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Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Regular sweeping isn’t enough to clean up the mess, especially on a wooden floor. Wooden floors tend to get scratches pretty easily so you need a vacuum that doesn’t scratch anything and gets the job done effectively.

If you have indents and grooves on your floor then the suction power needs to be spot on as well. Imagine that you have spent your time on cleaning only to find out the grooves are not done and the floor is still giving ugly looks with those dirt indents.

We have listed the top 10 best vacuum cleaners, both corded and cordless for hardwood floors along with the buyer’s guide and types of flooring so you can make an informed decision.

wood floor types

So let’s get started!

10 Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors We Recommend

Shark Navigator Lift-Away – Editor’s Choice (Best Overall)

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum gives you high coverage and easy cleaning. We loved its Lift-Away technology that lifts the canister. This makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach spots. It also features a HEPA filter that traps 99% of all the dust and allergenic particles. The technology used is beyond what competitor brands use.

What makes the Shark Navigator so portable is its 137-pound weight. The shaft has a unique design that makes holding the vacuum a lot easier. So people with small-sized hands can get all comfortable when using this vacuum.

One of the things which stood out for us was the cord length. The Shark Navigator has a cord length of 30 feet, which increases the coverage by a huge factor. This is why this vacuum gives the best coverage of all areas and we couldn’t get enough of it.

The Shark Navigator features the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal. This technology keeps all the dirt and pollutants inside the bag. So you won’t have to worry about leakages and bursts. If you and any of your family members have to deal with allergic reactions associated with allergen then this vacuum is the best option for you.

The Shark Navigator has two modes: standard and gentle brush roll. The standard brush roll is best suited for cleaning carpets and mats, while the gentle setting is for hard floors.


  • Gives the best coverage with its 30 feet long cord.
  • Catches dust and pollen in the nick of time.
  • HEPA filter included eliminating tiny dust particles.
  • Two settings for different surfaces.
  • Works best with removing pet hair.
  • This vacuum machine is backed with a 1-year warranty and it covers all parts and labor


  • Requires frequent maintenance as the filter needs to be cleaned too frequently.

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Dyson Cyclone V10 – Best for High-end Cleaning

The Cyclone V10 from Dyson is yet another vacuum that employs cyclonic technology. Dyson has been a top runner in vacuum designs and technology.

Dyson gives one of the most powerful suctions among all the other cordless vacuums. We love the Dyson for both its durability and its performance. One charged battery can now last up to 60 minutes! If you have to deal with a lot of mess on a daily basis then this needs to be in your home.

The Dyson has been tested to fit ASTM F558 standards. And it’s one of the most authentic vacuum cleaners out there.

What’s more? Dyson is portable and easy to use. The entire unit only weighs about 5 pounds. The machine uses a HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of all dust particles. We recommend the Dyson for its extreme accuracy. It picks up dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.

Imagine having an entire cleaning kit at your disposal that can allow you to transform your messy home into neat and clean heaven. You get accessories and nozzles along with brushes. There isn’t a better product out there.



  • One time charge is enough to clean 1-2 large-sized rooms.
  • It can easily transform into a handheld vacuum.
  • Cleans carpets, rugs, mats, car seats, and bare floors.
  • Includes three brushes and nozzles.
  • Designed for versatility and diversity.
  • Includes a docking station for easier storing.


  • The availability of a warranty of 2 years at this price is more of a drawback than merit.
  • The battery only lasts 10 minutes on maximum suction power which is quite frustrating.

Dirt Devil SD20505 – Best for low Budget

The Dirt Devil corded bagless vacuum tops all of the charts in terms of power. But being a low budget machine it might not check all the boxes. But that doesn’t mean either that you should write it off straight away.

The Dirt Devil in design is a crimson beast that sucks up dirt, hair, food crumbs, and pollutants from up to 11-inches distance and we were quite impressed with its performance. As for the weight, it only weighs 7 pounds. Now you might think that this is a bit hard to carry but due to an ergonomic design remains simple.

The Dirt Devil uses top-notch technology that leaves big brands shivering with its Cyclonic Filtration. If you think that you are no good with filters or don’t want to touch them then this is the filtration just for you.

We were impressed that the cleaner also features a dynamic washable filter pad. Just remove the filter and rinse it. It uses a single cyclonic gust of air that sucks up all dust particles.

The product features a 20-foot cord which makes cleaning the entire room easier. You won’t have to tell your partner to plug it out whenever you move from one room to another. As for the motor, the Dirt Devil uses a 10-ampere motor. This means that the suction is more powerful than ever.

However, with power obviously comes noise and energy consumption. We feel that the Dirt Devil is the least energy efficient but it doesn’t make much noise. However, with good suction power, it will certainly get the job done in no time.


