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Why are there no Eggo waffles?

Does Stranger Things have a deal with Eggos?

Yes, Stranger Things does have a deal with Eggos. In 2017, Netflix and Quaker, which owns Eggos, announced a partnership to promote their hit show “Stranger Things”. As part of the deal, Quaker created a limited edition Stranger Things-themed packaging for Eggos, the syrup-soaked breakfast treat beloved by Eleven in the show.

In addition to the packaging, Quaker and Netflix also collaborated on a series of videos, memes, and other promotional pieces to drive further engagement between the brands. This partnership has amplified Eggos as a fan favorite snack, especially with viewers of the show, and helped to further strengthen the bond between the brands.

Does Eggo still make frozen pancakes?

Yes, Eggo still makes frozen pancakes! The Kellogg Company continues to manufacture the popular breakfast food which has been providing a delicious, convenient breakfast alternative for decades. Their selection of frozen pancakes includes the classic original syrup and Buttermilk variety as well as options like Thin & Crispy Vanilla, Gluten Free Buttermilk, and Cinnamon Roll.

All pancake varieties are made with minimal ingredients and no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. They are also free of trans fat, a major source of unhealthy fats, and are a good source of eight essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to traditional Eggo pancakes, the company also offers exciting seasonal flavors like Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Strawberry Shortcake, pairing your favorite classic breakfast food with beloved flavors of the season.

No matter the flavor, Eggo pancakes will make breakfast or brunch a delicious and easy experience.

Is Eggo an American company?

Yes, Eggo is an American company. Eggo is owned by the Kellogg Company and has been producing frozen breakfast foods in the United States since 1953. The Eggo brand is now available in several countries around the world including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, but the main production facility remains in the US.

The facility is located in Belgium, Wisconsin, and they proudly make their products using only US-sourced ingredients. Eggo is committed to using US-grown wheat, oats, and other grains to ensure the highest quality and best tasting products.

In addition to its signature waffles, Eggo also produces pancakes, French toast, and cinnamon rolls.

Who manufactures Eggos?

Eggo is a brand of frozen waffles owned by the Kellogg Company. The original Eggo waffle was created in the 1930s in San Jose, California, and the Eggo brand became a subsidiary of Kellogg in the 1970s.

Today, Eggo produces a wide variety of frozen waffles, as well as waffle sandwiches, pancakes and French toast. Eggo products can be found in grocery stores and other retailers in the U. S. and numerous other countries.

Where is Eggo from?

Eggo is a brand of frozen waffles manufactured by the Kellogg Company. The waffles are sold in many stores throughout the United States and Canada, as well as some international markets. Eggo waffles were first introduced in 1953 in San Jose, California.

Shortly after, the brand was purchased by the Kellogg Company in 1956 and rapidly grew in popularity throughout the United States. Today, Eggo continues to be a favorite breakfast food for many families.