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Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

Tile floor looks dirty if not cleaned regularly. Are you looking to gift your wife a vacuum to make her work easier? Does she love to get similar shiny tiles in her own room as she sees in luxury hotels? Cleaning tile floors requires more detail than just a vacuum. It is notoriously difficult to clean the tile floors with traditional vacuums. You might need a combination of vacuum, scrub, and mopping to get the desired results. As a matter of fact, the tile cleaning depends on the type of floor tile and whether the surface is wet or dry.

Finding the right type of vacuum for tile floors is quite a task, therefore, we have come up with a list of top 8 vacuums for tile floors along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you out.

8 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors We Recommend

Hoover Linx – Editor’s Choice (Best Overall)

Hoover Linx - Editor’s Choice (Best Overall)

Hoover’s cordless technology has continued to baffle us for years. This Linx cordless vacuum cleaner is a one of a kind. The Hoover uses WindTunnel Technology which creates the optimal suction. This allows it to suck up as much waste as possible.

It even works on thick carpets and rugs, although you might need the higher speed setting for that. This technology makes suction a lot smoother and we found it very useful on different floor types. The thing is if a cleaner is good at sucking up dirt from carpeted floors then it will definitely work on tiled floors as well.

What we like about the Hoover is the full recline handle. This means that the handle can lean down. You can vacuum under the furniture with zero stress on your back. This makes it not only therapeutic but beneficial for those with joint pains. If you are anyone of your family member has this problem or even lower back pain then this vacuum has got all sorted out for you.

Apart from that, the edges of the suction cup have tiny bristles to clean up dust and dirt along the way. The Hoover even features a fuel gauge that indicates the amount of juice left. The use of battery allows you to take in on the places where you don’t have a power plug nearby.

Another thing that we loved about this cleaner is that it comes with Li-ion batteries. These batteries can last longer than other battery types used in other vacuum models.

The best part is that it neatly transitions from carpet to floor and vice versa. This gives you a smooth cleaning experience. Trust us when we say, the Hoover is your best choice.

  • The wide cleaning brush covers more area and reduces the cleaning time.
  • Long recline handle makes cleaning easy under the furniture
  • The low profiles design allows it to clean the dust around the edges of the table.
  • Battery light indicators help you to check the remaining power.
  • Your purchase will be topped with a 2-year warranty and you feel very relaxed that the company is covering your investment against any issues.


  • The charger may stop working after a while. Many users have complained about this aspect of Hoover Linx.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum – Best for High-end Performance

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum - Best for High-end Performance

This backpack vacuum reduces the need to lean and bend and help support your back too. The ProTeam backpack vacuum is one of a kind innovation. We liked Its Xover tool that is for fast and easy carpet cleaning and tile floor vacuuming.

As for capacity, the ProTeam uses an enormous 10-quart bin that allows you to all the cleaning in one go. If you don’t like to empty the bin that frequently then this is the vacuum right for you.

This product features a 4 stage filtration system that employs HEPA media. So the air leaving the system is clean and breathable with up to 99.9% efficiency. The filtration has total coverage of about 1190 square inches. This system has been given a Gold certification by the CRI.

Not only that, but this vacuum is the quietest with just 66 decibels points. Therefore, it is a great choice for you if you don’t want to make much noise in your home. In most cases, the elderly, children and pets don’t like this kind of noise. If you have them in your family then go with this cleaner.

What’s more, the ProTeam also comes with a 50 feet long power cord. This is the longest power cord we have seen in any vacuum. If you have a large home then you don’t have to change the power outlets going from one room to another. Just plug it in and do your thing!

What we didn’t like about this product what that it was not working properly to pick up tangled pet hair.

  • 4 stage filtration system that employs HEPA media technology.
  • A large bin enables it to store 3-times more dust debris as compared to the ordinary vacuum cleaners.
  • Professional level performance allows it you use in large school and university rooms
  • Works very quiet. Sound of 66 decibels won’t wake up your sleeping children.
  • Uses a Xover tool for all-in-one carpet and bare floor cleaning.
  • You’ll get a 3-years warranty with this machine which is proof that the company stands behind its products for performance and quality.


