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How Cold is Liquid Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is the most prevalent chemical element in the Earth’s atmosphere and is integral to both plant growth and reproduction. As such, it is used in several practical uses. At room temperature, nitrogen it is just an average looking clear gas. That said, it appears differently depending on its state. For example, most people have …

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Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras

Solar-Powered Security Cameras can be tricky to find and discover the right ones that are worth your money is even harder. That’s why we did the heavy lifting and found the best selection of these cameras for long-term, eco-friendly recording. These exceptional cameras are all worthwhile investments both for your peace of mind since they …

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The 12 Best DIY Home Security Systems with No Monthly Fee

In the United States, a burglary occurs once every 18 seconds. This equates to almost 200 per hour and close to 5,000 each day. These terrifying statistics demonstrate just how important a good home security system is. Not only do they have the power to deter potential burglars and raise the alarm, but certain devices …

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