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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Having a pet in your house that follows you around whenever you are sick and tries to cheer you up is great. It makes you feel really blessed when you have an adorable little creature around you to share with you all your happiness. However, I am sure no matter how much you love your pet, finding its fur all around your house bugs you at times. This is the case especially when you have invited someone to your house. That person will definitely think that you have no regards for hygiene.

Finding a vacuum specific for pets is strenuous. Out of hundreds of options, you do not know which one to choose. In case you have a pet that belongs to the breed that has a lot of fur on his body, the cleaning system will get tougher for you. But do not worry; getting your hands on an efficient vacuum will save you the trouble.

Go through our carefully picked vacuum cleaner for pet hairs to find a suitable one.

Our Recommendations

Shark Vacuum NV752 – Editor’s Choice (Best Overall)

The shark rotator NV752 TruePet is a choice of many pet owners, and rightfully so. The design of this vacuum sets it apart from others and makes it look elegant and stylish.

The vacuum comes with two major parts; the head and the tool, both of which are powered by electricity. Thus, as air cleaning is replaced with electric cleaning, we found better and more effective results. If you have little kids in your home then you need this vacuum to keep them safe from developing any allergic conditions.

The TruePet Motorized Brush can eliminate dust, dirt, allergens and other particles. With its LED lights on the nozzle and the handle, you can easily navigate dark corners.

One major feature that sets the stark rotator cleaner apart from other is it being extremely lightweight and portable. Being more comfortable to move it around, the user may take it from one place to the other efficiently, and use it the way desired.

We think that for the people who are allergic to dust, this vacuum comes with a fantastic feature of Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. This technology traps all the dust particles in it and keeps the house clean, and the user free of allergy. Along with this, the detachable canister makes it an ideal product to be used in order to clean the house from pet fur and hair.

As the vacuum comes with a warranty period of 7 years, it becomes a product of great reliability, and any user can get their hands on it without any doubts issues. This is the best warranty in our list as well and it shows that the company has extreme confidence in its products. The HEPA filter and a long cord make its functioning further better.


  • The steering technology allows you to control when maneuvering around the obstacles.
  • Quick transition through a single button gives access to clean hard floors and carpet.
  • The powered Lift-Away mode allows you to deep-clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Comes with HEPA filter that cleans 99.9% dust and allergen particles.
  • The vacuum comes with a whopping 7-year warranty which goes to show the cleaner’s reliability.


  • The roller brush might stop working after a couple of months.

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Miele C3 Cleaner – Best High-End Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele C3 vacuum cleaner is peddled and comes with a sealed air system that eliminates 99.9% allergen particles. With the help of this system, it becomes difficult for the dust to escape the charge of the vacuum. Thus, this device works quite efficiently in keeping the place neat and clean.

With the help of a dust bag that is attached to the vacuum, the dirt in the air gets trapped in it, and the air you breathe in gets pure and clean. Thus, if you suffer from allergy, this vacuum is a great option to choose.

We loved the retractable cord of this cleaner as it makes the usage of this product extremely easy. Along with this, the speed settings come in six different variations, and you can choose one just according to the requirements of the time with +/- footswitch controls.

Along with all these features, the availability of Parquet Twister adds to the benefits of maneuvering. Imagine moving your cleaner is as easy as driving an automatic automobile! You can swivel this machine up to 180-degree angle to reach every nook of your room. The bristles attached to it make it easier for the vacuum to move over the floors and clean it efficiently.


  • The active charcoal cassette absorbs the bad odor while cleaning.
  • With a 5-level adjustment brush, you can easily clean both hard surfaces and carpets.
  • The use of 101 Mini Turbobrush makes it ideal to clean hairs from upholstery and furnishings.


  • The brush has issues with spinning and stops the procedure when the suction slows down.
  • You’ll get a 1-year standard warranty from the manufacturer which you can consider subpar as most other entries come with more than 3-year warranties in our list.

 iTvanila Stick Cleaner: Best for Low Budget

If you have a dog that belongs to a breed which is known for massive shedding, you need to opt for a vacuum cleaner that can find all the hair and put them away. You can reach every nook and corner of your house with its 180-degree swivel.