  • Not good for picking up tangled pet hair.

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Eureka 95B Vacuum – Best for low-budget

Eureka 95B Vacuum - Best for low-budget

The most unique feature is that the Eureka 95B works on both bare floors and carpets. Working on hardwood floors is great but only the best vacuums can nail carpeted surfaces. We recommend the Eureka for its ease of use.

Just remove the filter and empty the can and you’re good to go. The filter is washable, allowing you to reuse it from the comfort of your home. If you ask us, the Eureka is the most customer-friendly vacuum on our list.

As far as convertible vacuums go, the Eureka is a top class innovation. This product can be converted very easily into a handheld. Don’t worry if you or your partner is no good with technology or if you have issues lifting up the entire vacuum, you can convert it for better access. This allows you to clean the walls and the ceiling, and around hard-to-reach edges. Due to the cordless design, you can clean boundlessly.

Apart from all that, it has the ergonomic design, a long handle, a simple and elegant bin, and a level suction pad. We believe that this vacuum is not only good for your tiled floors but for above floor cleaning as well.

  • With EZ wheels your surface will be protected from scratches.
  • Long lasting batteries allows you to use it for long hours.
  • Save your maintenance cost.
  • Easy to clean filter and trash bin.
  • Easily transitions from carpet to tile. Perfect for both surfaces.
  • Cordless design makes it easier to use and more portable.


  • The handle might be too short for tall customers.

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Bissell PowerEdge Vacuum – Best for Edge cleaning

Bissell PowerEdge Vacuum - Best for Edge cleaning

This hardwood vacuum cleaner from Bissell is a sure test of the company’s limits. We strongly believe that this bagless stick vacuum uses the best technology ever made and we have tried a good number of vacuums to say that. The best part is that the cleaning area is in a V-shape. So if your home is full of furniture this vacuum will come in very handy.

The suction cup has a cleaning path width of about 11 inches. All the bigger, more discrete pieces of the waste get directed towards the center. While the finer particles get swept up from the edges. Surely, this innovative design makes cleaning and vacuuming a whole lot easier.

For the specs-savvy people, we would like to mention here that this cleaner only has 6-amps it might not seem a lot but in case of bare floors is more than sufficient. Keeping the power output low helps preserve energy. It also means that you only use as much power as needed.

If you have noticed a lot of dirt on the edges around your house and would like to go for a vacuum that works fine on the edges too then this V-shaped vac is going to be very useful for you. For the most part, its functionality on carpets is reduced. For bare floors, the Bissell takes the lead.

The Bissell also uses rubber squeegees to direct pet hair and food crumbs into the vacuum. This makes trapping dirt easier and more sophisticated. What’s more here is that the cleaner only weighs about 7.5 pounds and your wife can easily carry it around the house as well.

  • The reduced weight makes it easier to lift and store.
  • Perfect for cleaning the floor, walls, ceiling, and car seats. Can be used in any setting.
  • Special innovative design that suctions all dust particles from the bare floor.
  • The swivel head makes steering and cleaning around furniture easier.
  • You’ll get 2 years warranty on this machine which is pretty decent after sale feature.


  • It does not work on carpets and rugs. So if you have mixed floors featuring tiled and carpeted sections then it will only work on the bare floor.
  • The power cord is only 20 feet long so you do need to carry it around a bit.

Tineco A10 Cleaner – Best for Diversity

Tineco A10 Cleaner - Best for Diversity

Tineco’s products have always intrigued our curious side. This vacuum cleaner boasts a host of customizable features. This Tineco vacuum uses a 350-watt motor that spews power and performance.

What we loved here is that it gives a smooth suction transition and picks up deeply embedded dirt. We like the Tineco because it has a suction power of 9.2 amps, making it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners to feature in this list.

This model boasts a bright metallic blue color. The body weighs about 2.87 pounds, which is extremely light, even lighter than the previous entry. Because of the weight, the Tineco can easily convert into a handheld and it can be used in any room. Again the ladies in your house are going to love it.

