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Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Solar-Powered Security Cameras can be tricky to find and discover the right ones that are worth your money is even harder. That’s why we did the heavy lifting and found the best selection of these cameras for long-term, eco-friendly recording. These exceptional cameras are all worthwhile investments both for your peace of mind since they record all day long without interference and for your energy bill since they draw their power from the limitless energy of the sun. Ready to get started?

How We Chose Our Cameras

When it comes to security cameras, you want to find a good balance between function and price. When we were searching for the best solar-powered security cameras on the market, we looked at reviews, pricing, and the overall functionality delivered by each product.

What you want to look for is great video quality, excellent power possibilities, and good features. All of our cameras record video at a minimum of HD 960p quality, providing great videos of whatever you might need to be recorded. The solar panels are high-functioning and come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit different homes and needs. Finally, all of these cameras have a host of awesome features and perks that make them worth buying.

Quick Summaries

The 11 Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Camera Video Quality Night Vision Distance Wireless or Wired Separate Solar Panel
Reolink Argus Pro+ Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 1080p 33 feet Wireless Yes
Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera 960p 32 feet Wireless No
Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera + Solar Panel 1080p 36 feet Wireless Yes
Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera. 1080p 260 feet Wireless No
SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera 1080p 49 feet Wireless No
Reolink Argus Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 1080p 36 feet Wireless Yes
StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera 960p 33 feet Wireless No
Vesafesma Solar Security Camera 1080p 45 feet Wireless No
Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel 1080p N/A Wireless Yes
Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System 1080p N/A Wireless Yes
Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera 1080p N/A Wired/Wireless Yes

Reolink Argus Pro+ Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Reolink Argus Pro+ Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

  • Excellent video quality
  • Waterproof
  • Easy wireless setup

Why We Love it

The Reolink Argus Pro+ Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera has everything you need to start recording right away, thanks to its included solar panel. The panel has a rechargeable battery already installed, so the entire kit is ready to begin absorbing sunlight and begin its work as soon as you set up the kit.

The Reolink Argus Pro+ has excellent HD resolution at 1920x1080p, keeping all of the recorded images and videos sharp and bright. The camera is also equipped with as SD card for recording its video footage. This makes transporting the video footage from camera to computer or television incredibly easy. The camera’s footage can be moved, further, via remote playback. This playback is accomplished through the intuitive Reolink app, which can be put on any standard device. There’s no extra fee in the app, of course.

The Reolink Argus Pro+ also works for nighttime recording; you can see up to 33 feet away in the dark. A sensitive PIR sensor detects motion, even in low light, and records with a 130-degree angle. Two-way audio allows you to easily hear and communicate with people on the other side of the camera. It’s an ideal solution for front-door security.

Furthermore, this fantastic camera is waterproof. This means that the Reolink Argus Pro+ will keep working rain or shine and through any season of weather; this makes it a great choice for those who live in rainy climates or cities.

The entire setup is wireless; you won’t need to mess with tangled cables or lots of wires getting in the way and making your home look tacky. The WiFi receiver installed in the camera’s apparatus is strong and steady. It can link to your home network within just a few buttons. A nice feature of this setup is that you can effectively place this camera anywhere in your home; it’s not limited by wires for any reason.

Altogether, we love the Reolink Argus Pro+ thanks to its exceptional video-recording features, wireless design, and easy setup. The fact that it comes with everything you could possibly need shows excellent value for money, despite its somewhat high price.

Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera

  • Compact design
  • Great WiFi receiver
  • Power-conserving function

Why We Love it

The Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera boasts an easy setup, thanks in large part to its compact, connected design. The solar panel is propped right on top of the camera apparatus, keeping the entire product confined to one small space. This makes it both easy to transport and easy to perform maintenance on.

The Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera is equipped with a receiver for 2.4Ghz WiFi, which is great for the networks that most homes run on. The camera is controlled via a “TOSEE” app that’s available for iOS and Android phones. As an added bonus, this camera can be run via a mobile phone hotspot if you don’t have WiFi available for it to be controlled through.

