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How many times has Clint Hurdle been ejected?

Clint Hurdle has been ejected from baseball games 44 times since 1998, when he started his managerial career with the Colorado Rockies. During his time as manager of the Rockies, he was ejected 22 times, and after becoming manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2011, he was ejected another 22 times.

Hurdle has been most commonly ejected for arguing balls and strikes, defending players and challenging umpire calls. He has been ejected from games in both the National League Division Series and National League Championship Series.

In 2014, he was even ejected for the sole purpose of protecting one his players from being ejected – an act that ultimately resulted in an award from the Baseball Writers Association of America honoring him for his sportsmanship.

What current MLB player has the most ejections?

The current MLB player with the most ejections is Detroit Tigers’ manager Brad Ausmus, with 18 ejections since 2003. Ausmus has long been recognized as a fiery presence in the dugouts and one of the most ejection-prone managers in MLB.

He was ejected 13 times while managing the Detroit Tigers and another five times while playing for the Houston Astros. As of 2019, the runner-up for the most ejections is Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell, with 16 ejections.

Who has the most career ejections?

Bobby Cox, the Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves manager, holds the record for the most career ejections with 158. He racked up this impressive statistic in his 29-year career, which included more than 5,000 games.

Cox was also the leader in the National League for 13 consecutive seasons between 1991 and 2003. Even though Cox was prolific in ejections, he was respected by fans, players, and umpires alike. Many people credit his reasoning behind the ejections, his overall knowledge of the game, and his ability to respectfully disagree with umpires as to why he earned the respect of so many.

Has anyone been ejected from All Star game?

Yes, three players have been ejected from the All-Star Game in its history. The first was Chicago Cubs’ Ron Santo in 1967. Santo was ejected for arguing with the home plate umpire. The second player to get ejected was Kansas City Royals’ Amos Otis in 1971.

He was ejected for arguing a called third strike. The third player to be ejected was Philadelphia Phillies’ Gary Maddox in 1978. Maddox was ejected for arguing a ball four call. In each of these cases, the player was ejected without being issued a warning.

This ejection rule was changed in 2005, so players now receive a warning before being ejected.

Has an umpire ever ejected a fan?

Yes, an umpire has been known to eject fans from a game. This typically happens when a fan disrupts the game in some way, like when they verbally abuse players or officials, throw objects onto the field, or otherwise cause a disruption.

Umpires may give warnings to a fan before they reach the point of ejection, but it is a possibility in extreme cases. Some professional leagues have policies in place that allow umpires to eject fans, while other leagues put the responsibility on stadium security.

Ejected fans can face criminal charges if their behavior is extreme or dangerous.

What umpire has ejected the most people?

The umpire who has ejected the most people is Doug Eddings, who had ejected a total of 104 players over his 16 year career between 1996 and 2011. Among those 104 ejections were 81 Major League players and 23 coaches, managers and other personnel.

Doug Eddings began his umpiring career in the minor leagues before moving up to the Major League Baseball level in 1996. He was a National League umpire for 15 seasons before making the move to the American League in 2011.

Doug Eddings’ first ejection came in the year 2000 when he threw out the Toronto Blue Jays’ Manager Jim Fregosi for arguing balls and strikes. He went on to eject 81 players from 20 different teams. His most common ejections were pitching coaches, with 23 overall, followed by managers at 16 and players at 13.

Doug Eddings earned a reputation as a fearless and uncompromising umpire. He was passionate about ensuring the game was brought to a fair conclusion and had no qualms about taking the necessary steps to make that happen.

Plus, he was known to engage the players in conversations while they were in the middle of arguing a call, which would sometimes result in an ejection.

Overall, Doug Eddings is widely considered to be the umpire with the most ejections in Major League Baseball history.

Was Albert Pujols ever ejected?

Yes, Albert Pujols has been ejected during the course of his Major League Baseball career. He was ejected for the first time in 2002 for arguing with an umpire about a called strike three. Pujols was also ejected in 2007 for arguing with an umpire about a called third strike, and again in 2009 for arguing with an umpire about a called third strike.

In addition, he was also ejected in 2011 for throwing his helmet in frustration after a called third strike. Pujols was also tossed from a game in 2016 after he argued with the hometown umpire about a called check swing.

During the course of his career, Pujols has been generally lauded by his teammates and opponents for his composure and sportsmanship, so his ejections have been viewed as rare exceptions.

Has Chris Paul ever been ejected?

Yes, Chris Paul has been ejected from NBA games multiple times. The most recent incident occurred during a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers in April 2021. Paul was ejected after receiving two technical fouls for his verbal outbursts during the game.

Prior to that, he was ejected from a game in November 2020 after being assessed a second technical foul. He was embroiled in a confrontation with the Denver Nuggets’ Jerami Grant during that game. Even before then, Paul was ejected from a game back in January 2018 after receiving two technical fouls for protesting in-game calls.

