKU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

EKU prides itself in having a renowned faculty and an adherent to both the Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Acts, which guarantees all of EKU’s records and meetings, to be open and accessible to the public.

Does EKU have a dress code?

Yes, Eastern Kentucky University has a dress code. The dress code covers business attire expected of faculty, staff, and interns at EKU.

The dress code defines professional dress as “business attire appropriate for a professional atmosphere,” which includes collared shirts/blouses, dress pants, dress skirts, “professional grade” shorts, fitted blazers, sweaters, and jackets.

T-shirts, tank tops, and jeans are not allowed.

In terms of footwear, closed-toe shoes must be worn at all times – no open-toed sandals or flip-flops allowed. Additionally, any apparel displaying logos of any commercial enterprise or organization should be avoided.

EKU also has a grooming standard that applies to male and female employees. Men should keep their hair neatly groomed, off the collar, and neatly trimmed. Sideburns are to be trimmed and neatly groomed.

Women should wear their hair in a professional style and keep makeup to a minimum. Nails should be kept short and neatly groomed, and facial piercings are discouraged.

Is EKU a good university?

EKU is a great university for many reasons. First, it has a beautiful campus that has been cited often as one of the most beautiful in the area. Additionally, EKU offers over 170 different degree programs and focuses on being a student-centered university with several support services.

Students can also take advantage of a number of research opportunities available to them, even as an undergraduate. In addition, the university boasts a vibrant campus life and plenty of clubs and organizations to get involved in.

Plus, not only are the academics rigorous, but they’re also designed to prepare students for the real world. Finally, EKU offers relatively affordable tuition rates that make it an excellent value and the perfect choice for many students.

All these reasons combine together to make EKU a top-notch university.

How do I get free textbooks from EKU?

Obtaining free textbooks from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a great way to save money on the cost of college education. To get the most out of this opportunity, there are several options to explore.

The first step is to check with your department to see if it offers textbooks for courses. Some departments or faculty may offer textbooks for purchase at a reduced cost for their students, or distribute textbooks for use in classes.

These textbooks may come from the previous semester’s class or can be donated from other departments or organizations.

Additionally, you can also search the EKU library website to find free textbooks. Many of the university’s textbooks are available free of charge through their cataloging system. You can search by course name, subject, or keyword to find available textbooks.

If you’re unable to find any free textbooks through the library’s website, you may want to consider attending textbook exchange events that occur on campus. These events, hosted by many student organizations, allow students to buy and sell textbooks in an efficient and organized manner.

You can find out more information about these events through EKU’s student events calendar.

Finally, you can also look for books online on sites like Amazon, GoodReads, or Chegg. These sites often offer much better prices for used textbooks compared to what you would find in the university’s bookstore.

Additionally, you may be able to rent textbooks from online services or look for online versions of textbooks from the publisher.

Overall, getting free textbooks from EKU is a great way to save money on college costs. To find the best deal, explore the options from your department, the EKU library, various student organizations, or search online for the best prices.

How much are textbooks at EKU?

The cost of textbooks at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) can vary significantly depending on the course and the method of purchase. Some courses may not require any textbooks, while others may require a combination of new and/or used textbooks, electronic/digital materials, and other materials such as lab supplies or safety gear.

When purchasing textbooks, it is important to note that the prices listed in the EKU bookstore are the list prices and do not include any discounts that might be available.

New textbooks at the EKU bookstore are typically the most expensive option. A single new textbook could cost anywhere from around $50 to upwards of $200 depending on the subject and edition. Additionally, used textbooks can be purchased for a fraction of the new price.

Most bookstores and online retailers offer used textbooks and will often list their condition as new, used, rental, or digital. Used textbooks are typically discounted anywhere from 20% to 50% off the list price, allowing for students to save significant amounts of money when compared to buying new.

Finally, in order to save even more money, students can opt for digital/electronic versions of their textbooks. Many of the available digital versions of textbooks are offered through a subscription-based service and can be accessed via a computer and/or mobile device.

Depending on the textbook and subscription length, the cost of digital versions can be significantly lower than new or used physical versions.

Overall, textbook prices at EKU vary widely and have something to offer each budget. Students wishing to save money should consider purchasing used textbooks, renting textbooks when available, or opting for digital versions of their textbooks.

Can you have a cat at EKU?

Yes, you can have a cat at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). All pets must be approved through the online housing portal, and certain restrictions and rules must be adhered to in order to keep residents and pet safe.

All cats must be kept in an animal carrier when in all common areas and University buildings, and must be up to date on rabies shots, flea/tick treatments, and other vaccinations. Additionally, cats must be licensed with the local animal shelter.

Any violation of the animal policies may result in fines, disciplinary action, and/or removal from Housing. In order to keep resident of EKU and cats safe, pet owners are expected to clean up pet hair and waste, not leave pet food outside, and make sure that cats remain indoors unless with supervision.

How does a book voucher work?

A book voucher is a simple and effective way to give a gift of books for family, friends, or colleagues. It allows the recipient to make their own choices from a selection of books from a particular retailer.

Book vouchers are available from many retailers and book stores, either in store or online. Usually, the voucher will have a unique code on it, enabling it to be used by the recipient when purchasing books online, or the voucher can be spent in the store at the time of purchase.

In some cases, the voucher can be printed out for use in the store.

When purchasing books with the voucher, the amount on the voucher will simply be deducted from the total cost of the purchase. If there is an item which costs more than the amount on the voucher, the recipient can add some funds of their own to make up the difference.

If there is an item which costs less than the amount on the voucher, the difference can usually be used as a discount on a future purchase.

In some cases, the voucher can be applied to items such as audio books, e-books, and magazines. Different retailers may have different terms and conditions, so it is best to check these to ensure the voucher can be used for the items the recipient would like.

Book vouchers can be a great way to give a gift of books as it allows the recipient to make their own choices, rather than you having to choose something for them direct.