Best Sauna Heater

Fixing or creating your home sauna is a must. It’s as relaxing as yoga but just so much better, right? Great for your body and mind, especially on cold nights, the home sauna is an awesome way to pamper yourself without driving to the nearest public sauna. But you already know this, it’s why you’re …

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Hot stone on heater in Sauna spa room

Best Wand Massage

No discussion about vibrating wands can begin without the mention of the Hitachi Magic wand. This device, now known only as “the Magic Wand Original,” completely changed the game for wand massagers. The Hitachi Magic Wand was initially manufactured, and released in 1968, as a tool for easing tension and relaxing sore muscles, especially in …

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Various sex toys (leather whip, nipple clamps, wand massager
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