  • Cyclonic wind action keeps dirt particles inside.
  • Uses a 20 feet long cord for added mobility.
  • Most powerful vacuum on the list. 10 amp motor gives you constant suction.
  • Never runs out. Lasts longer than others.
  • The official warranty is 2 years.


  • It uses too much power and is not very energy conservative.

Bissell PowerEdge – Best to clean Hard to reach areas

If frequent maintenance and filter cleaning isn’t your thing, then try the Bissell PowerEdge. This vacuum is best designed for picking up pet hair from wooden floors. It gets right in between furniture legs and will give you excellent coverage.

The Bissell includes a dirt cup that is easy to empty. You won’t have to go through the hassle of emptying vacuum bags. This vacuum has a cleaning width of 11.35 inches. It means you get the highest coverage possible.

Another feature that stood out was the V-shaped suction cup. This allows larger pieces of debris to be directed towards the center. The ends of the cup capture the tinier particles which most vacuums miss. If you and your partner spending all day moving around the furniture when cleaning then this v-shaped cleaner will prove to be a good investment for you.

The cord length is only 20 feet. Your cleaning might be interrupted by a short cord. Nonetheless, the Bissell PowerEdge makes for the best floor vacuum.

One downside is that the Bissell PowerEdge is not suited for use on rugs but we can overlook that because we are considering hardwood floor vacuums on the first place. However, if your home features carpeted as well as bare floors then you might want to think again before buying it,

However, it works great with removing pet hair and excrement. The V-shaped suction cup has a swivel; feature, allowing you to vacuum around objects easily.

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  • Picks up crumbs, hair, fur, and dirt from hard surfaces.
  • A power rating of 6 amperes motor boasts powerful suction.
  • Weighs only 7.5 pounds. Lightweight and easy to manage.
  • Easy to the empty dirt cup.
  • Suctions both the large and the fine dust particles.
  • Swivel steering makes the cleaning task easy when reaching hard to clean edges.
  • 2-years limited warranty at this price is not a bad option to avail.


  • It does not work on rugs and carpets.

Eureka Mighty Mite – Best for Multiple Surfaces

If you choose the Eureka, you’ll be signing up for years of contentment and relief. The Eureka is a corded canister floor vacuum that uses high-tech materials. This vacuum will give you top-of-the-class performance. We recommend it for quick and easy cleaning of hardwood floors.

This model has a built-in Blower Port. The Blower Port blows away the debris and dirt. So you can have a clean and dust-free workspace.

We were an instant fan of the Power-Touch handle that includes two controls. You can either set the machine to bare-floor brush or deluxe-floor brush. Bare floor works on hard floors whereas the deluxe setting is best suited for carpets and rugs. Although we found that its performance on carpets and rugs was reduced.

The Eureka has an auto power-off feature. This is mainly to protect the equipment from overheating and power surges. Imagine you are doing your cleaning and suddenly one of your friends or colleagues have called you. You ran outside the room to take the call and the conversation got lengthy.

You come back only to see that your cleaner was on this whole time, talk about energy consumption! The situation might get worse if during your phone call you have to deal with a power surge. It auto shut off feature just keeps the equipment safe from any unwanted incidents

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  • With Eureka, you’ll be able to clean up the mess, when the piles of carpet mixed with the miles of the wooden floor.
  • Quick and easy use. Just press the power button and choose your setting.
  • Includes a blower port for a variety of settings and options. Most customizable.
  • Uses a light 10-ampere canister. Sucks up any dirt and pollen.
  • Has a convenient shut-off feature that keeps you safe from overheating equipment.
  • The 1-year warranty gives you peace of mind for the whole year.


  • Does not work well on carpets and rugs. Best suited for hardwood floors.

Hoover Linx – Best for Technology

When it comes to integrating technology and top-class dynamics, the Hoover Vacuum is the closest to perfection. Hoover is our choice for a whole lot of reasons. The Bagless vacuum makes use of Cyclonic Technology, a recent innovation that has taken households by storm. Through this technology, Hoover is able to suck all dust and allergen particles. And through the multi-cyclonic core, it keeps them inside the cartridge.

The Hoover has a not so impressive 20 feet cord. However, this might not be much as compared to the other brands. It features a full recline handle, which makes reaching under furniture easier.

The filter is very easy to rinse, so you don’t pay for replacements every now and then we know it because we didn’t pay for it. Just think of a filter that you have to change everyone and then because of no big reason. The edge of the main suction cup features tiny bristles that clean up dust as you go.

Other than that, it has a swivel feature and smooth working wheels. If you ask us, the Hoover is a complete upgrade from any other cheap floor vacuum. It even gives you 24-hour customer support.


  • Moves from bare floor to rugs and even carpets with ease.
  • Has a flawless floor transition.
  • Uses Cyclonic Technology to suction as much dirt as possible.
  • The filter is very easy to clean and is rinse-able.
  • Full recline handle lets you vacuum under furniture.
  • Save money on damages with its 2 years warranty plan.


