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Best Backpack Vacuum

Strap it up, Strap it in, it’s time to transform yourself in a ninja turtle style to combat debris invaders. Have you been recently going through a lot of trouble vacuuming your staircases? Doesn’t feel comfortable with the maneuverability of a traditional vacuum cleaner? Prepare yourself to learn how to cut your cleaning time and arms and shoulder fatigue in half with a backpack vacuum.

Backpack vacuums have garnered plenty of popularity in recent times because they are able to clear out the dust, pet hair, and various other types of small debris. They are far more portable as compared to cordless and stick vacuum models.

We have created a brief buying guide along with top picks to make you familiarize with the ins and outs of the machine.

So let’s get on with it.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Backpack Vacuum

While different brands focus on different features, you need to focus on your own needs. It allows you to quickly sift through the available options to get the maximum value out of your investment.

Shoulder Packs

Who doesn’t love to be in comfort, especially when you’re cleaning your room! Reduced shoulder fatigue should be your top priority if you are looking to buy a backpack vacuum cleaner. It offers plenty of maneuverability and you can clean up all the tight corners including those dreaded staircases.

The shoulder padding features, the fabric that the manufacturer has used along with the adjustable harness design all count here. These aspects contribute significantly to ensure that the backpack vacuum stays comfortable when using.


You don’t want your wife to carry things on her shoulders for hours. When you are going to carry the vacuum cleaner behind your back, it shouldn’t be heavy. Lightweight design allows you to easily move around with your vacuum and can also maneuver it with full convenience.


Lightweight and portability go hand in hand and so is the case with backpacks vacuums. In most cases, a backpack vacuum is going to be portable if it is lightweight and for such a design it’s a norm. Of course, if you can carry something behind your back and easily move around then you can also store it without any fuss. The small footprint of a backpack vacuum allows you to store it anywhere you like without any problem.


This one is no brainer because if the performance of a particular backpack vacuum lacks then there is no point in investing that option. Its suction power needs to be right at the top, the operation needs to be noise-less and effectiveness in capturing all types of debris, are a few of the must-haves. These parameters allow you to decide whether an option is worth considering or not. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional cleaner your backpack vacuum needs to deliver the best performance without any exception.

Cord length

Cord length is critical because it can directly impact the maneuverability and ergonomic features of a backpack vacuum cleaner. You don’t want to bother your child with switching plugs who has just come from school.

With a long cord, you can easily reach and clean the far-flung areas. You can also move around the house without having to plug and unplug your vacuum each time.

Available attachments

You’ll get a variety of attachments to tackle different cleaning jobs. These vacuums must come with tools for the purpose of cleaning ceilings, floors, carpets, and a number of other surfaces too. These attachments provide the user with a good bit of versatility and facilitation. If you have different floors ranging from carpet and hardwood then these attachments will come in handy.

What is CFM?

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the unit to gauge the inflow of vacuum motor. Higher the CFM, higher will be its suction power. For a backpack vacuum, you should look for 100 CFM.

Our Recommendations

ProTeam Super CoachVac – Best Overall Value (Editor’s Pick)

ProTeam Backpack VacuumsThis commercial grade ProTeam vacuum does an exceptional job while cleaning all types of debris and dirt within no time. With its 10Qt capacity bag, you can easily clean your home in one go without having to empty your bag repeatedly.

The vacuum also features a four-level HEPA certified filtration systems that allow your children to breathe in allergen-free air. You probably won’t find a better way to eliminate microscopic invaders (as tiny as 0.3-0.5 microns) up to 99.63% allergens and capture asthma triggers.

What’s more? The telescoping wand ensures that the suction capabilities stay on the target. It comes with a number of tools and attachments that are required to clean nook and cranny of your room.

You’ll get a massive 12-amp motor equipped in this vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to extract dust from high pile carpets.

The operation of this vacuum cleaner produces as low noise as someone is talking in a living room i.e. 66 dBA of sound which makes it one of the quietest in this category. The 50-foot long cord adds to the features of this machine and reduces the up and down rounds while cleaning the stairs. This means that you can cover plenty of area without switching plugs.

  • The 50-foot long cord allows you to cover far-reaching areas like corners of stair steps.
  • It has a large 10 Qt bag capacity that allows cleaning large spaces with ease.
  • Quiet operation allows you to clean your room anytime.
  • With a weight just above 11 lbs and flexible harness, you can carry it on your shoulders for long hours.
  • Improved and four levels of filtration with HEPA certification can remove dust mites, mold, pollen, pet hair, and bacteria.
  • The 12-amp motor gives high suction power to extract dust from thick carpets.
  • 3-years limited warranty on labor, motor, and other parts.
  • Expensive option to consider.

