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Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Are you worried about the shine of your laminate floors? Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t leave any scratches? Have you had trouble finding the right kind of vacuum for your laminate floors? Yes? Then you have come to the right place. Our list features some of the best products available on the market that we have tested on laminate floors.

We have sifted through a number of vacuums and have come up with 8 top draws for laminate flooring. The performance was the top criteria for all our trials and it has allowed us to include some of the options that you might have not even heard of.

So, let’s kick off with the types of laminate floors so you can have a better idea of what vacuum type suits your floor!

8 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors We Recommend

Products Best For Cord length Steam control Wattage Tank capacity Weight Cleaning path Warranty
Bissell PowerFresh Best overall 23 feet Yes 1500W 16 oz 6.0 lbs 10-inch 1 year
Miele C2 Complete High-end performance 20 feet No 1200W 64 oz 8.6 lbs 10-inch 1 year
Dirt Devil SD20505 low budget 20 feet No 1200W 27 oz 7.0 lbs 11-inch 2 years
Eureka Might Mite Cord length 33 feet No 1200W 153 oz 19.6 lbs 12-inch 1 year
Hoover FloorMate User friendliness 20 feet Yes 1200W 48 oz 14.0 lbs 11.5-inch 2 years
Dyson V8 Powerful cleaning 20 feet Yes 500W 5.75 lbs 10-inch 2 years
Tineco A10 Lightweight design Yes 350W 13.5 oz 2.87 lbs 10.4-inch 2 years
Shark DeluxePro Rocket Multi cleaning jobs 25 feet No 320W 8.6 lbs 10.2-inch 5 years

Bissell PowerFresh – Editor’s Choice (Best overall)

Bissell PowerFresh – Editor’s Choice (Best overall)

The PowerFresh from Bissell is one of the most popular vacuums for laminate flooring. We found its steam mop extremely useful because it allowed us to easily mop the floor and get that luster back after cleaning is done. As it can handle the shiny surfaces therefore, we found it to be a useful hand for the cleaning of tile and hardwood floors.

Like us, if you are a little bit crazy about the sanitization of your floors then again this machine will be your dream mate. The reason behind that is the PowerFresh is able to get rid of 99.9% of the germs and microbes.

Additionally, if you are worried about those achy dried up or even sticky messes then we suggest you use its easy scrubber and you will conquer all of those dried messes in no time.

The length of its cord is 23-foot and it will only take about half a minute to be ready for operation. We instantly fell in love with the swivel steering of this vacuum. It allows you to roam through the house with no fuzz at all.


  • With your cleaner, you can also purchase a bottle of cleaning formula/water or wipes.
  • The microfiber pad is capable of removing up to 99% germs and bacteria.
  • The combination of steam and scrubber cleans the tuff stains.
  • Equally suitable for Linoleum, ceramic, hardwood and laminate floors.
  • It comes with a long cord and you can easily move from one room to another without any problem.
  • Swivel steering also ensures that your vacuum easily moves through different surfaces.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It doesn’t come with height adjustment for the head.

Miele C2 Complete – Best for High-end Performance

Miele C2 Complete – Best for High-end Performance

Ever thought of going with the canister style? Well now is the right time. The C2 Complete from Miele comes with a canister design on your laminate floors. There is a monster-sized 1200W motor in this vacuum and we admit that it delivers a power-packed performance.

This cleaner really sucks and you know what we are trying to say here. It has a powerful suction system and it can easily handle all types of debris. Its vortex motor worked like a charm with the parquet brush that has soft bristles. This means that you don’t have to worry about scratches on your floor.

We are highly impressed when we used it along the edges because this is where most of the cleaners fail to deliver. It adjustable height feature is really a blessing in disguise for us because we have different types of carpets as well in our homes. It won’t mess around with your carpet and will continue to do what it is supposed to do.

The 33-foot cord that comes with this unit allows you to work in large spaces. For this reason, it is an ideal option for large homes. We were blows away with the 6-different control settings that you can access via a rotary dial.