The vacuum comes with two pipes; one that is installable and the other that is replaceable. Thus, you can quite easily, bring the hand and the stick close to each other and attach them.

Whenever you need to change the surface you are cleaning, you can replace the pipe instantly. Connecting the power cable of 6M will make the movement of this vacuum even easier and more efficient.

The cervical tool of the vacuum is quite long. Thus, you can easily use it every day to ensure that your house is squeaky clean and is safe from any kind of dust allergies. Apart from the capacity of 1.2 L storage, you can easily empty and wash the filter.


  • The ultra-lightweight makes the vacuum handling super easy.
  • With the rolling wheels, you can clean the corners of your walls.
  • Installable and replaceable pipes are available
  • No need to replace the filter, you can simply wash and reuse it.
  • Enjoy the lifetime customer service and a 1-year warranty that comes with this cleaner’s as after sale service.


  • Not suitable to use on the tile floor.

Hoover WindTunnel – Best for Quick Transition

The amazing features of the WindTunnel Technology remove all the dirt embedded on the carpet. It finds the trash and takes it out of the surface to absorb it. Along with this, the HEPA filter ensures to take out of the house around 99% of the dirt as well as the pollen, which a human eye cannot detect.

Access to the bag, using this vacuum gets more comfortable. With the help of the one-touch bag door facility, it gets more accessible for you to get access to the bag that contains all the collected dirt. Apart from this, the cord that is 30 feet makes it easier to move the vacuum around.

The system of the vacuum is such that you can make a sudden shift from the hard floor to the carpet, and it will still work amazingly well. Just think of a vacuum that is good for all types of floors and you can easily roam around with it throughout your house. It is nothing but a convenience to have for you and your family.


  • This vacuum can be used both on the carpets as well as on the floors.
  • The long cord allows you to clean large areas without a need to shift between power plugs.
  • The bag can easily last 3-4 months with a weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Powerful suction and the pet tools allow easy removal of pet hairs.
  • This vacuum cleaner offers a warranty period of 5 years which is excellent for the price.


  • Extension wand constantly falls off

 Bissell 1650A Vacuum – Best for Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

There is nothing worse than finding that your family and friends have reduced their get-togethers because they don’t like pet hairs around them. The specialized pet tools used in this vacuum are efficient; so much so that the device can find and target even the smallest hair and suck it up. Ever imagined owning a cleaner that makes your life simpler! Well, this is exactly that kind of a cleaner.

As this product is made of plastic, it is quite lightweight. Thus, it is effortless to move it from one place to the other without exerting extra effort. At some places, the metal of high quality is used, which, owing to its high quality, doesn’t rust after a prolonged period.

With its swivel steering feature, you can turn the machine in any direction. The SmartSeal Allergen System of Bissell works great when it comes to capturing and holding debris and dust inside the vacuum.

The cord that comes along with the vacuum is 30-ft long and it is extremely tangled free. One doesn’t trip and fall while using this vacuum to clean the house. With the presence of scatter free cleaning, it is possible for the vacuum cleaner to cleanse every part of the house without causing any fuss whatsoever.

The dirt cup capacity of the vacuum cleaner is 1.5 L, which makes it possible for you to keep going without cleaning the bin. Thus, you can spend a reasonable amount of time cleaning the place without worrying about the bin filling up. As with quick cleaning features you are able to save time and spend it with your loved ones.


  • The built-in odor Eliminator eliminates odors while you vacuum.
  • Efficient working at picking dirt from multi surfaces such as carpet, floor, and upholstery.
  • The cleaning path is quite wide.
  • Large bin that doesn’t require regular cleaning.
  • Cyclonic technology allows you to remove the pet hairs without touching them.
  • You will get a warranty for 3 years with this machine which is fairly decent.


  • A bit heavier than others.
  • Doesn’t go under the furniture easily.

Black&Decker Ultra Vacuum – Best for Lightweight Construction

With a weight of mere 8.8 lbs, the Black&Decker vacuum can be considered one of the lightest pet vacuums available. Being lightweight, they are easier to move around and use wherever you want in the house.