The camera’s specifics are very good, too. It’s got PIR motion sensors that are great at detecting motion and movement that are out of the ordinary, making this camera a great choice for home security and nighttime watching, as its also able to see up to 32 feet away in darkness. The Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera records video in 960p, which isn’t the best quality but is more than enough for most home security needs. It’s powered by a 6400mAh battery, long-lasting and great for shorter days in winter. The solar panel, which charges the battery, showcases great foresight on the part of the manufacturers since it’s adjustable, allowing it to work effectively no matter the season.

The panel also stops charging once it’s fully-powered; this both preserves the battery’s life and protects the overall electronics of the machine. The Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera supports a 32GB SD card, ideal for taking recordings to your computer for later viewing. Furthermore, if the camera ever does detect something wrong, it will alert you via warnings which are sent to your phone via the previously-mentioned app.

The fact that this Viewzone Outdoor Solar Powered Security Camera is also wire-free, but also so compact and well-designed, make it a top contender for the best solar-powered cameras on the market. It’s one flaw is the relatively weak picture quality, but it’s still an altogether excellent set, especially since it’s so affordable.

Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera + Solar Panel

Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera + Solar Panel

  • Doesn’t need a solar panel
  • Great image quality
  • Lots of video recording space

Why We Love it

This camera is another excellent product from Reolink. The Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Security Camera + Solar Panel is distinct from the previous model because it’s an individual camera that can later be combined with a full solar panel. However, since it doesn’t need a solar panel to punction by itself, it has a versatility that few solar-powered cameras can boast.

The Reolink Argus 2 has the capability to work with 2.4 Ghz WiFi, the standard range for most home networks. The adapter that allows it to work without a solar panel is charged via universal phone chargers, usually around 5 Volts or 2 amps. It only needs around 4 hours to charge from zero to one hundred percent operation. Of course, a solar panel will charge this all the way without having to ever stop.

That’s why this package comes with a solar panel in the purchase. The Reolink Argus 2 panel is distinct from the camera and is connected via a secure, thin cable that is easy to pin or post to keep it from falling. The fact that the panel is separate means you can install the camera anywhere you like, then place the solar panel somewhere on your roof where it’s always able to feel the sun. Sometimes it’s handy to have the pieces separate from one another for customization.

The Reolink Argus 2 is wireless and doesn’t need a base station, either. Unlike some other models, its SD card can hold up to 64 GB of data! That’s a great amount of space for tons of video footage. Speaking of footage, this camera records in night vison for up to 36 feet, and in color, too. That kind of video quality is rarely seen. Both the night vision and daytime video recordings are done in HD 1080p quality.

The Reolink Argus 2 also has a two-way speaker, making this set a great choice if you’re after home security or front-door conversations. Add to that PIR motion sensors, and you’ve got one of the best cameras on the market, period.

Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera

Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera

  • Extremely-high video quality
  • 3x video magnification and farthest night vision
  • Motion-sensor alerts

Why We Love it

Here we have an excellent solar-powered camera in the form of the Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera. This is the most expensive camera on our list, but it’s very much worth the cost.

You see, the solar panel is very-securely installed right above the camera apparatus. This makes the entire unit easy to install and coordinate. It’s perfect for setting up in a corner or at the side of your house where there’s plenty of sunshine. The camera is, of course, capable of connecting to WiFi and P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, networks, allowing unprecedented video sharing opportunities.

Let’s get into the Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera’s details. It records in HD 1080p quality, with 2.0 Megapixel clarity, to boot. It can record in nighttime for a whopping 260 feet, higher than any other camera on our list. The lens is 6mm thick and can zoom in for up to 3x magnification, perfect for recognizing faces or checking out boxes dropped on the porch. It’s also waterproof, so rain has no chance or harming the electronics inside the camera.