The model is cordless, so you can clean without limits. It features a 4 stage filtration system that locks dust particles in. Now you don’t have to worry about leakages and bursts. With the Tineco, reliability soars high.

If you’re looking for a warranty, the Tineco has two whole years. More so, it comes with its own storehouse, power brushes, cleaning brushes, and crevice tool. If the Tineco isn’t the most diverse vacuum out there, then we don’t know what is.


  • Easy to use and carry. Converts into a handheld.
  • These use of a 4 stage filtration system removes allergens and dust particles.
  • Comes in a kit, with cleaning brushes and a removable dustbin.
  • The detachable battery allows you to use it for more than 25 minutes.
  • The low profile design gets easily under the furniture.
  • Get your peace of mind with a 2-year warranty period.


  • Batteries do not last long enough. Need to be replaced frequently.

Hoover Backpack Vacuum – Best for Comfort

Hoover Backpack Vacuum - Best for Comfort

Yet another product from Hoover has found its way on to our list. This commercial vacuum is one of a kind as it’s a backpack vacuum. But don’t worry; this lightweight vacuum only weighs 10 pounds so your back won’t be aching from carrying this around all day.

The vacuum bag can store up to 6.4Qt of dust debris and cleans as small tiny particles as 0.3 microns. It’s a great device for speedy cleaning of tiles floor and easy maintenance. What’s best is that Hoover even has quiet operation.

You can even turn it on while someone is sleeping. Many people don’t like the sound that these vacuums create if you have such a family member in your home then go for this cleaner for sure. It is not completely soundproof but it won’t disturb you either.

Hoover’s vacuum also includes a 48-foot long 3-wire charging cord. This makes changing between outlets during cleaning a whole lot easier. Plus the length if the wire itself is pretty long and you can easily roam around from one room to another without doing any unplugs.

For the most part, backpack vacuums are more portable than others. With a lightweight, Hoover makes for the most comfortable backpack vacuum cleaner. This vacuum comes with a crevice tool, turbo floor tool, and even a cleaning brush. You get the whole set and you get to be the cleaning champion of your home.

What’s more, Hoover uses a hypercone filter that allows for better airflow and easier suction. It reduces the amount of suction power lost and we are a fan of this technology. So you get a vacuum that is energy efficient as well as comfortable to wear. What more can you ask for!


  • The vacuum is in the form of a lightweight backpack. It reduces stress on the back.
  • Easy to hold and use. A 48-foot long cord makes movement easier.
  • Makes use of all the suction power. Greatly reduces any energy inefficiency.
  • With HEPA filters, you’ll get 99.96% efficient cleaning.
  • With a Chiropractor-style harness, you can carry it on your shoulders for hours without getting tired.


  • It is not entirely quiet and with the passage of time, the noise starts to increase.

Fuller Spiffy Maid – Best for Filters

Fuller Spiffy Maid - Best for Filters

If you have ever used a Fuller Brush product, you can understand why it’s here on our list. This lightweight bagless vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor of 9 amps. This makes it more powerful and better suited for carpets and rugs but it still works pretty well on tiled floors too.

Like all other vacuum models, the Fuller Brush uses a HEPA Media filter. The filter helps capture up to 99.97% of all dust particles. This means that you and your family members get to breathe cleaner air and live a healthier life.

Other than that, the Fuller Brush has a cord length of 30 feet. The long power cord will allow you to easily move across the room and around furniture and upholstery. If you live in a house that has furniture as if it is a showroom, then you need to opt for this cleaner for sure.

With tiled floors, you need to get the gunk out of the crevices. The Fuller’s high power motor does exactly that. And with the crevice tool which can be stored on the wand. This vacuum model is also very lightweight and easy to hold. It weighs just less than 4 pounds and is one of the lightest vacuums on our list.

What’s more is that the Fuller Brush has a very elegant and sleek design. Its crimson metallic shade only makes the experience better. We love the Fuller Brush for its unique design and futuristic patterns and we are sure that you’ll love it too.