Apart from this, the dust capacity of the bowl is around 2L. This is a substantial amount of dust storage, which saves you the trouble of having to clean it again and again.

Most pet vacuums come with a long cord; this one is quite a reasonable option. You get a 25-feet long cord with 6.5 feet hose and 12 inches cleaning path.  The 2-in-1 crevice tool allows you to reach small nooks of the room.

The filters are washable. You just need to follow the instructions from the manual to cleanse them; they do not incur any additional cost. Precisely following the manual will let you have clean filters once again.


  • Equally suitable to remove pet hairs from hard surface and carpet.
  • Comes with pet hair tool accessories to get the job done easily.
  • Steering swivels to 170-degrees for easy maneuvering.
  • Your machine is covered under a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Doesn’t come with advanced options

Dyson DC41 Cleaner: Best for Strong Suction

The Pet vacuum Dyson DC41 Animal comes with a robust suction system. As it offers you the ability to alter the suction power just according to your convenience, you are able to clean every nook and corner of the house.

Without a doubt, the cleaner is capable of removing the minute dust particles that the naked eye cannot see. The use of cyclone technology removes the dirt instantly through centrifugal force.

Another fantastic feature that the product comes with is ball technology. Through this technique, you can overcome the steering limitations. You will easily move it around without many efforts.

The Tangle-Free Turbine is yet another feature that is worth mentioning. With the use of counter-rotating heads and integrated brushes, the machine will remove debris and pet hair that are stocked on awkward places. All the hairs are instantly released straight into the bin because no hairs are tangled in the brush. This is very helpful if you don’t want to deal with that tangled hair that often messes up a cleaning job.


  • Self-adjusting cleaner allows optimum cleaning for every surface.
  • The cord doesn’t get tangled.
  • The use of transparent material makes it easy to see through the cleaning bag.
  • The product also has a warranty period of 5 years and it’s a good deal to consider.


  • Doesn’t get under the furniture for cleaning purposes

Kenmore Elite 31150 – Best Allergy-Free Option

If you are allergic to dust, buying the Kenmore Elite 31150 vacuum cleaner will be the best possible decision. With a motor that is 3D induced, you can get a highly efficient working system with the suction never lowering its ability to clean the room.

Along with this, the width of the cleaner is around 12.75 inches and it further adds to the efficiency of the system. The use of triple layer HEPA filter allows the machine to clean up to 99.9% of pollen and dust particles.

You hardly find the Infrared Dirt Sensor feature in any of the above entries. The sensor activates a LED to let you know where to focus while cleaning. Once the dust is removed it will automatically turn off. Sometimes the dust is too fine and it is not visible to the eye. This is where this feature comes in to play its role.

The height adjustment allows you to adjust the up to 5 positions for optimal cleaning. The 35-feet long cord along with 10-feet long and allow it to reach the awkward corners of your room.

The AAFA certification proves the fact that this vacuum is the best available option for those who have to deal with allergic reactions off and on. Apart from this, debris, pollen, as well as the dust, is removed efficiently from the vacuum.


  • Traps small dust particle with its highly efficient 3D induced system.
  • The infrared sensors see the dirt, which is impossible to be detected by the human eye efficiently.
  • HEPA system is quite efficient when it comes to reduces allergy issues
  • Your machine is covered under a 3-year limited warranty.


  • The major flaw lies in the design. It blows out at 90-degree angles making the dust spread around the cleaned areas.

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Comparison List

Products Shark Vacuum NV752 Miele C3 Cleaner iTvanila Stick Cleaner Hoover WindTunnel Bissell 1650A Vacuum Black&Decker Ultra Vacuum Dyson DC41 Cleaner Kenmore Elite 31150
Best for Best Overall High-end Vacuum Cleaner Low budget Quick transition Edge to edge cleaning Ergonomic construction Strong suction Allergy-free option
Bagged/ Bagless Bagged Air Clean Filter Bag Bagged Bagless Bagless Bagless with a washable dirt cup bagged bagged
Bin Volume 3.3 quartz 4.76 quartz 5 quartz 2.9 quartz 3.3 quartz 2 quartz 1.5 quartz 2 quartz
Filtration HEPA Filter HEPA Dual HEPA Media HEPA Filter No HEPA No HEPA HEPA
Weight  15.6 lbs 19.4 lbs 5.7 lbs 21 lbs 18 lbs 8.8 lbs 14.6 lbs 20 lbs
Cord Length 30 feet 36 feet 31 feet 30 feet 30 feet 25 feet 24.7 feet 25 feet
Warranty 7 years 1 year 1 year 5 years 3 years 1 year 5 years 3 years