We were quite amazed that a compact design such as this can house a large bin capacity of 4.76-quarts. The cleaning head also offers a wide cleaning path. The handles have a very ergonomic design. It does come with caster wheels that are extremely gentle on the surfaces as well. The filter bag that is present within this canister vacuum is GN AirClean and it will not dissipate the dust particles in the air.


  • The caster wheels are very gentle on the floors.
  • The length of the cord is 33-foot and it provides you with enough room to easily work in large rooms.
  • You can use six different settings via a rotary dial to get rid of tough stains.
  • The unit comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It offers 4.76-quartz of bin capacity with a GN AirClean bag.
  • A 1-year warranty is available with your purchase.


  • Price is slightly on a higher side.

Dirt Devil SD20505 – Best for low budget

Dirt Devil SD20505 – Best for low budget

From the very pricey to the not so pricey! This SD20505 vacuum is all about budget friendliness. But it doesn’t mean that you might have to give up some critical features. We loved the cyclonic suction capability and with constant suction power. This means that it can cut through tough and sticky messes.

We have found it to be quite lightweight and due to that, we were able to maneuver it with no issues whatsoever. The dirt cup of this vacuum feature bottom empty design and we know how much you love this. It won’t create any mess because you can simply open the cup right into the trash can.

It has a 20-foot cord and the 10-amp motor is quite capable of creating excellent suction power while allowing you to cover a good distance as well. Handling debris with this machine is a piece of cake.


  • The long cord allows you to move around with ease and cover a larger area.
  • Equipped with a powerful motor for efficient cleaning and good suction.
  • The dirt cup of this vacuum is emptied from the bottom and it doesn’t make any mess.
  • Lightweight design allows you to easily move it around for efficient cleaning.
  • Available at a very affordable price.
  • Your purchase is topped up with a 2-year warranty.


  • It doesn’t feature a steam mop.
  • The capacity of the dirt cup is not big enough.

Eureka Might Mite – Best for cord length

Eureka Might Mite – Best for cord length

The Mighty Mie vacuum from Eureka is best when it comes to ergonomics. It is available in four different colors and the price tag is fairly convenient for a canister model. If you have pets in your home then this baby needs to be in your home very soon.

We love our furballs but they do make a mess, a lot! Well, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the mess after you are done playing with your munchkins. This canister cleaner features a dirtbag from Arm & Hammer and it will contain all smelly things that within the bag without knocking out anyone with the smell.

We also noticed that it can easily capture pet dander that is the primary reason behind allergies. One feature that dropped our jaws was even though it is a canister design but the vacuum is pretty lightweight.


  • The lightweight design ensures good maneuverability.
  • The long cord along with the telescopic wand provides you with good reach and ease of movement in between different rooms.
  • The dirtbag used in this canister vacuum prevents odors from scattering.
  • It is one of the good options for pet owners to consider.
  • One year warranty available on your purchase.


  • This vacuum also doesn’t come with a steam mop.

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Hoover FloorMate – Best for User-friendliness

Hoover FloorMate – Best for User friendliness

If you are looking for a lightweight design then it doesn’t get lighter than this. The FloorMate from Hoover is the best option for you to consider. But there’s more than meets the eye with this cleaner. We are a huge fan of its SpinScrub brushing that is one of the best choices for wood, vinyl, and all other laminated floors.

Another thing that we noticed here is that the wheels of this vacuum are also soft and they won’t create any scratches on your delicate flooring. Another excellent feature that this vacuum boasts is that it comes with DualTank technology. We were quite impressed by it because the cleaner can easily keep the dirty water separate from the clean water.

You can either select a wash or dry modes on it. The fingertip control was quite fun to work with and you can conveniently add extra detergent whenever needed. It comes with a tank capacity for the clean water of this vacuum is 1.5-quart and the weight of this vacuum is only 14 lbs. this might sound like something on the low side but it ain’t.