  • Large dustbin stores plenty of debris and it is also easy to empty.
  • Variable suction control allows deep cleaning of the hard floor.
  • 30 feet long power cord makes movement easier in larger rooms.
  • Powerful motor cleans the surface of the tiles efficiently.
  • HEPA filter allows you to clean even the tiniest dust particle and allergens.


  • No Swivel for easy maneuvering which is a real bummer.

Sanitaire EURSC412B – Best For Health care facilities

Sanitaire EURSC412B - Best For Health care facilities

Sanitaire is a great choice if you’re looking for quiet operation and qualitative performance. This backpack vacuum only weighs about 11.5 pounds. This means it will not put any stress on your back and keep you standing upright. For this reason, if any person in your home suffers from back pain issues then this cleaner can be your trusty sidekick.

Although this is a bit heavier than other backpack vacuums we’ve seen. It is not the best options for female users still; the Sanitaire is able to achieve certification from CRI. So you know that your vacuum is up to standard and quality.

This model features a four-stage filtration system. The filter is certified by CRI and uses HEPA to clean up to 99.9% dust particles with a size of as small as 0.3 microns, now that’s clean air for you!

We cherish its cyclonic technology and the exhaust air does not contain any dust particle. The filter is removable and washable. However, we recommended getting a new filter every month or two. They might be costly, so wait until you need them. The Sanitaire uses 5 amperes of power, which makes it perfect for tiled floors. However, it’s functioning on carpeted floors is a bit hindered.

We recommend the Sanitaire for its light weight and energy saving. With the Sanitaire, you don’t have to worry about power bills and electricity costs anymore. But make sure that you don’t overheat the motor during the use, it doesn’t have a tendency for this and you need to be careful particularly if you munchkins are playing around.


  • With 50 feet cords, you can easily reach every nook and corner of the room.
  • Weighs only 11.5 pounds. It is not too heavy for the back and easy to carry around.
  • Converts into a handheld for vacuuming hard to reach places.
  • Only uses 5 amperes. Saves energy and stops power surges caused by heavier vacuums.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • 4 stage filtration systems maintain indoor air quality and 120 CFM traps tiniest dust particles.
  • Your purchase comes with 2 years warranty.


  • The motor may overheat quickly. Be careful when using this vacuum.

Best Vacuums for Tile Floors List Comparison

Product Best For Suction Power Filtration Weight Cord Length Warranty
Hoover Linx Overall performance 10 amp Wind Tunnel 12 lb None 2 years
ProTeam High-end performance 9.9 amp HEPA 11 lb 50 ft 3 years
Eureka low budget 9 amp HEPA 4.7 lb None N/A
Bissell Edge cleaning 6 amp HEPA 7.5 lb 20 ft 2 years
Tineco Diversity 9.2 amp 4 stage 2.87 lb None 2 years
Hoover C2401 Comfort 8.5 amp HEPA 10 lb 48 ft N/A
Fuller Brush Filters 9 amp HEPA 4 lb 30 ft N/A
Sanitaire Health care facilities 5 amp HEPA 11.5 lb 48 ft 2 years

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Factors We Consider Before Rating

Purchasing a top performing vacuum for floor tiles is no easy task because stains and debris are more visible on tile floors than on any other hardwood floor. Below, we have listed down the main features to always look for in a tile floor vacuum cleaner.

  • Suction Power:

Suction power affects how deeply your vacuum can clean. For tile floor vacuums, the running power of suction motor should fall at around 10 amps, anything more than this will be needed for carpeted floors.

People tend to find it difficult to differentiate between different suctions powers. For a quick test, you can turn on your vacuum and set it on carpet mode. Now set it to run on max power and then try to attach the floorhead to any of your walls. It will stay there without any external support in the case of a high suction powered vacuum.

In user manuals, different manufacturers use various units to explain suction power. These include cubic feet per minute or CFM, air watts, amps and wattages.

  • CFM (airflow)

It is the unit that measures the airflow capacity of a vacuum from the surface to its bin. It typically is the quantity of air that a cleaner can suck in a single minute. CFM considers motor’s power as well as the exhaust system resistance.