  • The cord is short and not suited for larger rooms.

Tineco A11 Master Vacuum – Best for Portability

Tineco’s products have always been the most sought after. Since they rolled out their new cordless vacuum series, they just keep getting better and better. This master cordless vacuum from Tineco has a different aura to it.

Apart from the deluxe design and golden paneling, you’ll notice how durable it is. That’s because it uses not one but two detachable batteries that extends its runtime to 50 minutes.

Apart from that, Tineco’s vacuum uses two full-sized LED brushes. This takes extra care to different types of floors. Now vacuum on any surface confidently. What powers the Tenneco is a 350-watt motor that gives a 110-watt suction power. The function of the motor is extremely quiet. You can either use this vacuum in a room where someone is sleeping.

We were impressed by its filtration system. This vacuum uses a four-stage system that locks dirt and grime and suctions all allergens. The filters can be replaced and reused with ease.

The entire body of the Tineco weighs only 2.87 pounds. This makes it extremely easy to hold. So you can pick up the Tineco and vacuum the corners of the ceiling as well. If you or your partner are not good with lifting weights for a long time then these cleaners need to be in your home.


  • With its 50-minute runtime, you can easily clean the areas where you find any power plug.
  • The 4 stages sealed filtration system catches all the small dust particles.
  • Two power brushes for different purposes and surfaces.
  • The use of a soft roller brush protects your floor from scratches.
  • A digital motor of 350 watts gives the Tineco power and support.
  • Easy to the empty bag makes your cleaning even easier
  • Stay worry-free with its 2-year warranty.


  • The battery doesn’t last long when on high power.

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner – Best for Warranty

If you want warranty, reliability, and support then go for the Moosoo Vacuum Cleaner. What on earth else do you want from your purchase? This vacuum is backed by a 2-year warranty and a 45 day trial period. This means that if you’re not satisfied, you can get a 100% refund. Now, this is a great deal by any stretch of the imagination!

While the warranty is something other brands provide the trial period is a unique feature. Because of this reliability, Moosoo stands behind all its products and this cleaner is no different.

Coming on to functionality, the Moosoo Vacuum Cleaner uses a HEPA filtration system. It features Cyclonic Technology and a honeycomb structure. This sucks up pet hair, dust particles, and allergens. Filtration accuracy is a PM 0.1, which is the highest any vacuum can get.

The motor is brushless and provides 15 kilopascal suction powers. The vacuum is completely cordless, using 2500 mAh batteries instead. Moosoo is your one-stop for household cleaning.

However, the vacuum will only stay on for 30 minutes at full charge. That’s on the lowest setting. If you’re looking for long battery life, then the Moosoo isn’t for you. But for quality, warranty, and assurance, Moosoo vacuums take the lead. This is a good choice only if you don’t do those long cleaning hours.


  • 45-day refund policy backed by a 2-year warranty. Most reliable and sophisticated.
  • Can work on all types of floors, carpets, and car seats.
  • Uses high-efficiency HEPA, honeycomb, and Cyclonic filters.
  • Noiseless and ambient. Very lightweight and easy to use.


  • Battery life lasts 30 minutes even at the lowest setting.

Hikeren 12,000 PA Vacuum Cleaner – Best for Mobility

The Hikeren unique futuristic design will have you speechless. But more so, the outstanding performance and marvelous support will win you over.

The Hikeren has a strong 12 kilopascal suction power. This means that it can suck up more air than others. The motor has a power of 120 watts, making it extremely user-friendly and energy efficient.

What we like about Hikeren is its flexibility. The vacuum has a 180-degree swivel rotation, which makes swerving around furniture a lot easier. This is a good option for you to consider for you hoe if you think anyone in your family is dealing with lower back pain or joint aches.

Another thing which stood out was the smooth movement and mobility. This vacuum will suction pet hair, food crumbs, and a whole lot more.

Moreover, Hikeren vacuum can last for up to 40 minutes on the lowest setting. Even on the high owner, the machine will last for 30 minutes. That’s because it uses a 2500 mAh rechargeable battery. And the best part is that it only takes 3 hours to fully charge.

What’s more is that the Hikeren is made of a very lightweight ABS material. This gives it not only the flexibility but mobility as well. You or your partner can easily move around and even do Salsa with it (kidding…). The Hikeren provides a 30 day trial period and an 18-month warranty.


  • 18-month warranty backed by a 30 day trial period.
  • You get more flexibility and mobility with its 180 –degrees swivel feature.
  • Fast charging, only takes 3-4 hours for a full charge.
  • Transforms into a handheld in the blink of an eye.
  • LED lights illuminate the dark corners so you can see the dust for deep cleaning.