ProTeam ProVac FS6 – Best High-End Vacuum

ProTeam ProVac FS6 – Best High-End VacuumIt looks like we’re favoring ProTeam but that is not the case. This machine is so powerful that we cannot ignore. How many times your partner chatted with you about the low suction power of the current vacuum and the time it takes for cleaning? Do you want to cut down her clean time and fatigue in half? Get your hands on a powerful motor with 1108-watt and 9.5-amps that produces 159 CFM airflow.

Although, this vacuum cleaner comes with a smaller bag capacity as compared to the previous entry it is still large enough to store full house debris. However, 6 Qt bag is much more suitable for residential purposes. You can also opt for the 10 Qt canister design if you don’t have many concerns with storage and maneuverability.

The 50-foot long cord allows you to clean stairs of up to 2-floors without changing the plug. With 65.8 dBA, this backpack vacuum performs its job quietly.

The harness is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear. The open weave design of this harness dissipates heat and maximum padding allows you to wear it on your shoulders for long periods. Moreover, the commercial grade power nozzle of this vacuum allows deep cleaning with carpets of varying heights.

  • The filtration system is certified under HEPA regulations.
  • Its commercial grade nozzle allows you to work with different types of carpets with varying heights.
  • The compact design ensures easy storage and convenient maneuverability.
  • Just like the previous entry this one also comes with a number of upholstery tools.
  • The adjustable straps ensure comfortable wearing for long periods.
  • The superior airflow capacity of 159 CF allows it to pull things even from a couple of inches range.
  • You can expect a 3-years limited warranty on the parts of this machine.
  • This machine is not your ideal option for cut-pile carpets.
  • Paper filters of this vacuum can contribute towards the overall operational cost.

Orek BB900DGR – Best for Low Budget

Orek BB900DGR – Best for Low BudgetOrek is known for its top quality commercial and residential appliances and this backpack vacuum is also one of them. When it comes to looks, this backpack vacuum seems to come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. The design is so compact that you can store it in small spaces.

The shoulder strap of this backpack vacuum is extremely comfortable to wear and it also ensures good ergonomic function to enable you to work with it for long hours. The lightweight design allows you to carry it on your back with ease.

Orek has installed a 4-amp motor in this vacuum. For those of you who are not impressed with its amperage will be relieved to know that it’s a bypass motor that works exceptionally well as compared to those flow-through motors. The bypass motors come with an improved vacuuming performance as compared to the single stage motors.

The extension wand is adjustable and its 4 feet hose assists in overhead cleaning. It can easily work with ceiling fans, vents, and other high places.

Another good thing is that you can easily clean tight corners, staircases or different types of hard surfaces. The 30-foot length of its cord is enough to cover a wide area in your home.

  • The shoulder strap ensures comfortable wearing even for long times.
  • It has a compact construction which means that it is not going to take much space when you store it.
  • The machine comes with a 4-amp extremely powerful bypass motor that means it will consume less power.
  • With the extension wand, you can easily work with overhead places.
  • You can benefit from its 1- Year Warranty.
  • The mountings for the shoulder straps tend to lose their hold if you slide or tilt it back a bit.

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Hoover CH30000 – Best for Compact Storage

Hoover CH30000 – Best for Compact StorageHoover backpack vacuum features a commercial bag made of cloth that you can reuse. There is a paper option as well. The machine comes with an inbuilt blower that offers additional versatility that guarantees excellent cleaning and home maintenance with peace of mind.

Do your kids love the sound of a vacuum machine and enjoy cleaning with it? Let them have fun and get the job done because Hoover has equipped this backpack vacuum with a 7.4-amp motor that provides plenty of suction power for smooth cleaning.

The Hoover CH30000 has a compact form that enables you to do top quality cleaning in tight corners and spaces. This means that you can easily detail those small areas in your home like behind and under the furniture.

The vacuum comes with a long SJT cable that measures to be 33-foot in length. It allows you to cover a large area and makes this vacuum a suitable option for large homes.

The design of this vacuum also features a 15-inch hush that comes with a bagless upright construction. It ensures the footprint of this vacuum remains small and you can store it wherever you like without taking much space.