The higher the value of CFM the better will be the suction power. Look for a vacuum cleaner that comes is available with a suction power ranging from 150 CFM to 250 CFM. We know many vacuums cleaners offer up to 450 CFM but that is not required for bare floors.

  • Water Lift

Another way to measure the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is to see how high it can raise the water level. The higher it can list the water the greater suction it features. You can run this test by completely sealing the vacuum and connecting it to a tube that has water in it.

  • Air watts

It refers to the number of watts hat a machine uses for the purpose of carrying air from the nozzle to the bin. We strongly prefer air wattages over all other types of units to describe the suction power. The reason behind that the numbers from air watts are much simpler to quantify. If CFM and Water Lift is known you can easily calculate air watts using this formula, Air watts = 0.17254 * CFM * Water Lift

A canister vacuum needs to have at least 220 air watts while an upright model must come with 100 air watts. Canisters need more air wattage because they have to pull the debris through the hose as well.

Beware! The HEPA filtration system requires more air wattage too as they need to pull air through the fibers of the filter. HEPA filters have way punier fibers as compared to regular sponge filters.

  • Wattage, amperage & horsepower

These units are probably the most common ones to use. Wattage refers to the power consumption of motor within a vacuum and similar is the case with amperage. Some manufacturers also use horsepower to express suction power capacity. It indicates the in-rush current that is measured in the first milliseconds when you turn the motor on.

  • Moping and Scrub

To get a shiny and fresh look from your tiles you need to look for the scrub option. For the wet flooring, you need a mopping feature before you go for vacuum cleaning. Don’t ignore these two features when you’re buying the vacuum cleaner for tiled floors.

  • Types of Wheels:

Getting the right type of wheel can not only reduce the noise but it will help with movement. Good wheels won’t scratch the surface. Wheels made of rubber or a soft material will make movement smoother and gliding easier. Harder wheels can cause scratches but will give you a better grip.

  • Filters:

HEPA and Cyclonic filters are the most common. A filter can change how your vacuum cleans and exhausts air. Good filters suck up 99.9 percent of dirt and exhaust clean fresh air. HEPA filters are a good investment. Make sure that the filter you get is removable and washable.

  • Scheduling:

Timing is critical. With a higher suction power, picking up dirt becomes a breeze. However, many vacuums with higher power don’t last very long. You need to charge them frequently and the battery runs out too quickly. We recommend getting at least 45 minutes of runtime.

  • Noise:

Noise can not only be annoying but also harmful to pets and children. To reduce noise, it is safer to get a quiet motor. This will ensure that your household is a serene place. The higher the power the more the noise will be. This feature is extremely useful if you or any of your family members don’t like appliances making noise. In most of the cases, children and pets are not very fond of these sounds.

  • Handle Length:

The handle length isn’t an issue for many people. But for some, a longer handle means more comfort. For taller people, make sure that the handle comes up to your abdomen. For shorter people, a retractable handle does the job. Handheld vacuums also make using easier. Some vacuums have very short handles which aren’t ideal for even medium sized persons.

  • Speed Adjustability:

In order to conserve power, you might want to change the speed. A higher setting is usually used for carpeted floors or for crevices. This makes picking up clumps of dirt easier. It also works for tangled pet hair. The lower setting is best for bare and tile floors. It reduces power consumption by a margin.

  • Attachments or Accessories:

Be careful when choosing the roller brush; opt for a soft roller brush so it won’t leave any scratches on the floor.

Look for different types of roller brushes, cleaning brushes, and crevice tools. Some have a storage space or docking station. Others come with storage bags and backpacks.


For a lot of us, the right vacuum can make all the difference. After all, it is in these minor household activities where we get stressed the most. We recommend investing in a good vacuum since it will reduce noise and back stress. For our part, we jotted down the best vacuums for tiled floors. Out of all of these, we have to say that the PRO-Team has to be the most sophisticated vacuum out there.

It meets all LEED requirements, traps up to 99.9% allergen and dust particles, comes with a long 50-feet cord, 10 Qt large tank, and quiet operation.


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