An app allows you to control the Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera from your mobile device; it’s free, too. It’s got a build in 16G TF card for video recording and can take SD cards for a maximum of up to 128GB. This is more than enough video space for most people.

The Funxwe 1080P Full-HD Solar Powered WiFi IP Camera’s motion detection qualities will send you alerts via the app or email, depending on which you choose. To top it all off, this camera comes with a two-year replacement parts or spare parts warranty. That’s an exceptional value. This camera may be pricey, but if you’re after the best possible solar-powered camera money can buy, look no further than this one.

SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera

SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera

  • Weather protection
  • Sturdy glass lens
  • Great battery

Why We Love it

The SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera has quite the clever design; its solar panels are built on either side of the camera’s lens, allowing the entire package to be small, compact, and easily-hideable in the corner or above your door. Despite the small size of the solar panels, the battery is actually 4000 mAh; this is plenty of juice to keep running all day, all without a high energy bill.

The SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera shell is waterproof and made from a high-durability plastic; this protects everything from damaging weather effects or stormy days. It can eve handle temperature variances, from as low as 4 degrees F to 140 degrees F. That’s incredible range! It’s WiDI enabled and is controlled via the Soliom app, allowing you to monitor from anywhere in your home. A two-way speaker is included, too; this can connect right to your phone, so you can speak to people at your front door wherever you are.

Now let’s get into the SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera itself. It records in full HD 1080p quality, and records during the night, too. This night vision can record up to 49 feet away; while not the farthest on our list, this is still quite impressive. It has two types of motion-sensing tech: PIR and RADAR. These allow it to have 0.7 second reaction times, sending you alerts as soon as unwanted movement is detected.

The lens is made from 5 layers of glass, keeping it sturdy but clear. The glass lenses also help the camera switch from night vision to regular, daytime vision on its own without you having to manually switch. This convenience really shows how much the creators of this camera focused on the user experience.

Overall, the SOLIOM Outdoor Solar Battery Security Camera is extremely affordable for all the great design features that are included. It’s perfect for those who want a smaller, discreet camera without sacrificing a lot of the bells and whistles that are commonly included in larger models.

Reolink Argus Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Reolink Argus Pro Rechargeable Battery

  • High video quality
  • Easy wireless setup
  • Doesn’t need a solar panel

Why We Love it

Reolink is at it again with their amazing solar-powered security cameras. The Reolink Argus Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera is another offering from the Argus line. Like the previous Reolink we reviewed, this model can be powered either via its rechargeable battery or a solar panel. This gives it some extra versatility and use even if you live in the far north or south, where there are some months during which the sun isn’t a reliable source of power.

Just like the other Reolink models, the Reolink Argus Pro is fantastic with the wireless setup it enables. It’s WiFi-capable for easy control via an app and smooth operation without the hassle and poor taste of a bunch of cables. The battery, if you don’t use a solar panel, is chargeable with most universal phone adapters.

A suitable solar panel for this camera would be one from Reolink, as well. This panel is attached via a narrow cable that’s tough and unlikely to break. This waterproof panel provides exceptional power and can energize your camera all day from just a few hours of exposure to the sun. Check it out here.

The camera of the Reolink Argus Pro captures amazing, HD quality video at 1080p. The night vision capability that comes with the package can see for up to 36 feet. This is a decent distance, although not the best. However, the high quality of the darker video makes up for it.

The SD Card slot can take cards up to 64GB in size and supports remote video playback, so you can check to see if what was recorded is even worthwhile before you devote storage space to it. This is all done via the reolink app, with no extra charge.

We really like the two-way audio and exceptional alarm system, too; these are all built-in, and the alarm system is tied to PIR motion detection technology that catches even the smallest hint of unwelcome movement. Altogether, the Reolink Argus Pro is another great camera from Reolink that takes advantage of its small size and portability. Combine it with a solar panel for the best results.

StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera

StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera

  • Affordable
  • Built-in battery
  • Can use phone hotspot

Why We Love it

Here’s an excellent camera that’s solar-powered but is also prepared for any eventuality. It’s super-affordable, too, making it a great budget buy for those looking for good bang for their buck. The StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera is, of course, entirely wireless; once installed, you won’t have to worry about pesky cables getting in the way of your home or front door.

The solar panel is installed atop the camera, making it a good kit for porches with a lot of sunlight. However, whereas some other cameras are out of luck if they don’t get enough sunlight, this camera comes with a built-in battery that can charge and work when the solar panel stops feeding energy to the camera. This makes the StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera a great pick for those who have long nights or a plethora of cloudy days, such as folks who live in the north.

The camera’s video quality is in HD 960p quality; this is still very serviceable, especially considering how affordable the camera is. The infrared light feature lets the camera still manage night vision with clarity up to 33 feet. PIR motion-sensing technology ensures that it captures anything necessary to maintain security around your home and give you peace of mind. The camera’s video is recorded to microSD cards; a slot for them is built into the camera’s side.

The camera works via WiFi at 2.4 Ghz or a mobile phone hotspot; it’s always great to see multiple ways to control devices. The app that comes with the StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera works for both iPhones and Android phones and is entirely free.

Altogether, the StartVision Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera delivers pretty good quality in picture and awesome quality and versatility everywhere else. It’s also very cheap, making it a great choice if you’re trying to find a good solar powered security camera without breaking the bank.

Vesafesma Solar Security Camera

Vesafesma Solar Security Camera

  • Smart surface area usage
  • Fantastic video quality
  • Power conservation

Why We Love it

Here’s another exceptionally-affordable camera that combines smart design with great value. The Vesafesma Solar Security Camera is built smartly. Its solar panel is actually a strip that runs along the top of the camera’s length; this combines the surface area needed for both camera recording and power, containing the entirety of the product into one small, lightweight package. This means it can be installed anywhere you like without messy cables and without having to account for the wide surface area required by traditional solar panels.

The Vesafesma Solar Security Camera has also got a battery that stores energy over time, permitting operation even when the sun isn’t out. The camera chassis is both waterproof and dust-proof; this protects the delicate instrumentation contained within from weather or seasonal events. It’s a great camera for those places with a lot of inclement weather.

The camera itself records in extremely-crisp 1080p quality during the day and has the ability or record in night vision as well. This night vision can extend up to 15 meters away, an astounding distance for a camera as affordable as this one. The video recorded can be put on an SD card, which this camera is capable of taking.

The PIR sensor the Vesafesma Solar Security Camera is equipped with can detect motion up to 10 meters away, and once it detects something it wakes up and begins recording. This saves energy by not wasting recording time when nothing is near but is still sensitive enough to awaken when it’s most important. You can watch this video later from your own home, even without WiFi, via the app which controls the device’s function.

The Vesafesma Solar Security Camera is one of the better budget solar powered security cameras out there. Its primary selling feature, besides its great price, is the small size of the entire unit. It’s ideal for apartments or porches that don’t have a lot of spare space to place a camera, or for those folks who like to keep their surveillance equipment discreet to some degree.

Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel

Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel

  • Weatherproof
  • The solar panel is very efficient
  • Two-way audio

Why We Love it

The Lynx Solar Weatherproof Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera with Solar Panel is a purchase that includes both the camera and required panel for power. Due to the large size of the panels, you only need 1 day of sun to power the camera for up to 7 more. This makes it an excellent pack for people who get sparse amounts of sun since you only need a little for a lot of recording time.

The Lynx Solar Weatherproof Camera records in HD 1080p quality in the day and works at night, as well. The camera can detect motion thanks to its PIR technology, and two-way audio from the camera to the person its recording allows you to speak with whoever is at your front door from anywhere in your home.