  • On a high-speed mode, the battery only lasts for 25 minutes.

Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Best Value for money

Deik has a history of fashioning some of the most extravagant vacuum designs. This vacuum is a unique build. It can easily become a handheld for more comfortable use. Deik’s products have always stood out from among the others.

With a 2200 mAh battery and a 35-minute runtime, Deik’s cordless vacuum provides durability and strength. However, the runtime isn’t as impressive as some of the others we’ve seen. So that’s one drawback.

Other than that, Deik uses a very lightweight design. The entire unit, handle included, only weighs about 4.9 pounds. This allows you to easily lift up the vacuum and clean stairs, the ceiling, and the walls. Lightweight designs are so awesome!

Its upright standing position is perfectly balancing, so you won’t need a wall to lean it against. The best part is that the Deik works with carpets and rugs too.

Filters are very easy to clean and replace with the Deik. In fact, the kit comes with a spare filter. Maintenance has never been easier. Even the roller brush is removable. Assembling and dissembling are very easy to and you can clean it to get rid of tangled pet hair and solidified dust.


  • The 2-Speed Control allows you to switch between the required suction powers.
  • A 12-month warranty makes the vacuum more reliable.
  • The spare filter makes the cleaning easy.
  • Zero maintenance cost because you can wash the filters with tap water.
  • The most versatile and diverse vacuum cleaner.
  • 12-months warranty backs your vacuum performance and gives you mental relaxation.


  • Runtime is only 35 minutes which means it doesn’t last long.

Features to Consider Before Buying Vacuum for Wood Floors

wood floor

Buying a vacuum for wooden floors is a tough task. You need to know exactly what to look for and what to consider. Below, we have jotted down the main things to always check in a vacuum. Make sure to keep all these points in mind before finalizing your purchase.


The hard bottom of the machine can damage the hardwood floor quite easily. Make sure you get your purchase one that offers padding under the machine to avoid making scratches on the floor. If your vacuum comes with tires then make sure they are coated with rubber for protection.

Suction Power

Unlike carpets, the vacuums consume less power when they are used on the hardwood floors. The suction power can make all the difference between a good vacuum and a low-end one. The higher the suction power, the better it will be at sucking up dust particles.

You can save money by buying low power vacuums unless you want to use them on hardwood floors only. However, the power should be high enough to suck up hair and food crumbs as well. The suction power of 110 watts or above is preferable. Power above 350 watts means more energy consumption.

Speed Adjustability

Adjusting the speed and type is very important. For a quick cleanup, you can turn your vacuum to full speed. Of course, this will take more power but there is a chance that high suction power might damage your floor. With a lower speed setting, you can save more power.

Brush Type

If you’re going with a brush type vacuum, for brush type, every vacuum has two. One works on the bare floors. And the other works best with rugs, mats, and carpets. Make sure that your vacuum gives you all of these options. Without these, your purchase for the wooden floor would be meaningless.

Roller Brush Turn-Off Feature

In some newer vacuums, safety features have been added. Your vacuum roller brush will automatically shut up if the vacuum is overheated. This is a massive advantage. Many household fires are caused by appliances. By having an auto shut off feature, your vacuum can save you on repairs. It might save you from a potentially life-threatening incident. Never compromise on safety, especially if it concerns the people you love.

Attachments and Accessories

You need to look for a large suction head. Don’t go for the spinning beater brush as it can make scratches on your wooden floors. Many vacuums nowadays come in the form of a kit. Look for any extra goodies like multiple nozzle styles and slim edging wands. It’s a good idea to get a separate bag if your vacuum is bagless. You never know when you might need it. Some even come with a stand to keep all your nozzles and brushes in.

How Large Is Your Cleaning Area

Coverage plays a major role in deciding on the best vacuum. Most modern vacuums can suction up to 11 inches. However, the cord length also comes into play here. We would recommend getting the cordless variety. But if need be, make sure the cord is at least 20 feet long. 25 feet or above might not be necessary since most rooms usually aren’t that big.


Getting the right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference. For our part, we listed down the top 10 vacuum cleaners, both corded and cordless. For removing pet hair, tiny dust particles and food crumbs from wood floors, we recommend Shark Navigator Lift-Away. The Lift-Away technology lifts the canister and makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach spots. The HEPA filter traps 99.96% of all the dust and allergenic particles.

In the cordless category, Tineco won the competition. This is because the product is so diverse and sophisticated. Not only is the product having exceptional performance. But it also comes with a variety of nozzle sizes and brushes. This makes it all the more customizable.

On a side note, always remember to keep your budget in mind. Never go beyond what you can afford. Vacuum cleaners are best when they are kept maintained. So don’t neglect your equipment. We recommend cleaning out the filter every month or so.

Happy cleaning!Miaow!


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