He was also ejected from another game in the same year after receiving two technicals for excessive talking. For his part, Chris Paul has been open about his desire to remain focused and stay in games, but on a few occasions his passion has led to his ejection.

Which coach has been ejected the most?

The coach who has been ejected from the most games is former Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers. Throughout his 23-year coaching career, Doc Rivers has been ejected from 27 games.

He has been ejected 10 times as the head coach for the Detroit Pistons, 12 times as the head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers, and 5 times as an assistant coach. Rivers was most recently ejected on February 25, 2021, after he received two technical fouls in the fourth quarter of a game against the Denver Nuggets.

Other coaches who have accumulated a large number of ejections while leading in coaching include Jim Boylen of the Chicago Bulls (24 ejections), Scott Skiles of the Milwaukee Bucks (22 ejections), Doug Collins of the Philadelphia 76ers (21 ejections), and Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors (18 ejections).

Who has gotten ejected the most in the NBA?

According to the basketball-reference statistics, the player who has been ejected the most in the NBA is veteran forward Rasheed Wallace, who has been ejected on a total of 41 occasions since joining the league in 1996.

Wallace is closely followed by guard Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) who has been ejected 35 times, and center Shaquille O’Neal, who has been ejected 34 times. Wallace is particularly known for his tendency to get into on-court arguments with referees, often leading to his ejections (in the 2003–04 season alone, he was ejected 17 times).

He also holds the record for most technical fouls in a single season (41 in 2000–01) and in a single career (304). Wallace retired from the NBA in 2013, so it is unlikely he will add to his record for most ejections.

Other prominent players who have been ejected at least 10 times during their NBA careers include Charles Barkley (26 times), Carmelo Anthony (24 times), and Kobe Bryant (15 times).

When did Clint Hurdle leave the Pirates?

Clint Hurdle left the Pittsburgh Pirates after nine seasons as their manager on November 7th, 2019. He had managed the roster for the previous nine years and had led the Pirates to their first playoff berth in 21 years in 2013.

Hurdle was let go after the Pirates finished in fifth place in the NL Central Division with a 69-93 record in 2019. During his time in Pittsburgh, Hurdle compiled a 735-720-1 record, making him one of the most successful managers in the Pirates’ history.

He received the National League Manager of the Year award in 2013 and was named to the Pirates’ Hall of Fame the same year. Following his departure from the Pirates, Hurdle was hired by the Texas Rangers as their special assistant to the General Manager in December 2019.

What happened to Clint Hurdle?

Clint Hurdle was the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2011 until 2019. He led the Pirates to the playoffs three times and had one of the most successful runs in the history of the franchise. In October 2019, it was announced that the Pirates and Hurdle mutually agreed to part ways and that they would be bringing in a new manager.

After his departure from the Pirates, Hurdle went to work as an Analyst and Commentator for MLB Network and ESPN. In 2021, Hurdle was named the Manager of the Texas Rangers, a role he currently serves in.

Hurdle is looking to bring the same kind of success he had with the Pirates in his new position with the Rangers.

Is Clint Hurdle retired?

No, Clint Hurdle is not retired. He currently serves as the Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has been managing the team since 2011, and remains an active part of the organization. In addition to his managerial duties, he also is responsible for various other duties such as setting the team’s goals, analyzing and teaching game strategies, developing game plans, and communicating with the front office and players.

Who is the Pirates all time hit leaders?

The Pirates’ all-time hit leader is Hall of Famer Willie Stargell with 2,360 career hits. Stargell played with the Pirates from 1962-1982 and was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1988.

Other Pirates’ players who have recorded over 2000 hits include Roberto Clemente (2,433), Paul Waner (2,368), Dave Parker (2,150), Al Oliver (2,007), and Bill Mazeroski (2,016). All five players have also been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Pirates’ current all-time hit leader is Andrew McCutchen, who had 1,541 hits as of September 2019.

Does Clint Hurdle still live in Pittsburgh?

Yes, Clint Hurdle still lives in Pittsburgh. He and his family moved to Pittsburgh in 2003, four years before he was hired by the Pirates as the team’s manager. When his team won the wild card game against the Cincinnati Reds in 2013, he said it was “the most gratifying moment of my life” – even more so because it happened in Pittsburgh, the city he now calls home.

Hurdle has lived in the city ever since and continues to be deeply involved in the community. For example, in 2015, he and his wife Karla opened “Clint’s Coal Street Club” in the local Omni William Penn hotel, with the proceeds going to both the Allegheny Valley School and the Scott Electric Foundation.

The Hurdles also recently donated $25,000 to Pittsburgh’s youth baseball program. Hurdle has become a mainstay in Pittsburgh, and he always proudly states that he has never felt prouder to be a Pittsburgher.