  • Separate dirty and clean water tanks so that the machine doesn’t spill dirty while cleaning.
  • You can add detergent with the fingertip control.
  • You can easily choose between the wash and dry modes with ease.
  • With dual tank technology, it can keep the dirty water separate from clean water.
  • It also comes with a steam mop.
  • One year warranty is there too


  • The suctions power tends to deteriorate with the passage of time.

Dyson V8 – Best for Powerful cleaning

Dyson V8 – Best for Powerful cleaning

Deep inside we are in love with cordless stick vacuums because they offer excellent maneuverability. The V8 has a very thin design and offers quick cleaning of laminate floors with its MAX mode. Nothing fancy, this cleaner it comes with all the basic features that you need to look for in a vacuum that you will be using on your polished flooring.

One thing we didn’t like about it was the price tag. It’s pretty darn expensive. Particularly with a high price tag, it must have come with a few of those bells and whistles but sadly there is no much that this cleaner brings to the table.

We absolutely hated the battery runtime of this vacuum which is a mere 40 minutes, the least on our list. This means that it is an excellent option for small homes. If you have lightweights and compact design then you will love it. Storing this cleaner is a huge plus thanks all to its compact construction.


  • Handheld design allows you to take it anywhere and clean any surface.
  • The washable HEPA filter reduces maintenance cost and traps tiniest dust particles.
  • The vacuum is equipped with a V8 motor that is capable of picking fine dust from laminate floors.
  • Your purchase is covered under a 2-year warranty.
  • The compact design of this vacuum allows you to store it conveniently and it also contributes significantly to improving the vacuum’s maneuverability.
  • With the soft cleaning brush, your floor won’t catch any scratches.
  • Equally suitable to use on carpets and hard surfaces.


  • The battery dies rather quickly, giving you only 8 minutes when running on MAX power mode.

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Tineco A10 – Best Lightweight design

Tineco A10 – Best Lightweight design

Some people are just not that comfortable with using hard to assemble vacuum machines. If you are one such group then this is the best choice of a vacuum for your home. Operating this dynamo is fairly simple because there are not many controls that you have to deal with. This handheld vacuum is also a good option for basic cleaning jobs. But we would like to mention here that it is not for high-end projects where you need to clean large spaces. It is just not made for this kind of stuff.

But we do like the 4 stage filtration system allows the vacuum to clean even the smallest dust particle from the surface. With its LED brush, you can see the dust hidden in dark corners and the hidden area under the furniture.

It might only come with the 350W motor but it can get the job done effectively. We noticed that it is an ideal option for you to deal with various floor-to-ceiling projects. It is, for this reason, the design of this vacuum is extremely lightweight. You can easily carry it in one hand.


  • The cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Easy to empty dustbin allows easy maintenance.
  • Your laminate floor will stay safe from scratches.
  • It doesn’t come with any cords and for this reason, you can easily move around your house from one place to another.
  • It only weighs around 2.80 lbs and you can easily carry it in your one hand.
  • You can also change the removable battery. Even after years of use you can still change it and make your vacuum new again.
  • Due to its compact construction, this vac is very easy to store.
  • The low profile design allows the brush to reach underneath the furniture.


  • Battery time is very low; you can avail only 20 minutes backup.
  • The dustbin capacity (0.4L) is too low to clean large areas in one go.

Shark DeluxePro Rocket – Best for multi-cleaning jobs

Shark DeluxePro Rocket – Best for multi-cleaning jobs

This vacuum is a great option for the people who are looking for a large cleaning path and a big bin capacity. We specifically opted for this cleaner because of these two features. The corded upright cleaner from Shark also comes with a lightweight design and it allows you to easily pick it up and do your drapes, curtains, and ceiling.

These include wall mount, hard floor tool, crevice tool, and a multi-purpose pet tool. The bagless vacuum can transform into a handheld unit with ease as well. There are so many ways that they can be used.