The most important feature of the camera’s recording capabilities is its facial recognition software, which allows it to minimize false alarms and only provide you with notifications for people you care about. Alternatively, you can train the camera to alert you when someone you’re expecting arrives by pre-loading the camera with their image. This capability is rarely seen elsewhere, so it’s a great feature that you should take note of.

Furthermore, the Lynx Solar Weatherproof Camera’s purchase includes 7 days’ worth of free cloud storage managed by Tend, the manufacturers. This allows you to always have relevant footage available for review or for download. The peace of mind this affords can’t be quantified; it’s truly a great perk of this purchase.

Overall, the Lynx Solar Weatherproof Camera is best suited for those who like to keep track of people coming and going and who will make a lot of use out of the facial recognition software. The solar panel is big and effective, so it’s also good for those who have solid roofs to install it on.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System

  • Doesn’t need a solar panel
  • Two cameras
  • Base station included

Why We Love It

The Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System can be used for either indoor or outdoor surveillance. It comes with two separate cameras, giving you two vantage points from which to record your home. Each camera records in high definition 1080p quality, and 2-way audio lets you converse with whoever is on the other side of the screen. The cameras record in night vision that turns on automatically, so you don’t have to bother setting up that yourself.

The entire Arlo Pro 2 system is wireless and runs on a battery, but you might consider adding a solar panel, like this one, to the purchase to allow the cameras to run nonstop. In this manner, you can use the solar panel to charge the cameras during the day, and then they only need to use the rechargeable batteries at night. Peace of mind is assured when you know that there’s no way your cameras will ever be without power.

The base system is where the setup is controlled; this is unlike many of the other cameras we reviewed, which used apps via a mobile device. While you can still do this, the physical presence of a base unit is a nice touch. Cloud storage is included with your purchase of the system, too, along with 7 days of free recordings.

The Arlo Pro 2 cameras, furthermore, are weather-resistant, so you can certainly use this set for outdoor recording despite the small size of the cameras. Actually, their small size might be a benefit if you want to focus on concealing the cameras for subtle surveillance.

Overall, the Arlo Pro 2 System is a great way to keep multiple eyes on your home, indoor or outdoor, and affords a plethora of recording options since it can be both battery-run or solar-powered.

Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera

Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera

  • Doesn’t need a solar panel
  • Mountable anywhere
  • Wired or wireless for convenience

Why We Love It

For our last security camera on our list, let’s take a look at the Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera. This camera records indoor or outdoor, at your convenience, in crisp, 1080p quality video. The camera is mounted on a small base that allows you to set it anywhere on a flat surface; it’s perfect for placing on a table or desk by a window. The base can also be set up for wall mounting: a perfect setup for the wall by your front door. The Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera can also see in night vision, so darkness is not a problem for its motion-sensing tools and recording power.

It sends notifications to your mobile device, from which you control the camera, as soon as motion is detected if you set it up to do so. The Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera lets you see and hear what people are saying, too, thanks to the microphone included in the camera’s chassis. It works with Alexa if you have that set up with your smart home systems, and you can check in on its recording process remotely at any time with live, on-demand video streaming.

Although it’s called a wired camera, the Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera works via WiFi connectivity, although you can use an ethernet cable for the same result. It’s an easy set up either way; in just minutes you’ll be set and good to go.

You might consider adding a solar panel to this camera, as well, if you install it outdoors. This lets it get continual power without having to rely on an outlet, which can be hard to find outside. Consider this solar panel if that kind of versatility appeals to you.

Altogether, the Ring Stick-Up Wired Security Camera is a great, compact device that records very well and offers a multitude of easy setup options. Combined with a solar panel, it’s one of the most smart-home friendly options on our list.

Solar-Powered Security Cameras Guide

ECO Home Security System

Before you make any final decisions about a solar-powered security camera, make sure you know what things to look. There are different cameras built for different purposes or needs and matching those up with your own will net you the best overall results from your shopping experience. For instance, are you going to use the camera for indoor or outdoor recording? Do you have the space or rooftop design to accommodate big solar panels? Do you like cameras that can record a lot of video?