  • It has a hose that comes with stretching capability for extended reach.
  • The 33-foot long SJT cord of this vacuum allows you to cover an extended area.
  • The compact design of this vacuum enables you to work with tight corners.
  • You can also use this vacuum to clean and detail your vehicles.
  • The cloth bag is suitable to clean sharper objects whereas the paper bag swipe off the dust.
  • Your purchase comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Not efficient while dusting on the hardwood and tiled floors.

Hoover C2401 – Best for Large Areas

Hoover C2401 – Best for Large Areas

Another one from Hoover, this backpack device has a slightly different design as compared to the previous entry. It is slightly heavier than the previous model as well but it still offers superior mobility.

Don’t worry if backpacks trigger your back pain because Hoover has taken assistance from chiropractors to design this harness. It is incredibly comfortable to wear without causing any strains.

What’s more? The machine can collect up to 6.4Qt of debris which means a full house cleaning debris. It has a bagless design that allows this vacuum to have a small footprint and it also guarantees that you don’t need much space to pack and store it away.

Now with its HEPA filter, you can clean up to 99.97% dust particles with 0.3 microns or even smaller. With its low noise operation, no one will feel any annoyance when you are in the room for cleaning.

The cord of this vacuum is fairly long. In fact, it is longer than the previous entry in our list. This 48-foot long cord allows you to move around different rooms without changing your outlets during the cleaning job.

That’s not all. Your purchase also includes a 6-inch crevice tool, a 2-inch dusting brush, an 11-inch turbo floor component and a 4-inch upholstery tool. This allows you to deal with a variety of cleaning jobs without any issues.

  • With its positive lock hose stays secure.
  • You can get rid of allergens such as debris, mold, dust mites and pollen.
  • The lightweight construction allows you to move through spaces without any issue.
  • The chiropractor design offers to allow you to easily wear this device for long times and do all the cleaning that you want.
  • With its clear dome lid, you can easily monitor the dust capacity.
  • It has a 48-foot long cord that allows you to move through one room to another without having to unplug your vacuum from the outlet again and again.
  • You can also take advantage of its 2-years limited warranty.
  • Some of the users have complained that this cleaner is a bit heavy to wear on your back for a long time.

GV Backpack Vac 8Qt – Best for Professional Cleaning

GV Backpack Vac 8Qt – Best for Professional CleaningThis backpack device comes with 8-quart of bag capacity which means that you don’t have to worry about emptying your bag every now and then during your cleaning jobs. If you are looking for a commercial grade backpack vacuum that offers a good capacity then this is the right option.

This machine has a compact size and it makes sure that you can wear it behind your back with ease. The compact design offers a storage convenience. Another benefit of using this vacuum is that you can use the mini head upholstery that enables you to deal with pet hair. Furthermore, this backpack vacuum comes with 4-stage filtration systems that are HEPA certified.

Some of you might feel a bit disappointed with the 25-foot cord of this model because it is less than all the above entries. But it still is decent enough to cover a large room without changing your power outlets again and again.

Your purchase will also come with a number of attachments to do all your cleaning jobs with ease. The hose of this vacuum also has an extendable design which means that you can conveniently stretch it from 3-feet to 11-feet with ease.

The comfortable straps of this vacuum are two inches thick. Their padding makes wearing on your shoulders very comfortable. Moreover, there is a turbo nozzle that allows you to work on different surfaces as well.

  • Equally suitable for use on low and high pile carpet.
  • Compact design ensures easy storage and convenient carrying.
  • With 8-quart storage capacity, you don’t have to deal with emptying your bag during the cleaning jobs.
  • 4-stage HEPA certified filtration system removes 99.97% of dust particles.
  • This machine comes with a 2-year warranty but you need to buy it from GreatVacs to acquire it.
  • It comes with different attachment tools for your convenience during different cleaning projects.
  • The commercial grade design features a waist strap on which you can store all your tools and equipment that comes with it.
  • The length of the cord is 25-foot which is not as long as the previous entries in our list.
  • It doesn’t work well in tight corners.

Atrix VACBP1 – Best for Range of Attachments

Atrix VACBP1 – Best for Range of AttachmentsAre you getting frustrated upon finding the dust on your workstation every day? It probably means the previous Atrix. It comes with a large capacity bag of 8-quart which is enough to clean your entire office in one go. Hurray! You’ll get this one with a comparatively lower price.

The design quality is exceptional. You can easily shift from right to left when required.

You won’t ever see a dust particle on your table due to the use of this powerful machine. With 1400 watt and 12 amps this vacuum can clean any edge of your room. This machine features an output of 106 CFM and weighs slightly over 10 lbs that delivers a power packed performance for your different cleaning projects.