What made us include this cleaner in our list was its very small footprint which significantly contributes to easy storage and maximum maneuverability. This vacuum is also very simple to use and it can clean different types of debris with ease.

We tried to test its claim that customers can use it on the laminate floors and carpets and the results were more than satisfying. We fell in love with its tiny washable filter because it helps in reducing maintenance costs. This machine features an advance swivel steering for maneuverability and access to reach every nook of your room.


  • Your purchase comes with a warranty of 5 years.
  • Your purchase will come with different accessories and attachments for different cleaning jobs.
  • The cleaner is effective against a variety of debris.
  • It doesn’t weigh a lot and you can easily it carry in your hands and clean the curtains and ceilings.
  • The compact design also allows you to conveniently store it away without any problem.
  • You can also use the handheld design with the help of the crevice tool and use it to eradicate the dust from tight corners.
  • There are special tools and accessories like hardwood floor hero, pet multi-tool and duster crevice to perform special jobs.


  • The upright design doesn’t suit those who are suffering from backaches.

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Feature to Consider Before Buying Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Carpet vacuums are designed to work only on carpets. If you start using them on your laminate floors they can leave scratches and can ultimately damage the looks as well.

Dust is not the end of your problems when it comes to laminate floors. You also need to maintain the aesthetics of the floor. Some vacuums come with a specifically designed head that works well with bare floors.

Here are some of the important considerations that you have to keep in mind when buying the right vacuum for laminate floors.

The dual cleaning system

We have found that the dual cleaning system is critical. You not only have to clear the dust but also need mopping afterward. It is essential for maintaining the gloss of the surface. Many models designed for laminate flooring also come with an option for steaming.

  • Vacuum

The vacuuming system in these appliances is not anything out of the extraordinary. The vacuum will brush and suck up any loose debris that comes in its path. However, mere vacuuming is not going to help if you want to get rid of this ground in or dried-on stains.

  • Steam Mop

The extraordinary comes from the steam mop feature. Your vacuum will not only suck the dirt up but it will also steam the ground-in stains. This is where a steam mop comes in to play its role. Now your appliance will not only clear the debris but will also get rid of the dried stains. This will save a lot of your time preventing you to use two different cleaners to clean your laminate floors.

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Specialized vacuums come with different types of brushes to provide you with the best cleaning results on a particular surface. Here in the laminate floor scenario, you must look for a vacuum that comes with an option to shut off the brush when needed. It is crucial because you don’t want to damage the polish of your floor.

Low suction power

In the case of brushes, you don’t need them for your laminate flooring. When it comes to laminate floors you don’t need a heavy-duty vacuum with high suction power. Even the ones with low power can work efficiently.

Edge cleaning

Edge cleaning is important for the overall cleaning and maintenance of your laminate floors. You will not easily find a vacuum cleaner that is more efficient in this regard. This is a common issue with most of the vacuums that they are not capable enough to suck up dirt from the edges.

Not every vacuum cleaner on the market is ideal for cleaning edges. If you want to resolve this issue then go for a vacuum that comes with a crevice tool. Bristled brushes can also work effectively to clean out the edges but you should avoid them using on your laminate floors or they destroy the polish on your flooring.

Bare Floor Setting

You’ll find many vacuums with 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 options. Go for a model that comes with separate settings for bare floors. You also have to make sure that it comes with adequate height adjustment.


We’re not choosy nor do we prefer any brand. Our ratings truly based on overall performance. Keeping the performance in mind our editor rated the PowerFresh vacuum from Bissell as the winner. We are dearly in love with this vacuum because it doesn’t break your balance and comes with some darn good features. We found its swivel wheels and long cord very handy. You can browse through all the rooms of your home with ease. But we think that the steam mop of this cleaner is the best feature of all hands down. All these features make this vacuum the best for laminate floors.

Have you used any of these vacuums? Which one did you find the best?

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