Overall, there are a few major features you want to decide on before narrowing down your search for the perfect solar-powered security camera. These are:

  • Big or small solar panels
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Video quality and night vision distance
  • Video recording and storage
  • Price

While each of these cameras can accomplish some or all of the above mandates, some are better than others due to design or function. Let’s get into the details of security cameras below.

Solar Panel Size: Some cameras have big solar panels that are separate pieces from the main camera. Others, as you’ve seen, have strips of solar-absorptive material or panels that are attached to the camera chassis itself. Neither of these is better than the other, although they both are good for different things.

Smaller solar panels are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space for their cameras or those whose rooftops aren’t flat enough to install a big set of panels. They’re great for sunny climates, too, since the smaller surface area of these panels mean that they need more sun for the same amount of energy.

Larger panels are best for folks who live in climates that don’t get a lot of sunlight or who have rooftops that are flat enough to allow for constant sun exposure. In this manner, they can be extremely efficient, although they are bulky and required some advanced maintenance as they are a separate piece from the main camera.

Consider what your needs and housing options are and focus on cameras that draw their solar power from the requisite source. It would be unfortunate if you got a big solar panel only to find that you couldn’t install it, after all.

Indoor or Outdoor: Some cameras can be used indoors, thanks to their easy setups or base units. Others are very clearly outdoor pieces of equipment. Still, others have two cameras, allowing for one set of eyes inside and the other outside.

When it comes to general home security, the rule of thumb is to keep an eye on the outside. If you’re looking for home security for your front porch, obviously pick an outdoor camera, and probably one that has weatherproof casings or covers. This allows it to record without damage for long periods of time. However, if you’re recording more for observing children or pets, you might consider indoor cameras, since they’re usually optimized to be placed somewhere inside a house.

Video Quality: Most of the cameras on our list record at high definition, 1080 quality. This means the recorded video will be crisp and smooth. A few go lower than that, but not by much. If this matters to you, be sure to find a camera that has high-definition video on its specifications.

Some cameras can also see quite far into the night. This is very important for home security, so if you’ve got a large yard to keep track of, invest in a camera with high night-vision capabilities. The amount of motion detection a camera can pick up at night is directly tied to their night-vision range.

Recording Features: Most of these cameras have some video storage capabilities, but others have large amounts of storage space or cloud storage functions. This can be integral for proving evidence in court or for just regular peace of mind when you want to double check something that you thought you saw.

If you like keeping records and having footage on hand, invest in a camera with good recording and storage features.

Price: Finally, some of these cameras are more expensive than others. There’s definitely a camera within almost any price range, however. Find a maximum budget that you don’t want to go above, and then apply that limit to your browsing.


Do these cameras work during the night? The solar panels do not work at night, but each of these cameras has a battery that charges during the day. When the panel stops working at night, power is drawn from this reservoir to maintain recording even during nighttime activity.

Can I power these cameras with something besides solar panels? Only some cameras have alternative power methods. We examine which ones in our detailed reviews above.

Do cloudy days impact power or battery? They do. Cloudy days will lessen the amount of charge your solar panels can provide to your camera, although most cameras do not require much energy in the first place.

Can solar panels get dirty? Yes, they can, and every once in a while it is important to clean their surfaces thoroughly of dust or debris to ensure that they are absorbing as much sunlight as they can.


Each of these options are fantastic cameras that both record their video footage well and charge quickly from the power of the sun. While they all deserve a spot on our list, at the end of the day, the Reolink Argus Pro+ Solar Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera takes the top of the list as the overall best solar-powered security camera. It balances great quality, excellent energy conversion thanks to its large solar panel, and price to form a fantastic product that anyone interested in home security should buy.

We hope you’ve found our guide helpful and resourceful. These security cameras are a great way to improve the security of your home and save money on your energy bill, so we hope you find the perfect solar-powered security camera for your needs. Thanks for reading!


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