You won’t only get the machine power, it comes with a HEPA certified bag, three blower nozzles, a furniture nozzle, a turbo brush that is air driven, and a set of filter and hose plugs.

There is a waist belt for you to use that allows you to store different tools that come in your purchase. It comes with a 6-foot hose along with a blower adapter, a 22-inch to 37-inch adjustable extension wand, a cover for exhaust filter, a crevice tool, and a shakeout bag.

  • You can easily use it for different residential and commercial cleaning jobs.
  • The bag is large enough to go on for cleaning for hours and you don’t have to empty it again and again.
  • You can use it for both residential and commercial cleaning needs.
  • The compact design offers excellent portability and good storage convenience.
  • You can use this device as your blower with the three different blower nozzles.
  • Enjoy your cleaning with a 1-year warranty.
  • The cord’s length of this vacuum is not very long.
  • The bag cleaning feature is not very facilitating.
  • One of the drawbacks is that it the heaviest unit up till now to feature in our list.

PowerFlite BP65 – Best for Ergonomic Design

PowerFlite BP65 – Best for Ergonomic DesignDoes your child have started sneezing too often but you’re not sure why it is happening? Trust us; it’s time to change your vacuum machine because your old vac is not cleaning the allergens.

PowerFlite it is approved under HEPA regulation for the air quality indoors. With this HEPA certification, you’ll get peace of mind because it cleans up to 99.9% of allergens and dust particles from your child’s room.

The construction of BP6S is a commercial grade vacuum but you can also use it for various residential cleaning projects. It comes with 6-Qt bag capacity which is ideal for your home. It features a 50-foot long commercial grade cord and has an innovative design.

All the tools and attachments that come with this machine are designed in a way that you can easily fit them on your belt and carry them around during your cleaning projects.

With its ergonomic harness designed by Deuter, you can easily carry your vacuum around with ease. It only weighs approximately 12 pounds and comes with a 4-stage filtration process. This means that you can easily take care of a variety of debris without a problem.

The powerful motor has enough power to take care of different types of dust, dirt, and debris. The airflow capacity of this model is 120 CFM which is enough to clean high pile carpets. The noise it produces is only 70 dBA which means that it meets the LEED requirements.

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps fit every sized operator.
  • It doesn’t cause strain on the back.
  • It only produces a sound of 70 dBA that is equal to the normal voice of a TV.
  • The long cord allows you to cover large areas with the need to unplugging the switch.
  • The filtrations system used is HEPA approved.
  • Your purchase comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Slightly noisier as compared to others on our list.

Backpack Vacuum List Comparison

Products Best for Suction Power Amperage Hose Size Tank Capacity Weight Cord Length Warranty
ProTeam Super CoachVac Editor’s choice (Overall value) 150 CFM 9.9 4.5 feet 10.0 quartz 11.0 lbs 50-foot 3-year
ProTeam ProVac FS6 High-end product 159 CFM 9.5 4.5 feet 6.0 quartz 11.6 lbs 50-foot 3-year
Orek BG900DGR Low budget 125 CFM 4.0 4 feet 1.0 quartz 5.9 lbs 30-foot 1-year
Hoover CH30000 Compact storage 115 CFM 7.4 5 feet 4.0 quartz 8.3 lbs 33-foot 2-year
Hoover C2401 Large areas 120 CFM 8.5 5 feet 6.4 quartz 10.0 lbs 48-foot 2-year
GV Backpack Vac 8Qt Professional cleaning 120 CFM 9.0 3 feet 8.0 quartz 19.8 lbs 25-foot 2-year
Atrix VACBP1 Range of attachments 106 CFM 12.0 6 feet 8.0 quartz 10.3 lbs 2-foot 1-year
PowerFlite BP65 Ergonomic design 120 CFM 5.0 4.0 feet 6.0 quartz 12 lbs 50-foot 1-year

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The winner of this roundup of best backpack vacuums turns out to be the ProTeam Super CoachVac.  It not only comes at a very decent price but has a lot of value to offer. You’ll get the cleaning of all types of debris and dirt within no time. With its 10 Qt capacity bag, you can easily clean your home in one go. The four-level HEPA certified filtration systems clean up to 99.63% allergens and dust particles.

All these characteristics are standard grade and won’t break your wallet. You can go for the more powerful options that we have mentioned in this list but the ProTeam Super CoachVac suites the power hungry people.

Happy cleaning!


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