Features to Consider Before Buying

Pet specific features

You need to keep in mind the specifications of your pet before making the final decision. This means that you need to keep in mind what is the rate of shedding of your pet, and how much of the fur do they have on their body. If you have a dog, who is a light shedder, buying a heavy duty vacuum will be considered as overspending.

Odor absorption

Now the difficult task that you expect from a vacuum is that it is bound to get a foul smell once it is done with the hectic procedure of cleaning your pet’s hair from the entire house. If your vacuum starts smelling foul, it would automatically mean that it is bagged. This means it is time to clean it from all the dirt stuck to it.

The best vacuum cleaner for the pet would be the one that would be easy to empty without the user having to work hard for it. Your chosen vacuum cleaner should come with a built-in procedure of odor absorption and keeping itself, and the environment surrounding it squeaky clean.

HEPA certified

HEPA refers to the high-efficiency particulate air, and the vacuum that has it makes the lives of its users more comfortable. Any pet owner, who is allergic to dust particles, can get their hands on this HEPA certified vacuum, and cleaning the house will get a lot easier.

This technology captures around 99% of the dust particles. Hence, the house gets cleaned, not only from the animal hair but also from the dust particles that have accumulated over time.

Pet hair accessories

Everyone wants to make their pet look best in a group of pets. Thus, you may keep buying your dog various kinds of pretty hair accessories. Obviously, the dog won’t be able to save the accessory for a long time and would eventually throw it somewhere.

Now, you may lose it forever if your vacuum sucks it inside it up. Therefore, make sure that your vacuum will be able to absorb the minute dust particles but leave the objects such as the pet accessory so that it can be used to make your dog look nice once again.

Upholstery brush

Vacuum cleaners for pets come with several accessories that work towards supplementing the benefits of the device. One of such accessories that add to the advantages rendered by the vacuum to the users is the upholstery brush.

This brush is an additional attachment that comes with the pet vacuum and cleanses the surface. It not only cleans the lint from the fabric but also catches all the dust particles from the cushions as well as the sofas.

System sealing technology

While splurging on a highly efficient pet vacuum, make sure it has the technology that keeps the whole cleaning system hygienic. Vacuums that come with the system sealing technology, basically, seal the plastic bag in which all the dirt is placed. Removal of the air from the container, the vacuum ensures that the storage remains sealed long term.

Suction power

The suction power of the vacuum affects its performance. The suction power is known as the air intake. The more it is, the better it works. Any vacuum that comes with a powerful suction system would remove the dirt from the ground more efficiently.

Along with this, it will be able to find out the fur from every nook and corner of the house and leave it clean and tidy. Even the harmful grime that is placed underneath the rugs is removed by the vacuum cleaners that have a reliable suction power.

Speed adjustments

The vacuum that you decide to buy should be able to perform at various speeds. This means that whenever you want, you should be able to make the suction faster or slower. Decreasing the speed means that now more air will flow through the small hole of the vacuum.

Increasing the speed will make the suction process faster, and more and more fur will be found and sucked by the vacuum in a small amount of time.


While having a pet in the house, it is imperative for you to have a great vacuum handy. This will help you in saving yourself from all kinds of allergies that might occur as a result of the pet’s fur accumulating at different places. A definite winner, amongst the above-mentioned products, is the Shark Vacuum NV752.

Both the head and the tool are powered by electric cleaning for better and more effective results. The powerful motor eliminates dust, dirt, allergens and more. Being more comfortable to move around, it is possible for the user to take it from one place to the other efficiently, and use it the way one wants to. Last but not least, this model comes with a 7-year warranty.


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